Genocide Online

Chapter 184 – The Second Event – Collapsing Kingdom – part twenty-one


(Yuu’s PoV)

What’s that…? After using some observation skills to look at Maria’s situation in order to save her, I saw her being worshipped by some crazy pervert that seemed to hate the big mountains? That’s the kind of thing I need to rescue Maria from!?

And the other girl nearby is just chanting Buddhist sutras instead of helping? Why? She should at least pity Maria’s situation at the minimum… I really don’t want to get involved with those people. Could she handle it on her own somehow? I mean, she is the ‘Saintess’, right? She’ll manage this madness in one way or another.

… I got a message. It’s from Maria, ‘Please save me, Yuu. I’m going crazy here, I know that we weren’t in the best of terms, but please help me…’

I guess it can’t be helped. If Maria reached the point where she’s just pleading honestly instead of showing a more tsun side, then things are definitely desperate over there.

‘Just you wait, I’ll be there soon.’ I answered her.

It’s a good thing that the event only blocks messaging between members of different countries. It would be troublesome if we couldn’t communicate properly in this kind of situation.

Well, then. Let’s do this. Even if I’ll have to deal with those absolutely mad people… I don’t know how much sanity I’ll lose from handling them, but it will be alright.

And so, I started my preparations for the rescue operation.


(Maria’s PoV)

“Why, oh, Saintess…?” The Guru was saying his usual nonsense.

“I’m not your saintess!?” As I replied to him, I got a message from Yuu. It surprised me a bit, so my reply ended on a weird, tone, but that was fine, because the contents of the reply were the best I could have hoped for.

I started giggling a bit from reading it. What’s up with him suddenly deciding to help after taking this long…? But I guess that’s just like him after all. I’m glad I can count on him.

“Saintess?” The Guru was confused, but I didn’t stop giggling, “Hey, something strange is happening to the Saintess, can’t you do something about it with the power of Buddha?” He then asked an absurd question to Ranka.

“What do you think Buddha is!?” Ranka was understandably astonished at his comment.

“What a relief… I was really stupid to have been so angry at him for that much, wasn’t I?” I said to nobody in particular.

“Saintess?” The Guru seemed even more confused.

“I’m no Saintess, but whatever, say what you will. It’s only for a short while anyways.” I replied.

“Because the event is ending soon?” The Guru asked.

“Because Yuu will come help soon.” I answered.

“Damn that parasite!” The Guru exclaimed.

“Eh?” Both me and Ranka said in unison.

I thought this pervert was just a crazy worshipper who kept saying nonsense, but he is now swearing too? What brought this up?

“When that devil comes to kidnap you, I’ll show him…” The Guru said another absurd statement.

“Aren’t you the one doing the kidnapping…?” I told him, “Do you happen to have a grudge against Yuu or something?” I then asked.

“But of course! He’s often seen with not only the Genocider, but also with Maria! Damn that parasite!” He exclaimed.

Both me and Ranka stayed silent at this statement… I guess he isn’t just a mad pervert, but a mad genorer pervert who has a crazy religion revolving around me?

“I’m so gonna crush that guy…” He started muttering.

… I wonder how Yuu being mine and Rena’s friend seriously made someone get jealous enough, to the point of turning from ‘faithful worshipper’ to ‘jealous murderous yandere’… This Guru guy is crazy. Why is Ranka by his side?

His words were getting kinda annoying either way, so, while I waited for Yuu, I decided to burn this Guru guy’s hair. It didn’t do much, but it helped me maintain my sanity.

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