Genocide Online

Chapter 188 – The Second Event – Collapsing Kingdom – part twenty-five


(Blossom’s PoV)

“Look, I don’t wanna play with you either, but that moss head friend of yours asked me to help you.” I told Maria while pointing towards Yuu, who was intercepting the attacks of Hymn’s Guru with some really weird skills, “So like how did you even get caught anyways? You’re supposed to be one of the top players.”

“My flames didn’t work…” She meekly replied.

“They didn’t…?” I asked, “Maybe Hymn’s Guru prepared his equipment specifically for fighting you? I suppose he wouldn’t take much damage if he tailored his entire gear into obtaining fire resistance…”

She should still have some tools to deal with this kind of thing though? Like adding holy attribute to her flames or something?

Well, she was being attacked by a pervert, so I guess it must have been hard to think properly at that situation… But to think I was comforted by a girl that lost to that pervert…

Never mind that, let’s focus on the situation at hand, “Well, what are you going to do now?” I asked her.

“What I’m going to do?” She asked me, putting a particularly strong emphasis on the ‘I’.

“I mean, your beloved moss head knight is struggling right now, isn’t he?” I told her while pointing towards the battle, “Your knight’s setup is more focused on testing things and on supporting, so he is in a disadvantage on a one-on-one battle.”

“So what…?” She asked.

“Well, you might want to help him, but the opponent has already beaten you once, and has gear specifically prepared against you. Would you be of any use in this situation?” I told her.

Maria then muttered something, but it was a bit too quiet, so I couldn’t really understand it.

“What did you just say?” I asked.

“Don’t mess with me! Yuu is more than just someone who likes bug-testing, and I have been a gamer for years! Beating a pervert like that is nothing, so hurry up and untie me already!” She shouted.

“Loud…” I complained.

“So what if I was loud!?” She shouted again.

… Just don’t shout at someone’s ear, damn it! There’s no automatic-voice-reduction system or anything like it in this game!

I sighed, then decided to continue talking about the matter at hand, ignoring the shouts, “I could untie the rope, but I don’t really gain anything from doing that now, do I?”

“Ah…” She finally seemed to start getting it.

“I’m part of the Chaos faction, remember? I’m not just gonna behave like a heroine and start saving people left and right.” I explained.

“I guess it’s okay to leave Yuu be for now, but… There’s a bigger threat than just the pervert, isn’t there?” She replied.

“Oh? Do continue.” I told her.

“I really want to fight together with him, but I can’t do much over there, so… I’ll help you.” She was blushing a bit and turned her face away as she said that.

“My my, ‘saintess’. Is he truly that important to you?” I snickered.

“B-Blossom!?” She seemed to be confused by my statement, but I gestured to her to keep going, “V-v-v-v-very important!” She exclaimed. She was beet red at this point… How can she be this ashamed by saying this little!?

“I see… Unfortunately though, he’ll probably lose. It can’t be helped. He just isn’t fit for this kind of fight.” I commented, “You know, the reason I agreed to come here with the Perverted Gentleman, was mainly because I wanted to see that stupid friend of yours desperately trying to save you, and yet losing the hopeless battle at the end… I wanted to see your expression once he had fallen.”

She stayed silent… Understandably so. This cliched villainess-like speech was a bit too much, even for me.

No way around it though, let’s just keep going, “Do you want to help him? You want my cooperation? In that case… You’ll have to help me too. You’ll have to take part in my evil plans.” I giggled.

Okay, this should be enough of a setup, right? So please say the right words so that we can end this play already.

“Alright, fine, fine! I get it! I’ll cooperate with you, so please untie this rope!” She exclaimed while forcing some tears to fall off. That was good.

I then started laughing like a maniac, while she started pretending to be extremely disgusted at her own words.

“Very well! Then prepare yourself, for you’re going to sink this city into chaos with me, my lowly servant!” As I exclaimed that, I used my scythe to cut the ropes that were binding her.

And then… She headbutted me again.

“The hell are you doing!?” I asked her.

“You went on for way too long, you idiot! There was no need to go that far!” She exclaimed.

“Is this how you thank your savior, ‘saintess’!?” I asked her.

“Shut up, you chuuni brat!” She exclaimed back.

Seriously… I pull all this act just to make sure the system recognizes me helping her as a chaotic action, and her being forced to do something ‘bad’ for the sake of someone she cares for as an orderly action, and this is how she treats me!?

Well, whatever, “Just make sure to obey me properly!” I told her.

“Ah, fine… Yuu will probably be okay now that he saw that I am free, so he can escape if the fight becomes truly hopeless…” She replied.

“That’s what I wanted to hear, so… Let’s attack the Genocider together!” I ordered. It was finally time for my proper rematch against her!

“I really will have to fight Rena again…? I’m having a stomachache from just thinking about it…” Maria grumbled.

Seeing that our next course of action was set, the Perverted Gentleman gave me a thumbs up before continuing his fight with Ranka… Annoying.

Yuu and Hymn’s Guru also seemed to glance our way before continuing their fight, but I decided to ignore that.

Because now, it was my time to make that woman kneel!

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