Genocide Online

Chapter 144 – Whack-A-Mole – part four

As I moved around with Jun, I had to keep dealing with waves and more waves of incoming players. One who tried jumping at me with his sword, that I knocked down with an elbow blow, two others that were leisurely observing and were easy targets for iron scraps, one that tried attacking me with a dagger, that I kicked away… And a bunch of others that I got rid of by throwing explosives at them.

I also used Santa’s <Holy Severance> to deflect magical attacks and make them hit other players that were trying to move closer to me, though even with that and with my threads killing many of them while they still approached me, I still had to use deal with quite a few in melee combat.

Some even tried coming after me right after respawning, so I had to kill them over and over again. It was good that they served as shields for arrows though, and I could always put explosives on them before throwing those players towards the archers.

Even then, I think I’m getting outnumbered here. Belzenstock layout makes it hard to move properly, and I can’t go all out with the explosives as I don’t want to hurt my reputation within the city too much. Even if I move faster than most due to Inoue’s, Kageyama’s and Jun’s help, I still can’t really get away from all the pursuers since they seem to always come from all sides. They were even able to hit an arrow on my leg already.

That said, I’m actually having fun ‘playing’ like this, but it’s gonna be bothersome if I miss the chance of killing those twins because this player avalanche kept me for too long.

“Maria, you stupid!” I suddenly heard someone say a shout like that… This is definitely Yuu. And it was great that, just as expected, he was right next to Maria as they had their usual quarrel.

I quickly approached them both and grabbed them by the collar.

“R-Rena!?” Maria exclaimed as she was lifted by me as I rode Jun.

“It’s me.

“I need your help with something, could I ask for a little favor?” I asked the both of them.

“O-of course! Leave it to me! I’ll do anything you ask!” Maria instantly answered.

“I bet it’s gonna be something unreasonable…” Yuu seemed to be a bit less enthusiastic, but it was fine.

“Yuu, I need you to broadcast my voice throughout the entire city.” I told him.

“You’re giving a speech!?” He seemed to be surprise.

“Pretty much that.” I answered. He started muttering something, but I ignored that since I knew he’d do it anyways, “And Maria, can you please launch some colored fireworks for me once I give you the signal?”

“I’ll do it! Whatever colors and intensity you want, they’ll be there as soon as you tell me!” She eagerly said.

“<Din>, <Microphone>, <Broadcast>, <Election Campaign Car>. You’re good to go, Rena!” Yuu told me.

“Can you hear me?” I said as a test. Everyone that I could see seemed to react to those words, so it seemed to be working, “I’m Rena, a companion that once fought for freedom with you.”

“She did what!?” Maria whispered to Yuu.

“She’s talking about the World Quest that we cleared together.” Yuu whispered back.

“Oh, I see.” Maria nodded while saying this.

It was a bit bothersome that I couldn’t gauge people’s reactions properly this time around because I was running instead of standing in a podium, but this was also a lot less embarrassing, so I didn’t mind continuing like this, “You don’t need to remember me, but let me tell you this.” I continued my speech.

“I wonder if anyone could possibly forget about Rena…” Yuu wondered.

“Impossible.” Maria instantly replied.

It was possible though. It’s been months since the time I helped them out, so some of them really could have forgotten… And even if they haven’t, it’s still a good way of showing humility to talk like this, “The city is under attack by an army of migrants that were ordered by the ambitious second prince of the kingdom, who murdered the crown prince and is seeking to further solidify is rule.” I told everyone.

“Wait, the crown prince is dead!?” Maria exclaimed.

“That’s new to me too…” Yuu replied.

I’m busy now, so I can’t really answer them though, “He wishes to use the migrants to get rid of the independent government that currently rules the city and to remove the freedom you fought so hard to obtain.” I said.

“Oh…” Yuu seemed to get what I was getting at.

“She really isn’t holding back at throwing dirt at the prince, is she?” Maria said.

It was just too convenient though. I came here to talk about independence, and a golden opportunity to make them start hating the kingdom was left on my plate. There’s no way I wouldn’t use that, “The kingdom is once again trying to rob us of our faith in Krebskulm!” I exclaimed.

“Poor second prince whose face I never even saw…” Yuu commented.

“Oda… Well, I guess I can be a bit sympathetic to him.” Maria said.

And now, to consolidate my position by putting myself as someone that not only fought for their freedom before, but who will fight for it again now, “Fight! Let us fight against those unreasonable beasts who threaten our order! Who try to remove our freedom and faith! Let us protect our sacred ocean!” I told them.

“… The apostle of Chaos is talking about protecting the Order…” Yuu commented.

“I’d have totally believed that if I didn’t know Rena though.” Maria replied.

I don’t think this will go perfectly. Ron will probably be aware that I’m scheming something, but I don’t think he’ll be able to stop me now that I took control of the flow of events like this, “Fight! Fight for Krebskulm!” I finished my speech, and as soon as I did, the citizens of Belzenstock roared in approval.

“Well… That was something.” Maria commented.

“I have no idea what you’re planning, Rena, but it’s definitely no good, isn’t it?” Yuu asked.

I figured I could ignore this question, so I just kept on running while in good spirits.

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