Genocide Online

Chapter 149 – Catfight – part two


(Yuu’s PoV)

“Burn!” Maria shouted as she swung her flaming cane.

“Freeze!” Blossom shouted as she clashed her scythe with Maria’s weapon. As the attacks connected, the fire was being extinguished while the ice melted, “Why are you trying to stop that woman who is always trapped in her own shell to experience new things!?”

“Why do you want to push her so hard to deal with something she hates!? Do you think they’ll just magically get along if you push hard enough!?” Maria angrily replied as she spread her flames throughout the surroundings, restricting Blossom’s movements.

“… For now all they need to do is to have a proper face-to-face talk.” Blossom replied while spreading her own ice, which countered Maria’s flames.

“But it’s a bad way of doing things!” Maria exclaimed as she attacked Blossom again.

“What is bad about being upfront about your desires!?” Blossom exclaimed as she clashed her scythe with Maria’s cane.

As their weapons collided, Maria’s fire started wounding Blossom, and Blossom’s ice started wounding Maria, it was a mutually destructive attack.

“You’re way too stubborn…” Both of them said in unison.

“Huh? How can you say that to your senior!?” Maria exclaimed as they both took a step back. There were huge flames emanating from her back.

“Huh? Senior? How is an elementary school student my senior?” Blossom replied with a mocking smile, while creating an iceberg behind her, “Do you think everyone playing the game is still in kindergarten or something? You really need to pay more attention to your surroundings, you know? To think that there would be such a conceited child playing together with me… I’m really sad to hear of your plight.”

… I think that Maria might have lost any remaining composure she had after hearing this sarcastic speech from Blossom. Up until now, it really felt like they were both fighting because of the thing with Rena, but now I’m pretty sure they just wanted to beat up the person in front of their eyes due to being absolutely unable to withstand their existence.

“You little brat! I’m gonna teach you a lesson and slap your butt so hard that you won’t even be able to seat!” Maria shouted as she attacked Blossom again.

“Just who is a brat!? Did you ever look at yourself in the mirror!?” Blossom also charged at Maria as she said this… I really think Maria should have made a taller character to avoid being faced with this kind of verbal attack.

“I’ll kill you!” They both shouted together.

Yeah… This is totally out of my league. It’s a good thing I decided to stay away and stay within the <Neet Room> during this fight. Hopefully they’ll calm down before the duration ends.

… Perhaps I should give up on three-dimensional girls altogether and just focus on the perfect idealized two-dimensional ones instead. At least they won’t ever get into this kind of unreasonable fight.

I wonder how things are going with Rena though. We were supposed to be able to watch what she was doing from here, but with Maria and Blossom’s fight being this wild, it became impossible to see anything… Hopefully things are going well.


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