Genocide Online

Chapter 142 – Whack-A-Mole – part two


(Yuu’s PoV)

“Defeat the legal loli!” A player shouted as he rushed towards us.

“Why are there so many annoying people today!?” Maria exclaimed as she killed another one of those.

We got a PM from Rena as soon as we logged-in today saying that she was going to play in Belzenstock, and that we should come if we were free, so we came right away, but… We definitely didn’t expect this.

“Also, I’m still in High School, so I’m not even legal!” Maria yelled as she burned another one of those guys down.

I have to wonder why she didn’t bother with changing her appearance more when creating her character if this bothers her that much, but I guess she didn’t expect to become popular in-game and have people start commenting on her character’s appearance.

Suddenly though, she sent a fireball towards me, “Whoa!” I exclaimed as I dodged it, “Maria, the enemies are over there!” I told her while pointing towards the neverending swarm of players that kept coming after us.

“You just thought of something rude, didn’t you!?” She said as a reply while killing more of the players.

“J-just focus on the enemies, alright!” I told her. It’s not rude to think she should have made her character better! And what’s up with those sudden mind reading skills!?

She still gave me a glare that was scary enough to send shivers down my spine, but she ended up turning back towards the enemies and burning a few more of them. I also followed suit and buffed her up a bit and also used some of my spells to kill any that went past Maria’s fireballs.

It wasn’t an ideal situation, but at least in this position we wouldn’t be able to be surrounded, so we should manage somehow.

… Or so I thought, until Maria suddenly said, “Okay, I have decided! You were deemed as… Guilty!” And then she threw a lot more fireballs at me, some actually hit this time and shaved off quite a bit of my HP.

“What!? This is a conspiracy! An injustice! The verdict is wrong! I request it to be reconsidered!” I replied while trying to dodge as many as I could.

“Request denied!” She said while throwing even more fire at me while also killing some more attacking players. It was good that she didn’t forget about them altogether at least, but still…

“I don’t like this one-sided judgement at all!” I exclaimed.

“Don’t go flirting in front of all of us!” A player shouted, and a bunch of players rushed together towards us all at once.

“We’re not flirting!” We shouted together, while instantly stacking up our buffs to power up Maria’s spells as much as possible, and then she threw a huge fireball at the charging enemies.

… Or rather, a gigantic fire pillar that rose over the roofs. That was… A bit too much. The ground and the houses nearby were melting even.

I quickly did my best to start using some spells to cool down the surroundings in order to minimize the damage dealt to the city, but I couldn’t do anything to the damage that was already done.

“I exaggerated a bit…” Maria commented.

“Well, they were kinda annoying…” I told her in response. Though they would have been less annoying if she had just made a character she liked more.

“Stop that!” She exclaimed while trying to hit me with her cane, though I ducked under it last second.

“I didn’t say anything!” I replied.

“You were staring, weren’t you!? You damn lolicon! I know about the magical girls doujinshi you have behind your bookshelf!” She exclaimed while attacking me again.

“W-what!? Why do you know about that!?” I said. That was well-hidden and also had a fake cover to it in order to keep it safe! Why does she always find my things like that!? She needs to stop searching my room without my permission!

Just as we started exchanging some shouts against one another though, a certain person arrived and stopped us midway…


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