Genocide Online

Chapter 172 – The Second Event – Collapsing Kingdom – part nine


(Eren’s PoV)

“I’m sorry, please forgive me!” I bowed down to the Sumeragi guy and apologized to him.

“That’s why I said you might regret it…” He sighed, crossed his arms, then said this while looking down on me, who begged for forgiveness, “To think just a few hits would be enough… I suppose NPCs can’t really stand up to top players after all.”

“Yes, yes! I’m sorry! I was stupid!” I exclaimed. I dunno what top player and NPC mean, but it’s better to just agree with him for now, “But it couldn’t be helped! I was threatened by that Rena person!”

“Oh, the Genocider…?” He asked.

“Yes! That madwoman is doom incarnate!” I said. It felt like blaming her was the easiest way out since she seems to be a celebrity of sorts… Sumeragi seems to be buying it, “How about it? We might be able to deceive and defeat her by working together!”

“… Sure. She is way too wild, and I do still resent her for killing the tutorial uncle.” Sumeragi replied. I dunno who is this tutorial uncle, but I guess it’s his acquaintance? I wonder how many people have a grudge against her…

“Then it’s settled! You should be able to approach her easily if you’re with me!” I exclaimed.

“I suppose she wouldn’t be wary of being spoken to the leader of her own country…” He mused.

“Then it’s settled! Let’s go!” I rose my face and started walking, moving past him.

“Okay, just… Don’t do anything strange, alright?” He told me.

“Of course!” Then, as soon as I got in position, I exclaimed, “<Dark Purple Grip>!” and crushed his crotch with my strength that is enhanced by the skill!

“What the…?” He must be panicking right now.

“You like it, don’t you? Someone touching your balls?” I mocked him.

“Damn you…” And then, just at this moment, he looked around, probably hoping for his knight lackeys to help him out, only to realize that they were all on the ground already.

“Finally noticed it, idiot!” I exclaimed, “<Camouflage> had been activated since you entered the room!”

He really thought that his subordinates had defeated mine once we had started fighting, but in fact his allies were all fighting one another all along! He totally fell for our trap!

“Just who is going to regret it now!?” I asked him.

“<Defensive Circular Wind Blades>” As he said that, a bunch of wind blades flew around him, so I was forced to jump away, freeing him from my restraint, “Let me just ask you this… Where did your subordinates go to?”

He is asking this now?

… I guess it’s fine to answer. It’s not like he can do anything with this information anyways, “They ran away. Most of them were civilians, so it couldn’t be helped.” After all, the servants of the former Margrave Wallace have no reason to follow me, so I was only left with the people who were unable to fight, and the guys from the Moonlight Family.

“I see… And yet, you still wish to resist?” He asked me.

“Or what? You scared of more ball play or something?!” I asked him back. I’d prefer if he just went home without a fight, but with this country getting more and more enemies due to that madwoman’s actions, I doubt he’ll give up this easily.

“You have angered me. Prepare yourself.” Sumeragi entered battle positions.

“I see! You actually want more ball play then! In that case… Bye!” I then turned around and started running.

“What!?” He exclaimed, but I didn’t wait for his reaction and kept on running through the corridors. His goal is to capture me, and mine is to not get caught, so I have no reason to have an honest face-to-face fight, “Wait, coward!”

“Who’d wait, stupid?!” I asked him back.

By now he had already started chasing me, but we were running through narrow corridors on my home turf, so I had the advantage… Things would have been different if his 5 subordinates hadn’t beaten each other, but I guess they un but I guess they underestimated me for being an ‘NPC’ or something.

“Catch!” I exclaimed as I threw a ball towards him.

“What will you do with such a-” He wasn’t able to finish his sentence though.

“Ha, idiot! You really let that hit the back of your head!” I shouted. All I had to do was throw the ball at the right angle and let it kick the walls and ceilings a few times, and it hit his head just fine. Too easy!

“Just what are you doing…?” He asked.

“Playing with my toys!” I answered while showing him another of those bouncy balls, “How many do you think you can handle while moving through these narrow corridors?!”

“You can’t be serious…” He commented.

While laughing at his reaction, I used <Rotate>, <Ricochet>, <Heavy Blow>, <Accelerate> and <Shadow Double> on the balls.

“So let me ask you… How much do you like playing with balls?!” I asked while throwing a bunch towards with him while using <Meteor Shower>.

“You’re really good at angering me!” He exclaimed.

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