Genocide Online

Chapter 148 – Catfight


(Yuu’s PoV)

“So, why did you bring us here?” Maria asked Blossom, who had brought us to a hill where we could see Rena and the other two.

“Nothing in particular. We were just intruding on their personal matters, so I figured the three of us should leave.” Blossom replied.

For some reason though, there was a really bad atmosphere around us right now… Why do those two girls seem about to fight? I did use the <Eating By Yourself At The Bathroom> skill from the <Loner Magic> tree, so we should be safer from outside interference, but I’d prefer if they didn’t do anything too strange… Or flashy.

“I don’t know what you’re trying to do, but can you please not make Rena sad?” Maria asked Blossom, who did not reply, “She may be lonely, but she’s also very timid, so I’m worried about this…”

That’s amazing, Maria. You haven’t stalked her for that long, but you already notice the subtleties of her emotions… I’m impressed.

“Just what are those two trying to do? I don’t want anything bad to happen to my friend.” Maria asked Blossom again.

“These kids… They’re a bit aggressive on their stance, but they’re also very sincere with their thoughts, alright?” Blossom finally answered.

I can’t quite get it though… Could those two be people that Blossom and Rena know outside of the game? Rena wouldn’t be that shaken from some people she met online, but I guess it could happen if it was someone closer…

“Then why does Rena seem to hate them so much?” Maria pressured her.

“They didn’t do anything… They didn’t even have a chance to do anything.” Blossom replied. She seemed to be getting agitated.

“Well, if they don’t even know why they’re hated, shouldn’t they just give up?” Maria also seemed to be about to explode.

“You say that because it’s not you that is suffering!” Blossom exclaimed.

I definitely can’t open my mouth here. I will absolutely die if I do! I should quietly disappear with the <Pretend To Be Asleep> skill…

“What do you think!?” Both girls asked me in unison.

“Eh!?” My strategy of pretending to be air failed! I can’t give an opinion here, alright!? I’ll die no matter what side I choose, and I’ll just get them even angrier if I give a noncommittal answer! “Well uhn…” What do I even say here!?

“They shouldn’t try getting closer, because Rena dislikes them for a personal reason!” Maria said.

“They should try getting closer, because that woman is one-sidedly excluding them from her life with an unreasonable justification!” Blossom replied.

“So!?” They said in unison again… Why did it go back to me!? They have the right to try growing closer to her if they did nothing wrong, but Rena also has the right to avoid them if she’s hurt by their presence! This is not something we can really solve! It’s really a problem that we can’t interfere with!

“I want Rena to keep her innocent smile, so those two shouldn’t tarnish it.” Maria said while staring daggers at Blossom.

“I want them to spend their time in a healthy environment, so they need to confront that unreasonable woman who refuses to let them close.” Blossom said while looking about as annoyed as Maria…

“I hate those selfish chaotic people that don’t care about how much trouble they cause to others.” Maria said while unsheathing her cane.

“I hate those arrogant orderly people that try forcing people to sacrifice themselves for the sake of others.” Blossom said while unsheathing her scythe.

My stomach hurts… Are they really going to fight here!?

“They don’t have to get along. There are other people those two can be on good terms with that are not Rena.” Maria really was about to explode…

“They have the right to get along. They have the right to show that there is more to family than just that woman.” Blossom also seemed to be on her wits end…

“As Rena’s stal… As Rena’s Guardian, I cannot allow the behavior of those friends of yours to continue.” Maria said.

“Is that so…?” Was all that Blossom said as a reply.

It felt weird right now. My right side was hot, but my left was cold… What could be causing it? Perhaps the flames emanating from Maria and the crimson-dark ice emanating from Blossom!? They’re evaporating and freezing the water inside the waterways at the same time! This is too dangerous! Please lower your weapons!

“I’ll stand by my friend’s side!” They both shouted together as they rushed towards one another.

“Eek! <Neet’s Room>!” I used the advanced version of <Wall Off The World> to protect myself from the clash of those two… Rena, they’re really going crazy because of you…

<New title: Pitiful>

Come on!

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