Genocide Online

Chapter 151 – Before being a Pervert, a Gentleman. And before being a Gentleman…


(Perverted Gentleman’s PoV)

It sure is hard being popular, to think I’d be surrounded by others so often today. I of course had no problem in accepting their advances though, even if the shier attackers gave up as they got closer to me.

And just when I thought the day couldn’t get any better, I met up with the Genocider of all things! “It is truly a blessing to meet you again, Rena, let us exchange blows fully in our glorious rematch… Wait, are you crying?”

“Ah…” She just said this simple word as she weakly fell on her butt. She looks so fragile right now that it was hard to believe I’m looking at the same person that I’ve exchanged blows with before.

“Seems like you had quite the fight here.” I said as I looked at the surroundings and saw some clear battle marks, “If you’re fine with me, I could at least listen to you.” I wonder what happened to make such a strong girl cry like this. Could they have harmed her dignity perhaps? I won’t forgive anyone that has dared to do this kind of thing.

“Perverted Gentleman, I’m really not in the mood for this…” She said as she got up and readied her shortsword, but… She seemed to be completely out of it. There was no focus in her eyes at all, “I really don’t have the time to deal with a pervert like you right now.”

“Hey! Call me the perverted gentleman! Not just a pervert!” I answered as she tried kicking my neck. It was trivial to sidestep to dodge it though. I also gently pushed her back and made her lightly clash with the nearby wall.

“Mom wouldn’t be fine with that…” Rena suddenly said.

“Your mom…?” I asked her. Did I miss something? Why did she suddenly bring her mom up? Could something have happened to her?

“Mom would definitely…” Rena said this now. Seems like I’m missing some pieces of the puzzle here, but there should be something I can do to help her.

“Seems like you’re dealing with something quite difficult…” I said as I parried her poison needle, ducked below her shortsword, and blocked her roundhouse kick, “I have no idea what’s worrying you right now, as I’m an outsider that has nothing to do with it, but…” she then tried to spin around and throw some poison needles at me, but she was so out of it that she actually missed, “I think I should ask you again. Don’t you want to talk to me about it? I can at least hear you.”

Rena then threw an iron ball at me, but I just crushed it with my fist. She tried kicking me from above, but I dodged it with a backstep. Afterwards, she tried piercing my heart with her shortsword, but I just held her hand in place before it could reach.

“Shut up… I just don’t… I just don’t get it! I don’t get what is ‘Normal’! I just can’t comprehend it!” Her usual expressionless face was crying even more than before, showing visible confusion and how stressed she was over all this.

She tried punching my face after saying that, but I just held her hand with my free hand, and said, “You know, your crying face is beautiful too, but…” She was trying to pull her hand back, but she wasn’t able to muster the strength to get out of my grasp, “I don’t like seeing it at all!”

As I said that, I pulled her closer to me, moving both of our faces very close to one another, then told her, “If you have been trying to understand what ‘normal’ is, yet you can’t comprehend it… Then that’s okay!”

“What are you…?” She seemed to be confused by what I was saying and embarrassed to be this close to me, but this is not an issue right now.

“This is the correct answer! If you don’t know it, then stop thinking about it! Be free! Move as your heart desires!” I told her. She opened her eyes wide as I said that… I still cannot understand what she was worrying about, but whatever it is that made her keep murmuring about her mother, is something that she is clearly incapable of handling alone.

I then continued, “Just look at me! How is ‘normal’ the right answer?! Do I look ‘normal’ to you!?” I then let go of her hands and showed the entirety of my beautiful body to her, which seemed to help her slowly regain her composure, “You can see it, can’t you!? There are other people besides you that aren’t ‘normal’! It is okay to not fit the ‘normal’ standards!

“Or rather, don’t you think you’re pretty average when compared to me!?” I exclaimed while laughing out loud.

“You say that it is okay to not be ‘normal’, even though you’re a pervert…?” Rena asked me.

“That’s not important here! Because before being a pervert, I am a gentleman! And before being a gentleman…” As I said this, I ruffled her hair, as I noticed she was finally back to her usual self already, “I’m an adult!”

She seemed to be confused by that statement, but it is what it is. It was clear that she was still a pretty young girl, and no matter how much she may be referred to as the ‘terrifying Genocider’, there is still a limit to how much maturity she can have at her age. At times like this, she really should rely on the people that are more experienced than her.

“And that’s why, you should stop thinking too much and start walking through the gentleman’s path… Or rather, the lady’s path.” I told her.

“… I’ll politely decline.” She replied.

It was certainly a relief to see that Rena went back to her carefree self. A young girl like her really shouldn’t need to bear big burdens on her shoulders. I hope she can keep our exchange today in her heart.

“You don’t need to hold yourself back, you know?” I told her just in case she changed her mind on the lady’s path though.

“No, I’m good, really.” She said as she stabbed my heart with her shortsword. I dropped my guard a bit too much during our talk and ended up not even noticing her movement, “I stopped thinking and came to a conclusion.”

I giggled as she said that with an innocent smile. Truly a relief to see her like that, “Then, that is what it is.” I said as my vision started becoming white.

“… Thank you.” Were the last words I heard from her before I respawned at the temple… You’re welcome.

… And as I looked around at the respawn point, I could see a boy and a girl lying around, both looking pretty beaten up… Seems like the adult duty of the perverted gentleman isn’t over for today just yet.

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