Genocide Online

Chapter 189 – The Second Event – Collapsing Kingdom – part twenty-six


“Why did you suddenly stop? Did we arrive already…?” Hannes groggily asked as he got out of Jun while putting his hand on his mouth.

The two girls in front of me seemed to be giving a pitying smile to Hannes… It was quite unusual to see those two together, but it can’t be helped if they were paired up by the event.

“Hannes, can you fight?” I asked him.

“Uhn… Give me some thirty or so minutes…” He replied.

“You really can’t?” I asked.

“I would be able to if you had driven safely…” And as soon as he said that, he started puking… I guess it can’t be helped.

It’s a bit troublesome to be fighting alone in an open area against only two opponents though. I can’t set up my threads like this, nor can I use some human shields or benefit from my skills that get me stronger when I have many hostiles nearby… This is not an ideal setup for me, I suppose.

“I hope Yuu is okay…” Maria muttered.

“It would certainly be funny if he lost even after I helped you.” Blossom giggled as she said that.

“Don’t jinx it! Ah, whatever! Let’s worry about the one in front of us!” Maria exclaimed.

“Well, the situation is favorable for us for now, but things might become troublesome after that pathetic knight recovers.” Blossom commented while pointing at Hannes.

Seems like they’re about to start… This looks fun. I wonder if I can beat them before Hannes finishes recovering.

“<Flashover>” Maria said.

“<Hide>” I said.

“<Snow Field>” Blossom said.

Maria’s spell created a big bright explosion high up on the skies, while Blossom’s spell spread some thin ice all around the battlefield.

I was planning on using ‘Hide’ to make it hard for them to detect me, but with a bright light up ahead, and with thin ice all over the place, it would be hard to execute that. My steps will definitely leave footprints here, and even if I use <Silent Move>, the ice will still crack with each of my steps, so they’ll still be able to hear me.

In that case… “Kageyama, stretch.” As I said that, I threw a smoke ball high up on the skies, then used <Materialization> to allow Kageyama to grab their ankles.

“<Flash>” Maria said.

“<Icicle Field>” Blossom said.

Maria’s spell made a bright light to stop Kageyama’s movement, and Blossom’s Icicle field reflected the light many times, greatly reducing the areas that Kageyama would be able to move through… They really do know how to counter me, don’t they?

And I can’t even try relying on Hanako and Takeo, because Blossom and Maria are both good at using wide-area spells, so they’ll easily be able to destroy the insects summoned by my servants.

“<Flaming Cane>” Maria buffed her weapon.

“<Freezing Blade>” And so did Blossom.

Now what to do? I don’t think most of my ranged attacks, like my poisonous needles, will be very useful because they can just be blasted away by their spells, so… Let’s move closer then! “<Destruction Game: Slaughter’s Organs>”

I also used <Jet Propulsion> to quickly get close to them, but Blossom immediately reacted to my dash and tried to cut me with her scythe, so I had to rely on Kageyama’s shadow wrapping itself around my waist to pull me to the side, changing my trajectory.

“<Unmistakable Misguided Love: Ideal Woman>” Maria used another buff.

“<Earthshaking Vainglory: I Shine Alone>” And so did Blossom.

I ducked below some flames that Maria shot towards me, then used my dagger to parry a scythe attack from Blossom.

Next, I threw a poison needle towards Blossom who had lost her balance when her attack was parried, and followed up with some poisonous smoke bombs.

“<Devilish Ruler>” I said.

Both Blossom and Maria instantly reacted to my smoke bombs by freezing and then igniting the gas, pushing it towards my direction. I had to use ‘Light Wall’ to create a foothold that allowed me to safely jump away from the incoming smoke.

“<Spiritual Sublimation: Death and Rebirth>” Maria said.

“<Body Sublimation: Solitary Queen>” Blossom said.

I then transformed my dagger into an odachi and rushed towards the two, swinging the sword horizontally towards Maria.

“<Divine Blasphemy: Childish Naivety>” I casted.

“<Divine Possession: Sun Maiden>” Maria casted.

“<Divine Blasphemy: Proud Brave>” Blossom casted.

My odachi pierced through Maria, but her body disappeared, leaving a hot haze behind it… Must have been a skill that’s similar to my <Shadow Double>.

I turned around and saw that both Maria and Blossom were a bit far from me. That’s nice, we can enjoy ‘playing’ for a while longer then.

“She’ll just cross this gap between us in no time…” Maria commented.

“I know. It’s hard to use wide-area attacks when she’s too close.” Blossom replied.

“Guess I should try taking your heads over there, then?” I asked them.

And then, I started chasing the two who had gained some distance from me… Are we playing tag now? I am quite good at it, you know?

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