Genocide Online

Chapter 143 – Whack-A-Mole – part three


(Perverted Gentleman’s PoV)

After finishing a busy day at work where I finished a business deal with some of my clients, I went back home, asked the AI that managed my home to prepare dinner, then started doing my daily work out routine to keep my body in shape.

Once that was done, I ate the dinner that was finished just as I finished the work out, showered, then logged into KSO. I had recently finished a quest from old man Ron, so I was wondering what to do next, perhaps it was time to leave Belzenstock City and go somewhere else… I did not have to think too much on the matter though, because a lot of players were staring at me as soon as I got online.

“It’s the Perverted Gentleman!” They shouted. To think that this many people would come to appreciate my beautiful muscles, this was quite the treat. Let’s make sure it is well-rewarded!

“By all means enjoy the sight, though be aware that I can at most take five of you on at a time.” I told them. It was truly a nice change of shape to have them properly appreciating me instead of ignoring my beauty like they have recently.

Instead of only appreciating though, they tried attacking me. I quickly made short of work of the ones that came first, however, for a gentleman must always respond to violence by showing pure physical beauty.

That said, there were a lot more coming, and there was a limit to how many I could handle while still maintaining my elegance, so instead… Let’s run around Belzenstock to showcase my muscles to the citizens! The players should not be the only ones to appreciate those carefully cultivated body!

“W-wait!” One of the players said as he chased after me.

“D-do we really need to be seen chasing someone that looks like that!?” Another exclaimed.

“I’m out, I’ll go after another target.” A third one commented.

This much was fine. Only those that can catch up to me deserve to get the full appreciation of my beauty. The rest can go their own way.

“What’s that!?” A citizen shouted.

“Someone call a guard!” Another yelled. It was lovely to notice all the townspeople staring at my wonderfully maintained appearance while I made my stroll around the city. It was a shame that they couldn’t stare for long due to the various narrow alleys that I had to travel through, but just the few seconds of admiration were more than enough.

However, not long after I started running around with some players in toll, a loud voice that I knew very well reverberated through Belzenstock, “Can you hear me?” she said.

That is definitely Rena’s. The flower that I was still unable to conquer… I may not know where she is, but the excitement of facing her again will power up my entire body!

Let us not waste any more time and run with all my might! I will leave those players behind and find Rena!


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