Genocide Online

Chapter 170 – The Second Event – Collapsing Kingdom – part seven


Translator’s Note: Lily, in her internal monologues, refers to Rena by her actual name (Reina), not by her username (Rena). Those aren’t typos.

(Lily’s PoV)

The Hymn guy that was often being hit by Ranka started staring at my breasts… “I’ll give you 75 points! You made them too big for your character’s age though!” He suddenly said this.

“They’re not that big!” I exclaimed. Ranka hit Hymn’s head immediately after that.

Taking my eyes off that pervert, I stared at Reina for a bit… To think that I chose the same country as her, what are the chances…?

No, it’s fine, she won’t recognize me, I’m just a pretty girl right now…

Let’s not think about it. Instead, I hid behind Tapiocaman in order to avoid the gaze of that perverted Hymn guy, then said, “Hi-Hide!”

“Oh? What is it, Lily?” He asked me.

“Not Lily, it’s Nao!” I exclaimed while forcing some tears to come out.

“Eh…? Are those your real names?” Hannes asked us.

“Ah, no, nothing like that. Hide is the name of a character I played back when we were in Middle School. Nao was the name of Lily’s character from before the gender bending, so part of our lore involves having our characters refer to each other by the previous names that they were used to.” Tapiocaman explained.

“I see…” Hannes said.

… That’s Reina’s partner, isn’t it? I’d like it if we could become normal acquaintances, though it might be hard when they both seem to be top players… I’m just here for the roleplay, so I don’t think our playstyles will match well.

“Who are you talking to…?” I asked Tapiocaman with upturned eyes.

“Eh? Just to our teammates.” He replied.

“Huh!? Agh, fine!” I exclaimed while making sure that Lily’s jealousy was clearly visible on her pouting face. To think that he’d be giving other people this much attention just because he is a popular and social person… There was a pain in Lily’s chest right now, so Lily moved herself closer to him while still tugging his clothes.

“In any case, seems like we’ll be having some sort of strategy meeting. You’re coming, right Lily?” Tapiocaman asked me.

“Well, if you insist, I guess I can allow you to follow me…” Though Lily said it like this, Lily’s tail was actually waving around happily from being invited by Tapiocaman to participate.

“… Okay.” Hannes said that.

“Then, let’s go to a better place to talk? There aren’t many of us, but it’s a bit cramped here.” Tapiocaman suggested.

Reina didn’t seem to be particularly interested on a strategy meeting. She probably just wants to attack whatever nearby country is available… Dealing with abnormal people is too troublesome, we just don’t match.

Regardless of that, we ended up going to a cafe and sat down on an empty table.

“Then, how will we proceed from now on?” Tapiocaman asked everybody.

“I have to save lady Maria!” The perverted guy exclaimed.

“… Maria doesn’t want to be saved by you.” Ranka rebuked him.

“That can’t be! Of course she needs me!” The Hymn guy exclaimed.

I wonder who is that Maria. Let’s search it up real quick… Huh? ‘Our Saint’? This girl…. She seems promising. I wonder if she’d be interested in yuri RP with a genderbent girl? I now want to meet up with her.

“Aren’t there rumors that Maria hates Hymn’s Guru…?” Hannes asked.

“Disgusting…” I muttered.

“Eh? What happened, Lily?” Tapiocaman asked me.

“You’re disgustingly pathetic! If you’re a real man, then show the courage to kidnap the woman you love!” I exclaimed while looking at the eyes of Hymn’s Guru.

I’ve decided it. I’ll use this guy to make contact with Maria!

“Y-y-yes!” He replied.

“Why are you stuttering!? Aren’t you from the Chaos faction!? You should be boldly moving forward to clear your objectives without holding back!” I told him.

“Yes, Lily! Thank you! I’ve achievement enlightenment thanks to your words!” He exclaimed.

It really was too easy to manipulate this pervert… Now this event is starting to look fun. I wonder what else will I be able to do in this event…

“I’ll kidnap Maria for our kingdom, as she’ll most likely become an eventual target anyways!” Hymn’s Guru said.

Meanwhile, Ranka temporarily stopped reciting her Buddhist sutras to say, “Oh, great Buddha, please forgive me for participating in the evil deeds of kidnapping a young girl…”

Lily doesn’t like this religious girl much, she’s too deppressive…

“You fine with that, Rena?” Tapiocaman asked her.

“It’s fine. Do what you want.” She replied.

Reina seems to be completely disinterested in it while Ranka is just looking scarier with each passing second… Lily doesn’t like getting scared after inciting someone…

“Oh, Maria, where art thou, Maria!?” Hymn’s Guru exclaimed.

“Then, I guess we can for now focus on kidnapping both important NPCs as well as players who may attack this country?” Tapiocaman asked, trying to conclude the meeting.

It was still a big goal when considering we’re only six people, but I guess it might work out somehow? Should Lily then stay home waiting while her precious person goes out in this dangerous mission?

“Since nobody seems to be against it, then-” As Tapiocaman started saying this, Hannes slammed his hand on the table.

“Naive!” Hannes exclaimed. Lily was so surprised that she hugged Tapiocaman’s arm when this happened, “You’re being way too carefree!”

“Is something the matter, Hannes…?” Reina asked. I wonder what is he trying to get at. Did he just get overly stressed and ended up getting angry? If so, that would be kinda disappointing.

“The kingdom! What we should be doing, is attacking the Kingdom of Hermagne!” Hannes exclaimed.

That’s a bit too much of a big goal, isn’t it? Lily started holding back her giggle at this point.

“Wait a minute, Hermagne is too big and has way too many players…” Tapiocaman replied.

“Exactly! The largest number of enemies are in the kingdom of Hermagne and in the Bourfoin Empire, as a certain woman declared war on all the surrounding countries…” As Hannes said this, he glared at Reina, “Therefore, we must defeat Hermagne first, as that will take out the biggest threat in our immediate surroundings!” Hannes concluded.

… Reina really did way too many troublesome things… Why is she so abnormal!? And she isn’t even self-aware to boot!

“It’s a big bet though… And I’m not sure the pervert there will cooperate much.” Tapiocaman said while staring at Hymn’s Guru.

In response to Tapiocaman’s comment, Hannes simply said, “Ranka, I’ll be counting on you to keep him in line.

“You can handle Lily, right?” He then asked that to Tapiocaman.

Hey! I’m not nearly as troublesome as that pervert! I just have a roleplaying hobby that society tends to frown upon!

… Besides, I’m fine with everyone attacking Hermagne anyways.

“In any case, we’re all gamers here, so…” He then stood up and everyone focused on him. Even Reina, who didn’t seem to care much until now, actually looked to be interested in the conversation, “We’ll show everyone how it’s done! Let’s go giant killing!

“Wait wh-what!? What are you doing!?” Hannes then exclaimed this as Reina grabbed his hand.

She started giggling, “You really are aiming big, aren’t you?”

This lady is way too dangerous and way too lacking in self-awareness…

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