Genocide Online

Chapter 136 – Please Stop It


(Seigi’s PoV)

It seemed like time had stopped flowing properly. That I was watching scenes unfold in slow motion. That I was watching our half-sister slowly approach Marie while raising her shortsword while I stood still, doing nothing.

Blossom said something, I couldn’t hear it, I couldn’t comprehend it, I couldn’t understand what was happening. This was wrong… I understood that our sister-in-law didn’t like us. That she was avoiding us on purpose, that she might even hate us… But I really thought that something could be done about this, that we could fix this relationship, that things could be better… But this? This is the first time I have seen our step sister smile, and she is doing it as she walks towards Marie…

A weak sound escaped my lips as I hopelessly watched her approach Marie… As I watched that shortsword that was clearly filled with hatred and jealousy being swung down… I could do nothing, but watch Marie get killed.

“For how long are you going to idle there for!?” Blossom shouted to me as she blocked the blow of my sister-in-law. Her scream paired together with the sound of their weapons clashing snapped me out of my daze.

“… Who are you?” My sister-in-law said.

“You don’t remember!?” Blossom replied. She seems to know my step sister… I don’t know why, but it’s not something I should worry about right now. Marie is probably even more shocked than me about all this, so I should help her out, “We fought each other at the event!”

“From the event…? I only remember Hannes and the Pervert.” My sister-in-law replied.

“You remember the pervert, but not me!?” Blossom seemed to be quite annoyed at that comment.

While they exchanged blows, I rushed to Marie’s side. She wasn’t moving, but she didn’t respawn nor was she force logged-out, so she’s probably just in a daze right now… I gave her an HP potion while trying to talk to her a bit, “Marie, you alright…?”

She did not reply. Her eyes kept following every move of our sister-in-law… This is bad.

“Well, it doesn’t matter who you are, could you please not get in my way?” Our step sister said.

“Why? Would it be a problem if I got in the way?” Blossom replied without letting our sister-in-law pass.

Marie must be truly shocked. She always wanted to grow closer to our sister, she often talked about how much she wanted to go shopping together or to have some girls’ talk together… What do I do?

“It is indeed a problem. This is a unique opportunity and I do not want to waste it.” Our step sister said.

“I see… I don’t care!” Blossom replied.

My sister-in-law tried to behead Blossom after that, but Blossom ducked below the attack and tried cutting my step sister’s chest with her scythe. The scythe was held by my sister-in-law though, and then Blossom was hit by a headbutt that made her step back a few times.

“Your attacks are so uncute!” Blossom taunted, then made some swings with her scythe, but my sister-in-law dodged them all with some backsteps.

“You’re a truly bothersome person.” My step sister said.

“That’s a complaint when it comes from you, Genocider.” Blossom called her what!?

Ah… So she’s the person that Blossom warned us to stay away from, that created all sorts of chaos and killed really strong NPCs and… Was she crazy? Did she enjoy the killing? Or was she just really good at separating reality and game and just found it fun to fight against strong enemies in the game… I don’t know what to think anymore… But… Perhaps it might have been for the best if we never tried to approach her.

“I don’t get the circumstances, but you seem to have quite the quarrel with your siblings, don’t you?” Blossom said as she exchanged a few more blows.

“Not siblings!” Our sister-in-law shouted.

Marie reacted to that… Badly. She seemed to be having a hard time breathing, and she was shaking horribly… I need to do something.

Before I could come up with anything though, our step sister suddenly started moving a lot faster than before, grabbed Blossom’s head, then started slamming it on the ground.

“I. Don’t. Think. That’s. So.” Blossom said as her head was slammed over and over.

My sister-in-law looked strange right now. She didn’t have her usual expressionless face, nor that faint smile she showed as she approached Marie a small while back… She seemed… Angry, Hasty, Stressed… I’m not sure, it seemed like a myriad of emotions were flowing through her face non-stop right now…

“Me and them are not family, what is hard to understand on that!?” Our step sister shouted… I don’t think I have ever heard her shout before today…

Blossom just laughed though… She laughed as she said, “So those two are your weaknesses, Genocider? It’s funny to see your face distort in so many ways like it is right now-” and then my sister-in-law immediately got back to bashing Blossom’s head on the ground… Why was Blossom making her even angrier…?

Just as I wondered that, I got a PM from Blossom with a single word in it, ‘distraction’.

“P-please stop it…” Marie finally said something… I wasn’t even sure if our sister-in-law heard this, but she definitely did not stop.

It hurt to think of sacrificing Blossom like this, but… When considering Marie’s current state, about what she must be going through right now, the choice was incredibly easy.

I held Marie’s hand and forced her to get up, she finally showed some reaction to this as she said, “M-Masa…?” She then turned her head back towards our step sister and said again, “Please stop…”

Our sister was not going to stop, and I was not going to let Blossom’s efforts be in vain. I pulled Marie with me and started running away… It seemed like Marie still didn’t quite understand what just happened, but I kept on pulling her, while the noises of Blossom’s head being slammed kept echoing behind us.

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