Chapter 126 – The Forgotten One


“I wonder what should I do next…” I said out loud as I heard the pained screams as I ‘played’ around a bit. There was some time left before the event started, and I didn’t have much to do until then. I could have tried to grind, but I’d rather just ‘play’ instead.

Though I doubt there will be many interesting ‘plays’ that will compare well to the one I had with Jeru and Hannes… Maybe I should try going for a new ‘playground’? Plenty of countries declared independence from the Empire after all we did to the capital, so there could be some fun to be had there.

“What do you think, your highness? Any ideas?” I asked him in-between his screams as I took out one of his toenails. It was a bit bothersome that the game even reproduced the smell of him pissing himself during this, but I suppose it tries to be as realistic as possible.

“D-didn’t you say that you would… Withdraw from… Harming the princess…?” He asked me as I stuck some needles on his ankle.

“Well, yes. I’m not going to meddle with her anymore.” I replied as I continued ‘playing’.

“If you kill me… Who will… Protect her?” He asked me.

“Probably not the second prince? He doesn’t seem like the kind of person that cares for her.” I answered.

“He’ll kill her!” He shouted in-between coughs that spit out blood, “He’ll definitely… Kill her…”

“Well, that’s not my problem.” I answered. I promised to not harm her, and I won’t do that. But it’s not my business if she dies on her own.

“If you take me out… He’ll hurt her… If you give up on her-” He started pleading, but…

“I don’t care.” I said while cutting his lips, which made him scream loudly again, “I’m not going to touch her, okay? The rest is not my problem. You living or dying is not related to that.”

“Please stop… I didn’t even finish the peace negotiations with the Empire…” He begged.

“I’m aware.” I said as I continued ‘playing’.

“If I die, not only her, but the whole country will be in danger!” He pleaded. I ignored him and continued on with my business, “D-did you plan on doing this from the start…?”

“But of course? I came to the capital to chase a certain crown prince that escaped from me. I got a bit too involved with the princess though, so I ended up forgetting about my original plans… You could say I’m just tying up some loose ends.” I replied, “But well, if you have any last will, I can hear you out at least.”

… Instead of a last will, he started laughing and throwing insults related to my chastity and deals with the chaos god or something. It seems like there was nothing left to be gained from him, so I just beheaded the prince.

I don’t do things like sleeping around, unlike that man…

Well, that was that, I’m glad I could catch up to this forgotten issue, now let’s… Oh my? The prince dropped something.

Let’s take a look, the drops from important NPCs have been pretty useful so far after all.


Unique Item:

Key to the treasure in the basement of the royal castle

*Can’t be transferred*


Sounds interesting alright. Let’s take a look at it before searching for the next ‘playground’.

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