Genocide Online

Chapter 152 – Older


(Blossom’s PoV)

After a while fighting, the both of us just flopped down on the ground as the aftereffects of our skills slowly evaporated, making it easy to see the surrounding areas were totally barren now.

“Why…?” I asked the girl that fought me until now.

“Why what?” She asked me back.

I put my arm over my eyes. It was hard to talk, it was hard to hold it back any longer… I hate crying like this, “Why did you have to get in our way…?” I asked her, “We weren’t doing anything wrong…”

“Ah… I guess it can’t be helped.” The girl said. After that I started hearing her get up and move closer to me. I thought she’d maybe try attacking me now, but… It didn’t feel like it was that.

I still wasn’t looking, I still hid my face with my arm… Until suddenly, my head was raised and dropped into something soft… I looked now. She was giving me a lap pillow… She too had no intention to fight anymore.

Her hand gently moved through my hair as she said, “It’s okay, you did your best.”

It was embarrassing to be treated like that, but… Perhaps it was fine just this one time around, “I really was… I really was doing my best.” I said. The girl just nodded in response. I knew she was listening, but she probably didn’t want to interrupt.

… It was fine, just this once. Just this once, I’ll let my feelings run free, “That woman… Right in front of me, she… To her family… To my friend… She was hitting my precious friend.” The girl nodded, “She tried talking… She really tried, but… With that woman, it just… Nothing worked with her.” The girl nodded again.

I took a deep breath before continuing, “They always helped me… I wanted to retribute… I wanted to help them too… I wanted to give something back for their kindness, but… but I was always so… Unable to. I thought that maybe… Maybe here… Maybe here, I’d be able to be their power…”

Because I have always been a shy and passive girl, I had no friends until Komari and Seigi got close to me. I could never do anything before they came to my aid. Even when something as simple as my appearance being ridiculed, I could never do anything against those annoying people, I always just dealt with it alone… At least, I dealt with it like that before Komari and Seigi became close to me.

It would be so nice if, at least in the game where I’m a top player, I could help out those two that saved me. I was really looking forward to being the one to guide them around after being guided by them for so long, but…

“But it didn’t work… Everything that we thought of… It was all tried… It all failed…” I told the girl.

I read a lot, I knew a lot of things, for every small thing that I could, I always made sure to help Komari and Seigi with any knowledge I had… But this was all useless when faced with interpersonal relationships.

I suggested purposefully trying to hang out near her the places that their step sister went to, to see if they could get some ‘chance meeting’ opportunities to talk… But they were always ignored every time.

I suggested trying to slowly grow closer to her, talking even a small bit at whatever opportunity came… But their step sister always turned her face around and left, refusing to listen.

I suggested trying to use their father as a bridge, since it was also the step sister’s father… But she hates her father.

I suggested trying to give her a gift… But their gifts were found destroyed, on the trash.

At that point I asked why couldn’t they just give up on getting along, but… They had a ‘promise’, and ‘they’ also wanted to get along.

In those conditions, what other choice was there but to face her head on? There was just nothing else…

“I-I did well, right…?” I asked the girl in whose lap I was resting. I wasn’t trying to hide my tears anymore.

While still caressing my head, she answered, “Yeah, you did. You did a good job… You were a bit too forceful though.”

“But… There really was no other way…” I told her.

“Well… I guess Rena is a bit, just a bit, different from ‘normal’ people, so a ‘normal’ method wouldn’t work.

“So, next time… Why don’t you try relying a bit more on the older people around you? You’re still a bit too young to try solving this kind of complicated problem by yourselves.” The girl told me.

… Maybe she was right. Maybe we didn’t have enough experience to deal with this kind of thing…

“Like, you could try relying on your seniors, for example… Like me.” She said… How is she a senior though? She’s shorter than me…

However, there should be some adults that we could try relying on… Not on their useless parents though, nor on the servants that don’t have enough authority to intervene… And probably not on some self-proclaimed seniors either.

“That said, you’ll be trying again, right?” The girl asked me… I guess we will.

Though now that I calmed down, I was dying of embarrassment from laying on her lap.

“At the very least, you can rely on me and Yuu, okay?” The girl told me.

“… I guess so.” I answered. Though I wonder what kind of advice will this ‘experienced older person’ give me.

“Good girl, good girl.” She said while stroking my head. This was way too embarrassing… “Also, Yuu, what are you doing?” She said while suddenly turning her head to the side… Oh yeah, there was this guy here, wasn’t there?

“Eek!” He exclaimed… He really saw this whole exchange, didn’t he…? I’m dying.

“You weren’t thinking of something stupid like ‘beautiful girls engaging in yuri spotted!’ were you?” The girl asked him… What was that…?

“N-n-no! Definitely not!” His voice was trembling…

The girl giving me a lap pillow seemed to be pretty angry right now… Let’s not ask about the details.

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