Genocide Online

Chapter 137 – Hindrance


(Blossom’s PoV)

“Did they escape…?” The Genocider said once Masa dragged Marie away. Instead of her usual expressionless face that makes it look like she doesn’t care about anyone other than herself, the Genocider instead was visible shaken and angered right now… So that’s what she is like when her emotions are out in the open?

“Why do you hate your siblings so much to the point you’re like that-!?” I asked her, and in response, she slammed my head again, this time making a crack on the ground… This is frustrating.

“Die.” She said while pulling my head up.

“I refuse!” I exclaimed as I kicked her sides, throwing her away, allowing me to recover my posture and grab my scythe again.

“You have some bad habits with your feet.” The Genocider told me.

“As if you’re one to talk!” I replied as she got up… Even though I had just thrown her to a wall with my kick, she got up, seemingly unharmed, while emanating a gloomy murderous aura… “I don’t know the circumstances, but what kind of older sister kicks her younger sibling when the latter just wants to get along!?”

“I have no sister!” The Genocider exclaimed while rushing towards me, trying to stab my heart. Her movement was really easy to read and dodge though. It’s surprising to see how much this is affecting her, to the point she can’t even fight properly.

“She’s quite the good girl, you know? Why don’t you try getting along?” I asked her while swinging my scythe sideways, though she dodged it by backstepping.

“That’s none of your business.” She replied as she tried to behead me, but I ducked behind the blow.

“Is that so? To me you look just like a child that says she hates some food you never ate though. How can you dislike her without even knowing her!?” I told her.

The Genocider charged against me again after I said that. It felt like it would be an easy to dodge attack, but just as I was moving out of its way, her shortsword was suddenly taken over by a shadow and had its length stretched, reaching my neck quicker than expected… I’m not losing here though!

I parried the sword attack with my scythe just as it grazed my neck, “I’ll say it again. This is none of your business.” the Genocider said.

“Is that so…?” I replied as I swung my scythe vertically against her. She dodged it at first with a backstep, but I was already expecting it and jumped after her with a horizontal swing of my scythe. She moved her head backwards to dodge it again, but the scythe was able to cut her bangs and make a small scratch on her face.

It was just a small blow, but I finally landed an attack on her without requiring a surprise attack, “Well, I don’t care about that!” I told her.

“You’re so annoying…” The Genocider replied.

“This may be about other people’s lives, but I can’t simply stay idly as my friend is harmed like that!” I exclaimed. In the game or not, me being unrelated or not. It doesn’t really matter, I’ll lend a hand to a friend in need! “Also, you’re way too selfish and your mind is totally messed up!”

We exchanged a few more blows after that without either of us gaining ground on the other. In this meantime the Genocider became completely expressionless again and stopped leaving easy openings.

That said, I’m still just buying time for the two of them. There isn’t much of a point to this fight where the both of us can’t really give it our all, so buying time is enough.

But still, I want to help Marie. And because of that, “I’ll make you consider Marie your sister-in-law!”

As I shouted that, both of us rushed towards one another once again. As we were about to clash our skills though, arrows rained from the sky, aimed directly at us.

We had to jump backwards to dodge those… Who was it? Who is the hindrance that is getting in the way of our fight?!

“Damn, we missed them both!” A person on the roofs said.

“Move to plan B!” Another one ordered.

“Do we have a plan B…?” The first one replied.

“I just wanted to say that at least once! Just try controlling their movements somehow!” The ‘leader’ said in response.

… Is this a guild that was trying to kill me and the Genocider to try making a name for themselves? How bothersome! I was about to start singing praises of Marie to the Genocider, but those pests had to interrupt!

“You’re really getting in the way?” The Genocider said that towards them. A cold murderous aura was being emanated from her.

“I don’t know why you’re here, but…” I was about to threaten them too, but I decided to check my e-mail first just in case. Maybe the event had already started and this group was just the first of many… But no, I didn’t miss any announcement, there is still no set date for the event.

“All of you…” The Genocider started saying something.

“What is it?” I asked her. She threw an iron scrap towards me in response to this question, but I dodged it.

“All of you are a big annoying hindrance. <Destruction Game: Slaughterer’s Organs>!” The Genocider seemed to be getting serious.

“I agree that there are a lot of annoying people here. <Earthshaking Vainglory: I Shine Alone>” I replied to her, and then the both of us started attacking these annoying players, while keeping a healthy distance from one another.

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