Genocide Online

Chapter 183 – The Second Event – Collapsing Kingdom – part twenty


I guess I should join up with Hannes now? I think we have done enough on Hermagne already, so no point in staying here any longer… Besides, we gotta keep going if we want to win this event, don’t we?

It would be nice to go after the Empire next, but the Wallace Kingdom doesn’t have enough manpower to fight two major powers in a row, so I suppose we should focus on smaller countries until the event ends. Which should happen soon, since it was supposed to end after half the countries were gone.

… Well, we didn’t destroy Hermagne though, but I guess that’s fine, I’ve already gotten my enjoyment in this place, so let’s get going.


(Maria’s PoV)

“What is this madness!?” I asked as I was tied up to a fancy pedestal. But the crazy pervert, Hymn’s Guru, started chanting some weird things instead of answering me.

Seriously, stop that! This is way too creepy! Please hurry up and help me, Yuu! I’m sorry! I’ll apologize to you properly when you get here!

I turned towards the girl that was accompanying the Guru, “Hey, can’t you make him stop?”

“Well… He didn’t finish his prayers yet…” She answered without looking me in the eye.

… Don’t just avoid my glare like that! You have common sense, don’t you!? This situation is absurd, so do something about it!

“It’s just… Well, he got fond of you because you didn’t grow up that much…” This Ranka girl said that.

Really…? This…? I’m at this situation because I didn’t spend much time customizing my character…? “Oh, come on! You can’t seriously be claiming that my character’s appearance is at fault! Take me out of here already!” I exclaimed.

“Sorry…” Still averting her gaze, Ranka said that.

… And here I thought that dealing with my size was troublesome enough outside the game, but now it’s also causing me problems in KSO!? I even skipped late-night gaming with Yuu at times in order to try keeping a healthy routine so that I could grow up better! And now you’re gonna tell me that, not only were my efforts in vain, but my lack of effort in character customization is going to be harmful to me!? This is ridiculous! Absolutely ridiculous!

I really wanted to burn that pervert down now… Why is it that my spells didn’t seem to do damage to him…? Come on, Yuu, hurry up and get here already…

The Ranka girl, unable to withstand my gaze, started reciting Buddhist Sutras… “Don’t run from reality like that! You are together with him, so you ought to do something about this! This is far too much for simple event kidnapping!” I shouted at her.

“Uhn… Well… Don’t be so loud? Your believers will be scared if you shout at them like that?” Ranka said.

“Just who has believers and why should I care if they get scared!?” I yelled.

“I mean… He is praying for you…” Ranka pointed towards Hymn’s Guru.

Yuu… Please come here and kill those two people… I really will apologize to you properly…

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