Genocide Online

Chapter 179 – The Second Event – Collapsing Kingdom – part sixteen


(Feera Von Hermagne’s PoV)

Translator’s Note: As Feera hasn’t appeared in quite some time, I’ll give everyone some quick reminders in case anyone forgot who she is or her circumstances.

Feera is the first princess of Hermagne.

Annabella was the maid who cared for Feera since Feera was young. Rena killed Annabella.

Some time ago, Rena killed Hermagne’s King and kidnapped Feera. Feera suffered a lot during that time because Rena forced Feera to see a lot of people she cared for die and stuff like that.

Hannes was eventually able to rescue Feera and bring her back to Hermagne. When this happened, Rena promised that she would no longer harm Feera.

Rena eventually killed the Crown Prince of Hermagne, making the 2nd prince the new person that was going to rise to the throne.

The 2nd prince was greedy for power and stuff like that, so he’d do whatever he’d need to in order to make sure nobody could challenge his claim to the throne.


“There they are!” I could hear a soldier shouting that from outside.

The sudden noise startled me, but I soon calmed down again once I heard the usual noises of the chains… I guess the castle might be under attack by a criminal? Probably by that woman…

I sighed, then looked at my chained hands for the umpteenth time… Being imprisoned under the accusation of murdering my oldest brother? Really?

… I suppose it couldn’t be helped. Almost everyone who supported my oldest brother, or that wished to help me, are dead after all. Who would contradict the words of my second brother when taking this into account?

“Don’t let them through!” Another guard exclaimed.

My brother even chained my ankles… Why? What would I even be able to do if I was allowed to walk around freely in this room? There is nothing here… It may be slightly more comfortable than a prison cell or the castle’s dungeons, but it’s still a room made for noble prisoners, there is no way father would have let anything in this place that would have allowed someone to escape.

… Will I just die here? I somehow survived when each person that I loved died… When Annabella bought time for my escape… When dad was killed… When I was kidnapped for the sake of starting the war with the Empire… Even when Marquis Gawain died, I somehow survived, but… I can’t really escape from here, can I?

Being chained like this, isolated from anyone who would care for me… I’m just powerless. Even if my second brother doesn’t send someone to assassinate me, I might just get buried alive by rubble. It’s actually quite likely when considering who is the person that is probably attacking the castle right now… Or maybe she’ll just destroy the whole thing, and blow me up on the process.

… I wish I could have at least talked to Annabella one more time. We couldn’t even find her body after all… And my oldest brother is now gone too…

“You shall not pass!” A guard exclaimed. His voice was close.

“Out of the way!” A voice I knew shouted… He was really close. I couldn’t quite recognize it, but… He was definitely close.

Why though? There is nothing in this area, just locked up nobles with nothing of value in them.

… Well, I suppose it doesn’t matter. I guess dying by human hands might be preferrable over being crushed by rubble at least.

But then, the door to my room was flung open, “Hurry up, we’re leaving!” The known voice shouted.

I turned towards him. I couldn’t quite believe it, but it was definitely… “Lord Hannes!?” I exclaimed.

“Eh? Y-you’re chained!? Hold on just a second!” Lord Hannes rushed my way, and used his axe to quickly cut through the chains, setting me free.

“Why are you…?” I couldn’t help asking. It still felt hard to believe that he came here to save me… Am I really… Am I really going to survive? Once again? Somehow…?

“Ah, well… You see…” Lord Hannes seemed to be having a hard time answering. He was scratching the back of his head, and seemed to be searching for the right words.

… He sighed. He sighed, then gently patted my head, “I’m sorry. I couldn’t protect your oldest brother.” I lost my breath at those words. The tears that I thought had long dried up, started welling up on my eyes again, “But I promise you… I’ll protect you. I’ll protect you, and give a huge scolding to that villainous woman.”

I didn’t hold back the tears. I understood that lord Hannes did what he could, I understood that he came here for me, I understood that he couldn’t have expected my oldest brother to be killed in the way he was, but…

But still… “Is it really… Is it really okay for me to live…?” I asked. Was it really okay for me to keep on living, when each person that I loved had died one after the other? Do I really deserve to be saved, when not even my oldest brother was?

Lord Hannes was startled by my words, both his eyes and mouth were wide open… How horrible of me. He just saved me, and I’m asking if I have the right to be alive… I’m so pathetic, “I-I’m sorry-”

“That’s not something a child should be worrying about!” He cut off my apology, then suddenly lifted me up, putting me on his back, “Is there anything you want to bring with you!?” He asked.

Something to bring…? I… I couldn’t quite follow what was happening anymore, but if there was one thing… “Annabella’s memento.”

“Here, I already got it.” He then pulled out a small wooden box and gave it to me… Was this in one of my brother’s rooms? Did he search for it before coming to me…?

“Thank you…” I muttered. The tears were falling even faster than before… It’s okay, I don’t need to hold them back.

“Ah, just… Don’t open it in front of me, alright?” He suddenly told me.

“Eh? Uhn… Okay.” I didn’t quite understand it, but I nodded for now.

Still, this box… I wonder what’s inside it? It feels… Warm.

Lord Hannes started running while carrying me. He seemed to be leaving the castle, so I guess we won’t be staying in Hermagne for now… I suppose it can’t be helped. I don’t want to leave, but if I want to survive, then I have to run from my second brother. At least… At least for now.

I took a deep breath, then decided to ask, “Where are we going?”

“The Wallace Kingdom.” He instantly replied.

“W-Wallace!?” I couldn’t believe my ears… Why is lord Hannes… Why to that woman’s kingdom…?

“Don’t worry. I’ve known that woman for a long time now, and I can assure you that she has never broken a promise. I know that you have all the reason to be wary of her, but… She won’t harm you.” Lord Hannes explained.

“I… see…” Was all I could say for a reply.

He is right that I have no trust in that woman, but… If Lord Hannes is saying it, then I suppose I should trust his words.

Though I wonder what could have caused Lord Hannes to not only know that woman for a long time, but to also know that she has never broken a promise… Those two people who have directly opposite morals, somehow are close enough to have exchanged multiple promises…? That is… Unsettling.

“Hold on tight!” As Lord Hannes said that, he started running faster than before.

“Y-yes!” I hurriedly exclaimed while clinging to him with as much strength as I could muster.

… I don’t understand what’s happening. I don’t understand their relationship, I don’t understand anything, but… It’s fine. It’s not the time to worry about those things.

I looked back for a small while, looking through the corridors that we were quickly passing through. This kingdom… My father’s kingdom… My oldest brother kingdom… I’ll return to it. One day, I’ll definitely return to it.

… Even if I have to sell my very soul to that devil.

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