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Genocide Online

Chapter 169 – The Second Event – Collapsing Kingdom – part six


(Hannes’ PoV)


“… Just what are you two doing?” Eren asked us as we barged into his room while still attacking one another as we brought another important NPC to him, “No, you know what? Never mind that. Since you two came back, I guess I can introduce you to the other migrants who chose to help out this country.” He said while sighing.

“Oh? How many are here right now?” Rena asked him. We also stopped fighting at this point, since we had already reached his room anyways, so there was no point in continuing.

“Three pairs of people, counting you two.” Eren answered.

… There weren’t many. Though I suppose there wasn’t much of a reason to choose this country in particular.

“Come on, let’s greet them!” A girl exclaimed while dragging a guy near us.

“Do I really need to…?” The guy answered.

“Hurry up!” She exclaimed.

“That girl is Ranka.” Eren said while pointing to the one doing the dragging.

“But before that, I need to cleanse myself of all worldly desires!” The guy that was being dragged exclaimed.

“Shut up!” The girl shouted, then started chanting some Buddhist prayers… Is this her method of coping with that guy?

“And that thing being dragged is Hymn’s Guru.” Eren told us.

Then, after hearing his name, he suddenly got up and greeted Rena, “A pleasure to meet you, Genocider! You fit well into the Hymn’s path, for as our seventh doctrine decrees, we shall hate the fat and love the flat!”

“Shut up!” Ranka hit his head before she got back to chanting Buddhist prayers… What is this guy?

“And that over there, is Tapiocaman.” Eren pointed towards someone that looked normal.

“A pleasure to meet you, I’m the player with the username ‘Tapiocaman’.” He said.

“… A pleasure to meet you.” I shook his hand. For a change, it really does seem to be a reasonable person this time around.

“And she is… Won’t she come out?” Eren asked Tapiocaman.

“Ah, she’s too shy, so let me introduce her.” Tapiocaman replied.

“You do you then.” Eren said with a sigh, “I’ll go back to dealing with this endless pile of work.”

“Come on, you can come out.” Tapiocaman said. After a small wait, a very small girl came out from behind him. She had silver hair, blue eyes, dark skin, and wolf-like ears, so she probably spent quite some time customizing her character… Quite different from me, who barely made myself any different from my normal appearance.

Once she was out, Tapiocaman introduced her properly, “She’s Lily. Her avatar is female, but she’s actually an adult man. I’m her close friend and we often get reincarnated into different worlds due to god’s whims. While she usually plays the role of someone troubled by the gender change, I play the role of the supporting best friend.”

“She’s… A man?” I asked a bit in disbelief… They seem to have quite the established roleplay lore there…

“Yeah, pretty much. The setting also involves us having to live together and comedic scenes involving her being defenseless in the morning and being seen in embarrassing situations due to her lack of self-awareness as a girl.” Tapiocaman continued.

“What…?” Was all I could muster as a reply. I thought those two were the reasonable pair, but I guess there are no sane people in this group… Even Rena seems to be flabbergasted by this whole thing.

… Well, Ranka does seem to be a bit reasonable I guess, but she seems to be escaping reality by chanting Buddhist sutras even louder than before.

I sighed, “Let’s… Do our best for the country, I guess?” Then told this to everyone.

“Work hard, everyone.” Rena commented.

To think that Rena seems to be the most reasonable person in this group… Just how did this even happen?

I wish I could contact my party members just to vent, but the event blocks the call function in order to make the competition fair for everyone…

I’m starting to pity Eren, who has to deal with those people each time they come back… As if Rena herself wasn’t enough trouble for him.


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