Chapter 133 – Trouble Is Brewing Again


(Eren’s PoV)

“Hey, boss…” One of my subordinates called out to me with this unfinished sentence. I already knew what he wanted to say, but I shivered from even thinking about hearing it, so I didn’t reply.

A loud sound of something being hit echoed from outside.

Let’s think about this carefully. There’s surely a mistake somewhere. Why would I be made king as a reward for my work so far? I don’t want that and I don’t even know if she means making me Hermagne’s king or making an independent country of our own… Nonetheless, both propositions are equally absurd.

The sound of something resembling an explosion echoed from outside.

I mean, how would we even become independent? There’s no way that the nobility of Hermagne would let us easily move away, and let’s not even think about how absurd it would be for me to become Hermagne’s king.

Moreover, I’m already overwhelmed by the work I currently have as a lord, I can’t even imagine how I’d find time to sleep as a king.

There was a sound of something being dragged coming from outside.

At the very least, the fact that we’d still be together with Belzenstock regardless of what happens is a bit of a relief, as I have no idea how we’d be able to manage if we were cut away from the resources that come from the port.

The sound of something breaking came from outside…

They may have that weird religion of theirs, but they’re still very important for the kingdom, no matter if they were slaves in the past or not.

A thunderous roaring sound from outside…

Also, them having a close connection to one of the Order gods surely helps them quite a bit, being their allies is very beneficial.

Something was being hit over and over again outside…

Not to mention how the port can make trade with the Empire, which can be risky, but also quite beneficial due to how unstable they are.

… I don’t even know what this sound is anymore! How am I supposed to focus and try thinking about our current situation like this!? Just what kind of hellish magic is she practicing in the courtyard!? Why can’t she have at least a minimum of common sense!?

“Boss…” My subordinate called out to me again.

“I know, I know, I just… Wanted to avoid actually seeing it.” I replied. I just didn’t want to look out the window and face the reality in front of me.

“I understand, but…” My henchman started saying, but I cut him off.

“We don’t have any special training scheduled for today, do we?” I asked. I mean, it would be easy to understand those noises if the men were all practicing hard…

“There’s no training scheduled, boss…” My subordinate’s expression was a bit troubled.

“Maybe we’re testing some magical tools…?” I asked him before he could finish.

“Boss… No tests.” His expression was pitying me now.

“And we don’t happen to be under attack, right…?” I asked… Because being attacked would certainly be better than the alternative justification that explains this current mess.

“You know that Rena is the only outsider inside the mansion right now…” My henchman replied. I gotta appreciate that he at least kept up with me as I made those absurd questions whose answers we both knew in advance.

I sighed, “I really can’t escape reality anymore now, can I?” I asked him.

“Yeah, sorry boss…” Was his answer.

Truly… Why does she have to be like this? I sighed once more, got up, then slowly moved towards the window… Each step was harder to make than the last… I didn’t want to see it. I didn’t want to see what she did to what was supposed to be our courtyard.

My breathing was rough, my head was aching, my body felt heavy… But I reached the window. I saw what she was doing with my own eyes…

From the third floor, I looked downwards at the courtyard which was surprisingly still standing… In the middle of it, was that monstrous woman mounted on top of a strange thing… It was like a horse, but it had no head… And instead of legs, it had two wheels… I couldn’t even dare to imagine what that thing could possibly be.

That woman saw me staring and waved before moving around in that strange thing… Whatever it is.

I gave up on understanding and sat down, sighing in relief… At least we still have a courtyard.

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