Genocide Online

Chapter 181 – The Second Event – Collapsing Kingdom – part eighteen


“<Shadow Spear – Type One>” I threw the shadow spear towards the old man, ran towards him, then pulled a thread to limit his movement.

He tried to deflect the spear with his Naginata, but instead of flying away, the Shadow Spear exploded into a black smoke cloud and multiple smaller spears.

At the same time, I also threw an explosive towards him to further increase the smoke and activated the <Stealth> skill while he was distracted, in order to get out of his line of sight.

Then, I used, “<Shadow Spear – Type Two>” making a large number of spearheads grow from the ground, piercing the enemy’s feet, locking him in place. He immediately broke through both the Type One and Type Two spears, but that doesn’t matter.

“<Fatal Blow>” for my goal was to get behind him and use the same kind of skill that I used to kill the tutorial NPC at the start of the game.

“<Everchanging Stream>!” The old man shouted.

“<Shadow Spear – Type Three>” In order to stop his ‘Everchanging Stream’ from diverting my ‘Fatal Blow’, I used the ‘Type Three’ to make spears fall in a semicircle from the sky. Due to that, his deflecting skill was naturally diverted towards the path of the spears by the system, as they were arriving first, letting my shortsword move freely towards his neck.

“<Offering To The Gorgon>” However, just before my ‘Fatal Blow’ reached him, the old man used some weird skill that petrified a portion of his body. The shortsword couldn’t pierce through his hardened neck, so he survived… What a strange defensive skill.

I jumped away from him for a second and used the, “<Ghostly Sword of the War Demon>” long range skill to force him to move out of position, but… He took it? Is it harder for him to dodge with his semi-petrified body?

In that case, I used <Acid Rain> to see how much damage it would deal on him.

“Smart, but not enough! <Dragon Claw’s River>!” He used that to stop the ‘Acid Rain’… I guess acid must indeed be dangerous for petrified opponents, then? In that case, please don’t mind it if I start throwing explosives with acid inside them.

Before that though, I had to sidestep to dodge a blow from his Naginata, but then I threw a smoke bomb towards him.

“<Dragon Fang->” He started using a skill, but the smoke bomb made it harder for him to find me. Moreover, I also threw acidic explosives towards him, and used <Stealth> once more, “Stop crawling around like the worm you are!” He exclaimed attacking me with the naginata. I blocked the attack, but was pushed away by it.

The old man used this opportunity to drink a potion, which instantly cured him from the petrification… Did he steal that from me? That’s kinda bothersome.

He laughed when looking at me, “It’s only natural to remove the means of recovery of the enemy!” He exclaimed.

“<Stealth>” I used it once again while throwing explosives and quickly moving towards him with my threads. I tried using this opportunity to take a potion from his pocket, but he stopped it with his high AGI, now that he was no longer petrified.

However, because he was busy dealing with me, he couldn’t stop the explosive from releasing smoke right on his face, blocking his field of vision once more.

“I feel like I’m playing with my grandchildren right now!” He exclaimed.

“Is that so?” I asked.

“There!” As he exclaimed that, he kicked me away… How strange. I used misdirection skills that should have made my voice come from a different location, but he found me as soon as I said something.

Well, it isn’t a big deal though, since Santa made a shield that stopped me from taking too much damage.

“So, what kind of smoke will come next? Are there any other colors in your stock?” He asked.

“<Flash>” I used Santa’s Light Magic to send a bright light towards the old man’s eyes.

“Seems like you have more fun in store!” Was his reply.

Once more, I used <Stealth>, but this time I jumped on top of my threads, going up to the sky, “<Echo>”

“How troublesome…” He commented.

I was using ‘Echo’ to make sounds reverberate through the threads, which should make it harder to notice my footsteps. I also used <Silent Move> to properly avoid his detection.

“I wonder where you are right now… Seems like things are getting exciting!” The old man said.

Well, it is a bit fun, I guess. I can notice that I’m grinning a bit, after all.

Nonetheless, I put my dagger on my mouth, some explosives on one hand, and the poisonous needles on another… Let’s see how much more he can endure!

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