Chapter 134 – Chance Meeting – Two


“Then, proceed as planned… Go!” I told Jun as it started accelerating, leaving the mansion.

I ended up not staying there for long due to how out of sync Eren seemed to be, so instead I just decided to ride Jun to Belzenstock.

I already knew how to ride a motorcycle, so driving one in-game was not an issue. The main problem was that the speed Jun could reach was pretty limited, but that was nothing that couldn’t be solved by using some extra buffs from my other familiars. It was pretty relaxing to drive instead of running for a change.

Also, this time testing out Jun seemed like it worked as a good opportunity for my other servants to grow closer with it, so it was probably for the best that we went through it.

Either way, we moved forward to Belzenstock while using <Jet Propulsion>. I could have taken the underground passage again, but I thought it would be more fun to just drive over the surface of the sea instead.

Speed alone wouldn’t keep me up there though, so I had to keep throwing explosives up to make smoke clouds that blocked out the sunlight, then use Kageyama’s powers to make a bridge made of shadows that would lead us to our goal.

The sound of the explosives filled together with the nice sea breeze reminded me of a fireworks show that I saw together with mom in the past… This felt nice. I could enjoy my time in the game like this even without ‘playing’… I even started singing a lullaby from my childhood as I drove due to how good it felt.

Granted, there were some monsters that tried attacking us, but the explosives made short work of those. And while I did feel happy even without ‘playing’, I still should get ready for the next ‘play’ opportunity, I’m just taking a bit of time off to have some fun right now.

Oops, gotta pay attention now though. A huge wave suddenly rose, so there is probably a big monster nearby. It was big enough to even cover everything around me and block all sunlight… It really is big.

“You, apostle of chaos.” It suddenly spoke.

“Ah… Is it something like that again?” I replied. There was that sea god, Krebskulm, who was venerated in Belzenstock, wasn’t there? Did it come to meet me just like Fanny did?

“You, who harmed my apostle.” The god then said… I harmed Krebskulm’s apostle? Did I even meet the apostle of any god though? Could it maybe be Ronove? I thought he was a high priest though…

Well, let’s ask, “I guess you’re talking about Ronove? Why are you coming out to talk to me now of all times though?”

“You, who scatters Chaos throughout this world.” The god said.

“Oh, great, you gods of order don’t even like to have a proper conversation, I take it?” I ended up asking it. This was kinda annoying… I know I can’t do it, but I really want to kill this god right now.

“Only when order is reestablished, will the sea calm down.” The god said that much before sinking back into the sea… What was up with that? It just came, left some meaningless poem and then disappeared!

<Your Karma has fallen>

<You acquired a new Divine Animosity Skill>

<You acquired a new Divine Desecration Skill>

<New Title: Cursed by the Sea God>

<New Title: Caught the attention of the Seven-Colored God>

… So, I was just having a good time relaxing without even ‘playing’, and now I suddenly got new skills and titles? Why do I keep getting those without doing anything in particular?

Well, it’s not really a problem though, and it’s nice to earn new skills to ‘play’ with, so let’s make sure to use those.

… Later. For now, let’s check out old man Ron, I’m curious about that man whose status I couldn’t even see back then.

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