Genocide Online

Chapter 182 – The Second Event – Collapsing Kingdom – part nineteen


“<Shadow Double – True Form>” I created five clones of myself with this. The first handled the threads, the second scattered poisons, the third blinded the old man, the fourth assisted with long-distance magic, and the fifth comes with me as a decoy.

It was a bit of a shame that I couldn’t directly control them and could only give simple instructions instead, but I suppose it can’t be helped. I don’t think the human brain has enough processing power to control six bodies at once.

Besides, they were already being quite useful. With this much going on, I was already able to land a blow on the old man’s leg with my shortsword, even if he killed the fifth clone in the process.

He then attacked me with his Naginata, but I was able to block it with my shortsword. And he didn’t have time to continue his attacks, as knives, poisonous explosives and magic bombardment were raining down from above, so I could safely step back and use <Stealth> once more, since his last attack had dissipated the skill.

“<Black Dragon’s Ascension>!” As the old man used this skill, he shoved his naginata on the ground, then moved it up, throwing a bunch of rocks upwards. Those got rid of the second and fourth clones. However, the first clone quickly reacted to that and used its threads to block the rest of the debris, stopping any further harm.

“<Blazing Grove>!” He then used this and spread a large amount of flames through the threads. However, the threads had liquid poison applied to them, so it started vaporizing when entering into contact with the fire. The result was a very toxic and hot gas that burnt the old man’s face, taking away his sight and smell.

“<Fatal Blow>” I aimed at his neck to finish him off.

“Even if I can’t see nor hear anything, I still know what you’re aiming for!” The old man somehow dodged my attack and tried countering it with a stab of his Naginata aimed at my belly.

It wasn’t too hard to dodge it though. Also, in his debilitated condition, I was able to quickly steal his potions, making sure that he wouldn’t be able to recover from the wounds.

“<Quintuple Dragon Fang>!” The old man swung his Naginata down with this skill next.

“<Ex Enchantment: Accelerate>” But I used the buff to avoid his attack, then threw an explosive to the hole created by his flaming naginata.

By now the first and third clones were also beaten, but that’s fine, as the preparations were mostly done by now.

“<Divine Oath: This is my playground and you’re a toy.>” As I started the oath, I threw knives with poisonous smoke bombs tied behind them, while also spread out as much thread as possible to limit the old man’s movement, “<Divine Oath: Build and Destroy; Play and Abandon>”

The old man who had lost most of his senses still somehow reacted to my attacks and tried coming my way, but the threads were harming him quite a bit, and he was bleeding quite a bit already.

“Hey, little girl!” He exclaimed that, but it was time to end this.

“<Enforce the Rules>” I used the support skill that Yuu taught me, the skill that pushes your buffs towards an opponent… With this, it was over.

The old man fell down, unable to deal with the health loss caused by the oath.

Not losing the opportunity, I threw a large number of explosives towards him, making quite the explosion.

And yet… “I’m surprised, you still breathe?” I commented.

“I won’t die by this little, girlie…” He tried to stand up, but his broken legs did not help him on that.

“It’s definitely the end of your life, though?” I replied.

“Don’t mock me!” He exclaimed and tried to get himself up by putting his weight on the naginata, but he just coughed blood when making that attempt.

“You have poison, acid, bleeding and an oath on you… It’s a bit too much, isn’t it?” I told him.

After a small pause, he said, “I guess you just can’t beat youth in the end…” Then he sat down and started laughing. It’s impressive, even though my detection skills are clearly showing his HP as 0, he did not die immediately, “You youngsters have some really outlandish ideas and movements. Quite scary to see how far you can all go.”

“Is that so…?” Should I listen to his words to the end? I did hear Alexei to some extent after all.

With this in mind, I took a step forward… But at that moment, “However, you should not underestimate old men!” the old man’s flaming naginata pierced my belly from behind… Huh? That was unexpected. I suppose I wasn’t the only one making plans on how to end the battle.

“Seems like I learned something interesting today… Then, please die quickly.” As I said that, I threw a knife towards the old man’s forehead, piercing it.

Then, I drank a potion and used Santa’s recovery magic to take care of the wound. It wasn’t a big deal, since it had pierced no vital spots.

“Then, let me help you learn something else.” The old man said.

“Are you immortal…?” I asked. This is too weird, his HP is definitely at 0, and there is a knife piercing his forehead, why isn’t he dead yet?

“My actual body is far from the capital by now, and his majesty is with me.” The old man explains.

“Oh, I see.” That makes more sense now. I’ve basically been dealing with something similar to my Shadow Double… To think his clone was this strong. There was quite the difference in our stats, wasn’t there?

“I’ve learned how to fight you. I’ll be prepared next time.” The old man said.

“That sounds fun.” I replied.

Though now that I think about it, in the entire fight the old man only used simple moves that relied almost entirely on his outrageous amount of stats… In that case, I ended up getting basically no useful information on his fighting style now, did I?

Quite crafty of him to do that… He learned what I do without giving out his own trump cards…

“Well, I’ll kill you for good next time.” I told him.

“That’s my line.” He replied.

“Let’s meet again. It was quite fun, wasn’t it?” I asked.

“Sure, though I will be there with my actual body when it happens.” As he said that, the clone body started to fade away.

I waved my hand to that Adolf who was laughing while having a calm smile, the one he’d probably use to look at his grandchildren.

Well… I didn’t capture the prince, and Adolf didn’t die, but… I suppose that’s fine. Eren’s subordinates must have surely captured quite a few people by now, so this will still be a worthwhile trip in the end.

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