Chapter 132 – The Girl’s Glasses


Since Eren seemed to not be feeling well today, I decided to go to the courtyard to test out my new familiar. “Let’s see what you can do. Your name will be decided based on the results.” I told the golem.

My other familiars seemed to shiver when I talked about name, but I ignored them. Let’s start the experiment instead of worrying about their opinions, “So, what can you do anyways?” I asked the golem.

The golem answered by saying it can actually change its shape to mimic other objects, which seems pretty versatile and convenient, kinda like Yuu’s weird magic… That’s nice, so let’s try it out right away, “For now, try becoming a sword.” I told the golem.

It nodded and started changing its shape, from a small golem that fit on the palm of my hand, it grew up and morphed itself until it looked just like a sword that was just right for my size… Pretty amazing!

“Then, let’s test out the sharpness!” I exclaimed as I swung it against a tree and… “Underwhelming.” it did make a dent on the tree, but it was clearly because of the strength of the swing, not because it had any sharpness whatsoever.

Moreover, the golem was also complaining about being swung like that… “Oh well, perhaps the problem is that a golem isn’t very compatible with slashing in the first place. Let’s try a mace now.” I ordered it as I removed my golem-sword from the tree.

Just like last time, it changed its shape again, this time looking just like a mace, “Well, it’s a bit heavier than expected, but I guess it’s fine?” I said, but… The golem then replied by saying that I was also quite heavy… Rude.

I used all my strength, paired up with Yamada’s, to swing the golem directly towards the hardest thing nearby, which was the cold hard ground.

“It hurts? Well, of course it does, remember this punishment next time you want to make unsavory remarks.” I told the golem as it complained about being thrown at the ground… That said, the result was also pretty underwhelming. There was a hole on the ground alright, but it was about as big as the mace’s sphere… I expected a lot more when using my strength paired up with Yamada’s.

“… You’re really no good as normal weapons, are you? Try becoming a gun, maybe you’ll be able to do something then.” I told the golem.

I was unsure if it would actually be able to do it, but the golem did actually become a perfect replica of a gun, to the smallest details. I hadn’t really tried out guns in this game, but it should be alright if I just shoot a few times to test the usefulness.

I aimed at a nearby tree and shot!

… I saw no bullet holes though? Did I miss? No, that was not it… “Why is there a bullet near my feet?” I asked the golem, who stayed quiet after my question.

… Let’s shoot once more while paying attention to the gun’s muzzle.

It fell near my feet again. The bullet was pushed out of the gun with no momentum at all and fell straight down instead of moving forward like it should… “Any excuses?” I asked the golem. It gave no answer again, “Alright, I have decided. Your name will be Junk, or just Jun for short.”

The golem was clearly dissatisfied and panicking a bit, but I told him, “You don’t have the right to disagree.” it’s a real disappointment that this defective product was the reward of that boring quest… “Oh well, let’s try something that is not combat-related. How about some glasses?”

The golem seemed to be a bit enthusiastic about this request, even if bummed out by the name, and did change into glasses… And what a surprise, “This is actually amazing.” I could see clearly through the glasses, but not only that, it was also constantly analyzing information and giving it all to me. Like the speed of the wind and the distance between me and various objects… It felt as if I was in the cockpit of a super robot! “So you do have some strengths after all.”

The golem seemed excited about this statement, so it asked me what was its name, but… “Your name? I already told you, it’s Jun.” The golem was clearly disheartened by this, but, “I already decided it, so it’s decided.”

First impressions are important after all, it’s not good to keep changing names willy-nilly. Yamada seemed to be trying to complain a bit about this decision, but hitting his handle a bit made him quiet down pretty quickly.

“Well, let’s keep on testing what you can do, Jun.” The golem was clearly lamenting the current situation, but this much was fine. There are more experiments to be done, so let’s just focus on those.

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