Chapter 127 – To The Royal Treasury


It sure is dark in this hidden passage… Even though I have the <Night Vision> skill, it was still hard to see. Well, I should get to the treasury eventually anyways, so let’s just keep going.

… Unless a guardian golem tries blocking my path that is? I guess this is here to protect the treasure.

My shortsword is bad against this kind of enemy, so I think I’ll try changing it up a bit… Can’t be helped that I will have to use that though, since I don’t have many ways of directly altering my weapon, “<Divine Possession: Kageyama>” I used the possession skill and let Kageyama transform my  my shortsword into an odachi again, and this time I won’t have to worry about daylight ruining it since no light enters this basement… Been a while since me, Jeru and Hannes ‘played’ already. I’m looking forward to the next opportunity, but there is still some time towards the event, so… Let’s ‘play’ around with this skill a bit more against whatever comes in my way.

… This monster is a bit too low-level though… It’s not gonna be very entertaining, so let’s just get rid of it. I quickly attacked the golem and beheaded it. Its movements were sluggish and it was quite slow to react too… Even more so than I expected, I guess it is old and haven’t received proper maintenance in ages.

However, it kept on moving even after being beheaded, trying to attack me with sluggish movements that were easy to dodge… Interesting. I suppose there is no reason for an inorganic being to stop moving after being beheaded, I forgot about something this basic since I have mostly been fighting humans.

Well, just gotta make sure it stops moving at all then. With this decision made, I chopped the golem into tiny pieces until it could no longer move, then I moved onwards.

However, it’s a bit of a bother to be unable to kill this kind of being quickly… I have some leftover skill points, so let’s learn the <Analyze Weak Points> skill to help me on that.

As I explored a bit more, I started seeing that there were some inscriptions about the history of the kingdom on the walls… I don’t care too much for this, but Yuu might be quite interested in it, so I suppose I should tell him about it later. Perhaps I should have also brought the crown prince here with me in order to get even more info from him, but he is already gone… Can’t be helped, he was annoying and he is better gone. Let’s keep exploring.

Before long, I found a group of three more golems, so… Let’s test things out, “<Analyze Weak Points>!”

… Nothing? Why is it giving no results…? I guess it’s because the skill’s level is too low.

Oh well, for now, let’s chop those up until they stop moving and… Oh? Are they mixing and matching with one another? They’re repairing themselves and fusing just like a super robot! That’s incredible, I loved playing with those together with mom! I’m sure she’d be happy to see this!

It’s still a bit too low-leveled though… Okay, I have decided! We’ll break this one apart until it stops moving, then I’ll search this basement for a golem that would make mom proud! I’ll tame a super robot now!

I quickly chopped this half-baked super robot until it couldn’t move anymore, then moved forward, searching for a better one.



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