Genocide Online

Chapter 171 – The Second Event – Collapsing Kingdom – part eight


(Eren’s PoV)


“Boss…” One of my subordinates called out to me.

“Are they finally gone…?” I asked him as I signed some important documents. I couldn’t hide the expectations in my tone though.

“Well, yes.” Finally! “But there were some strange people sighted in the city’s square.” My henchman told me.

“It must be the fault of those mad people. It’s fine to leave it be now that the cause has left.” I replied while heaving a sigh.

“Understood.” He said.

Really now, dealing with that crazy woman was trouble enough, but then a bunch of insane migrants decided to gather here at once? It’s good to have them around to protect the country when everyone in our surroundings is an enemy, but I prefer having ‘normal’ people near me over having to deal with migrants that have zero common sense!

“In any case, where did the mad woman’s group go to?” I asked.

“Well… That is…” My subordinate staggered.

“Say it. Which small country is it this time?” I asked again.

“… They all went to Hermagne.” He replied.

“Bloody hell!” I exclaimed. That woman said that her goal was to take over the small countries first, then use that as a stepping stone to create enough national power to compete with the Kingdom of Hermagne and the Empire! So that she could eventually create a three-power hegemony! Where did that plan go to!?

Before I realized it, I was hitting my desk in frustration, “Boss, please calm down!” My henchman exclaimed.

… I sighed, took a deep breath, then said, “Give me more coffee.”

“Here…” A different subordinate gave me some… It wasn’t very good. I can’t complain about it much, since the person that is brewing it is more used to tea, but…

I sighed once again. Invading Hermagne, just what is that woman thinking…?

“Gather the soldiers and increase the city’s defense.” I ordered.

“Boss… Most of the soldiers were taken by that woman…” My henchman replied.

“Bloody hell!” I exclaimed again.

What is she thinking!? How are we supposed to protect the country without our forces! We barely have enough manpower to protect ourselves, let alone attack Hermagne! This nation was just created and we’re already on the verge of sinking!

“Boss, please calm down…” My subordinate asked again.

Deep breaths, deep breaths…

“Let’s start spreading rumors that we actually sent a token force to attack Hermagne, but that our main force is actually hidden and is waiting to ambush whoever tries taking advantage of the situation to attack us.” I ordered.

“But sir, will those rumors really spread fast enough to stop surrounding countries from attacking?” A different subordinate asked.

“They’ll have to. We still have plenty of people here that used to be from the Moonlight Family gang, so they better not have lost their ability to quickly spread false rumors, because we need this right now! Get moving!” I exclaimed.

Most of the subordinates in the room immediately left once I gave this order.

To think that that madwoman can give me stomachaches even when she’s out of the kingdom… Good grief.

At least, if this works out, we’ll actually get a pretty solid position. Having people from Hermagne brought here would definitely make it really hard for anyone to threaten us after all, so let’s hope that this bet from that madwoman works out somehow.

… Why did I have to get this role of king forced upon me? It’s so frustrating… I used to just be part of a gang, but now I have all this mess to deal with… And I can’t even try threatening that madwoman in any way, since she’s a migrant, so she has no family and can’t die, so… No way out of this hellish situation… It is truly divine mockery that brought the migrants to this world.

“Boss! It’s an emergency!” One of my subordinates ran inside the room while shouting that.

Immediately after, a number of migrants rushed inside, hitting the neck of the person that just gave me this warning… The assailants most likely got the people that just left to disseminate the false rumors too…

Perhaps I should try escaping… Or maybe it might be better to just die here.

“Don’t worry, I have not taken their lives.” The person that seems to be their leader said… He did hit the messenger with just his hands, so he may be saying the truth.

It’s a relief to see that he isn’t as crazy as that madwoman, but it’s also her fault that these migrants are here right now… Damn that woman!

“I am Sumeragi, leader of the Holy Imperial Knights. You may remember me from the time when I fought together with Saintess Maria to save the princess.” Their commander said.

“Huh? Don’t remember seeing any face as ugly as yours. Beat it.” I told him.

… I did actually remember the people that forced that madwoman to blow up the mansion, but I’m not going to acknowledge this guy.

“I see… Regardless of that, I’d rather avoid being too rough, so would you please come with us?” He asked me.

“Hey, more coffee.” I gestured to one of my subordinates while showing off my empty cup.

“Yes sir!” One of them hurriedly refilled the cup.

Then, I started signing some unimportant documents, since I had already taken care of the more urgent ones.

After a while of that, the knight guy decided to try again, “I have business with you, Eren. So could you please come, obediently? I’d rather have this be solved peacefully.”

“This isn’t a playground, get lost. Can somebody escort these children to where the toys are?” I loudly asked my subordinates, who started laughing. Some even threw rubber bands towards the knights.

“… I did not come here to play.” The knight said.

“Oh, so rude! Did your mom not teach you to accept gifts properly?” I asked him, which made my subordinates laugh louder.

It was nice to have a change of pace and give them some laugher. We’ve basically been unable to relax ever since that madwoman threw the job of ruling the city on us, and we now have a whole kingdom to manage… Having some knights that silently endure mockery coming to kidnap me is being a surprisingly happy occasion.

Eventually though, the knight leader seemed to be reaching his limits, “I really would rather avoid a fight, if possible.” he said.

One of my subordinates tried to move closer to mock him, but the knight punched his face, knocking my henchman down.

“This is the last warning. Please come with us, obediently.” The knight leader said.

“Get lost. Last warning for you too.” I told him.

Then, I finished drinking my cup of coffee, gave the empty cup to a subordinate, then got up from my desk… Doing paperwork all the time was getting me rusty anyways. Might as well do some exercise to relieve all the stress caused by that madwoman.

“Don’t regret your decisions.” The knight leader said.

“I have one decision that I regret, and I hate it with all my guts. I’m not making the same mistake again.” I told him.

“You may be making another mistake just now.” The knight leader said.

“I’ve never repeated mistakes in my life.” I replied.

… This is a pretty disadvantageous situation though. I wonder if there is anything we can even do here.

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