Genocide Online

Chapter 141 – Whack-A-Mole


A player tried to attack me from an alley, but I threw acid at him and he was melted away. Another tried attacking from behind, but an iron scrap at his head killed him on the spot.

Another one jumped from a roof above, but I backstepped to dodge his stab, grabbed his wrist, put some explosives on his mouth and threw him towards two spearmen that were coming from the side.

Two more tried coming from both of my sides, but I threw iron scraps at them, quickly ending their lives.

This position wasn’t ideal, there were too many alleys that people could try using to attack me… Let’s go to a better area.

Deciding on that, I jumped up and used a few threads to make footholds that allowed me to easily reach the roof of a nearby building.

As soon as got there, fireballs were immediately shot at me, but I dodged those and threw explosives in the direction that each spell came from, taking care to not let the center of the explosion be too close to the buildings, in order to not damage them too much.

I then parried the blow of a swordsman that tried attacking me from behind, broke his wrist, forcing him to drop his weapon, stabbed him with his own sword, then threw his body towards another player that was approaching me from the side, killing him with the sword that was stabbing the corpse I just threw.

Some arrows were shot towards me, so I used a nearby axeman as a meatshield, then killed the archers with a few more iron scraps… There sure are quite a lot of players participating here.

Suddenly though, a loud sound echoed though the entire city as a gigantic pillar of fire rose up in the distance… Must be Maria. She’s probably being targeted too since she’s also one of the top players.

When seeing the giant pillar of fire, the residents of the city were visibly troubled and confused. They probably had already noticed the all-out battle between players, but this made them even warier… I should be careful here. I have a good image in this city and I want to use it as a foothold to form the new country, so it’s better if they don’t associate me with the people causing this commotion.

… I think I should join up with Maria. With how flashy her playstyle is, the NPCs would probably stay away from her, so it should be pretty safe there. Yuu should also be by her side and they both have high karma, so this could also work out in my favor in case things go wrong… Also, I might be able to use their abilities to further my own goals, so let’s go find them.

Just as I decided that, a swordsman tried attacking me from behind, but I dodged his blow and beheaded him. An axeman came from the side and I stabbed his chest. Two more archers tried shooting me, but I dodged their attacks and ordered Hanako and Takeo to kill them too.

… It’s gonna take a while if I keep handling every single one of them as they come. “Jun, become a skateboard.”

After Jun transformed, I used <Jet Propulsion> paired together with Kageyama’s <Shadow Manipulation> and Inoue’s <Materialization> to make a flying pathway that I could ride the skateboard through.

As I rode this path, I threw lots of bottles of acid towards any nearby players that were either standing still in astonishment, or trying to attack me as I moved, quickly disposing of them.

Some also tried to jump after me as I rode Jun, but I quickly dispatched them with my threads, as they couldn’t really dodge mid-air. They also served as human shields to block arrows and magical projectiles aimed at me. Though I just used protective magic to block the ones that passed through the human shields.

Yeah, this is good enough. Let’s continue moving like this while searching for Yuu and Maria. They probably moved from the point that the fire pillar was erected already, but I should be able to find them if I keep looking for flashy spells.

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