Genocide Online

Chapter 180 – The Second Event – Collapsing Kingdom – part seventeen


“Kageyama, stretch.” I gave this order while I dodged a downwards swing from the Naginata. Kageyama made my shortsword become an odachi just like he had done a few times before.

I then rushed towards the old man and swung the odachi with varying length towards his neck, but… “Not very tasty.” He commented as he bit on the odachi… Did he seriously stop it with his teeth? It’s interesting to see the things that Important NPCs that weren’t meant to be beaten by players can do.

But… It’s not like I’m alone here, you know? I have my familiars buffing me.

I put more strength into my arm, which allowed me to continue moving my Odachi onwards, throwing the old man to the wall. He seemed to be surprised by how much raw power I had, but it’s just the game stats in the end, my strength won’t be reflected on my appearance.

But then, as I was about to start rushing towards the old man again, he started laughing, “Did one of your parents have a child with a gorilla!?”

“So there are gorillas in this world too…” I answered.

“Oh, right, you’re a migrant… Then, can migrant children be born from gorillas?” He asked.

“I don’t think so…” I said.

Can you please focus? I don’t want you to have the excuse of being too distracted during the battle when you lose… Yeah, let’s pull him back to it. Killing him while he laughs off like that isn’t as entertaining.

I first threw some explosive towards him, forcing him to move. Then, I threw some poison needles directly towards the place he started running towards.

He repelled them again and rushed towards me though. I tried attacking his side with my shortsword, but he parried my slash with his naginata… How bothersome, the difference in stats is too high. The only stat I am probably winning at is AGI, but the difference isn’t large enough to the point that he can’t react to my attacks.

I could try stacking up my good buff like the ‘slaughterer’s organs’, but he’d probably start buffing himself too if I did it. This would probably just make the stat gap between us even larger…

“So, what will you do? There is a clear gap in our power. Will you just give up and die?” The old man asked me.

“Of course not. It is in human nature to kill those that are stronger than them.” I answered.

… Though for this one, I’ll probably need to be trickier and smarter than usual.


(Adolf M. Southcloud’s PoV)

As the girl said that it is in human nature to kill those who are stronger than them, her eyes flared up with murderous intent… What can she even do though? Strengthening? It could lower the gap in our powers, but only for as long as I didn’t strengthen myself too.

… I would prefer to avoid using strengthening though, as my body can’t handle it that well, and there is plenty of cleanup work needed after this girl dies, but I can do it if needed.

“Well, are you coming or not!?” I exclaimed while laughing out loud once more. Though that just seemed to make her murderous intent more intense… How can this aura come from such a young girl?

She rushed towards me, I carefully dodged the sword that constantly changed sizes, ducked below some poisonous needles and thrusted my Naginata towards her, but she sidestepped it and said, “<Blood World>”

I did not stop my attack, I used the momentum of my movement to turn the naginata towards her, who kept on dancing around, dodging the blows and throwing poison needles that I kept on evading.

But then, something exploded below my feet, and some shards tore the surface of my skin. There was also a large-scale thread attack coming my way, but… Those were decoys!

The girl didn’t stop her attacks at all, she kept on switching between shortsword and odachi, attacking me from different angles, but I blocked each and every one of her blows!

I then tried kicking her head with my <Demolishing Black Dragon Roundhouse Kick>, but she dodged it with a somersault and used <Shadow Double>.

… So she can use this kind of thing too? This girl isn’t afraid of jumping into the fight against a stronger enemy, but she also enjoys it and keeps trying new tricks… What kind of demon is she?

It’s been years since I last killed this kind of enemy, but… No matter, I will do it. Not even a girl who laughs when faced with a life-or-death battle will be able to defeat me!

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