Genocide Online

Chapter 150 – Siblings’ Quarrel – part three


“Could you please tell us more about yourself?” The twins asked me… Tell them about myself? Why? I can’t understand. I’m not interested in them, nor at what they have been doing those past few days, this is all irrelevant. Why do they want to know how I’m doing? I can’t understand their behavior… And still… They dare ask me anyways?

“You two are so annoying!” I told them as I rushed towards the boy. He tried to attack me with a vertical swing of his sword, but I parried it with my shortsword, then punched his belly… I then held his face and pulled it closer to mine. This disgusting face that closely resembles his mother’s.

“Alright, fact #1: I hate your face.” I told the boy, then threw his face on the ground. The girl tried helping him by shooting some arrows, but I parried them all with my shortsword.

Immediately after that, I pulled my threads that were around her leg and forced her to fall. Then, I threw her to a wall with my threads, so that I did not need to look at that annoying face of hers that resembled her father’s any longer, “Fact #2: I hate you two, who have a mutual love relationship with that man.”

As I pushed the girl further into the wall with my threads, the boy tried picking up his word to fight back, but I stepped on top of his head to stop that, “Fact #3: I can’t forgive you for chasing after me even after I tried my best to ignore your existence.”

I then used my shadows to throw the boy high up in the sky, and used the threads to pull the girl closer to me. I punched her face as soon as she arrived, “Fact #4: I’m not comfortable with strangers trying to talk to me as if we were family.”

As the boy fell, I hit my elbow against his abdomen, his hips with my knee, then held him by the neck and threw him at a wall. Meanwhile, the girl was trembling, but trying to put an arrow on her bow, so I kicked her belly, “Fact #5: I’m absolutely unable to get along with you two.”

This should be enough, right? I answered their question while making it clear that we cannot grow closer, and that I do not want to get closer. I understand that they did nothing wrong, but I cannot forgive them. I can’t accept being with them, not when I feel such strong emotions whenever I see their face… Because then, I remember mom’s lonely face every time I look at them… Even if I know I was the cause of mom’s loneliness.

“You understand it right? So give up-” As I said this, the girl cut me.

“Fact #1: I was happy when we first met, and was sad to be ignored by you!” The girl said as she stabbed an arrow directly at my shoulder, without bothering with putting it at the bow first… She was going to imitate my ‘report’ now? With that bloodied and tearful face? It’s not really a pretty sight.

I started punching her face over and over again, but she still squeezed up some words in-between each punch, “Fact #2: I was looking… really forward to having… a sister-in-law!”

It was really annoying that she didn’t stop talking even as I punched her. Moreover, she pierced another arrow at my shoulder, and the blood that spilled from me fell on her face, making her even uglier, “Fact #3: I’m sorry… to use such a forceful approach… but I couldn’t think of… any other way that… could let me… have an opportunity… to talk to you.” Of course there was no other way, I purposefully avoided them, ignored them, and made it as clear as possible that there was no relationship between us.

The boy was trying to get up, but the area I threw him at was really damaged, so a piece of rubble fell on his head and he was knocked down again.

“Fact #4: I was shocked… with how fierce you were… when rejecting me even in-game, but… I was happy that you… acknowledged and interacted with… me for the first time. It was good in… a weird way” The girl really didn’t stop talking…

I tightened my threads around the boy’s neck, and held the girl’s hand in place so that she could no longer try to stab me with her arrows.

“Fact #5: To be honest… father and his work… actually scare me a little… And yet, I still… wanted a good relationship. Not just… with him, but with you… too.” The girl then said.

Does that mean she actually had the guts to challenge that man as he tried to teach her how to eventually succeed him in his job? That… It doesn’t matter. I don’t need to understand her feelings, and don’t need to try thinking of what was their exact interaction… It doesn’t change my feelings, and it doesn’t matter if they tried getting closer, it doesn’t matter what I imagine, it doesn’t, it doesn’t… I don’t get it!

“I don’t get what you’re trying to say! Just shut up and be my ‘plaything’!”

I pulled the boy with my threads and slammed him against another wall. I grabbed the girl’s hair, and slammed her head on the ground, then-

“Reiko accepted me…” The girl said.

I couldn’t move. The threads binding the boy got loose. My blood was rushing to my head; my heart was beating faster and louder; my vision was getting red and narrower; I was trembling; it was hard to breathe…

“I really… Wanted… To be… Good friends…” The girl said.

<Warning: Heart Rate is raising above safe levels, immediate logout is recommended>

I could hardly comprehend the system warning I heard just now. It felt like such a faraway and quiet sound… Differently from what the girl just said… Those unbelievable words that came from her mouth…

“S-she re-re-really… Wanted us to… Get closer…” She then said this.

Irritating, incomprehensible, frustrating, unforgivable. Why!? Why!? Why!? Mother could say that, but why!? I can’t do this! I can’t! I was crying…

“Hey, I really, want to… Be close to… You…” The girl said.

“Enough! Just die!” I used Inoue’s power up to squeeze the girl’s neck until it broke, then threw an iron scrap at the boy’s forehead.

… I need to log-out.

Suddenly though, a voice came from above, “Oh, Genocider! What a delight to see you!”

I looked up, and saw that there was someone jumping from the top of a building, and that would soon arrive here… The Perverted Gentleman was here.

Why now…? Why this repulsive sight that would surely disgust mom?

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