Genocide Online

Chapter 190 – The Second Event – Collapsing Kingdom – part twenty-seven


(Maria’s PoV)

“She’s coming!” Blossom exclaimed.

Why is her AGI so high!? I’m running away with everything I have while bombarding her with spells, and she is still closing the distances on us!

I have no idea what we’d do if Rena’s driving hadn’t knocked Hannes out. Facing those two together would be crazy!

“Can’t you do anything else!?” Blossom asked me.

“I’m doing what I can!” I exclaimed.

Blossom’s ice was supposed to be slowing Rena down too, but she’s just walking on top of the shadows, so the slippery frozen ground isn’t helping at all…

“<Heat Absorption>” I casted.

“<Freezing Cold>” Blossome casted.

“It’s getting cold, isn’t it?” Rena commented.

I’m taking the heat of her body away, and Blossom is lowering the temperature of the battlefield, so her physical condition should be debuffed by the excessively low temperature, but… Why am I barely noticing any difference!? Why is she still closing the distance on us!?

I’ll have to stack some more debuffs on her then… But before that, “I really need to get rid of those shadows! <Sunny Weather>!”

“Oh…” Rena commented as she saw my spell go into effect.

It worked! It was a bit of a gamble that a cloud-clearing spell would also get rid of Rena’s smokescreen, but it worked! Now Blossom’s ice can reflect the sunlight and make Rena unable to walk on shadows!

“… You must be kidding me.” Both me and Blossom said together, as we saw Rena rushing our way by stomping the ice. As each of her steps broke the ice below her, she wouldn’t need to worry about slipping on it, nor would she need to slow down to deal with the hard to walk on ground… This is ridiculous!

“Stop being amazed at her and do something, you flat ‘saintess’!” Blossom exclaimed.

“You said something you shouldn’t have, you chuuni shoujo villainess!” I replied.

“What did you say!?” Blossom replied.

“Wanna come at me then!?” I exclaimed.

“… <Shadow Spear>” Rena casted.

“Whoa!” Me and Blossom exclaimed in unison as we barely dodged Shadow Spears aimed at our heads… Too dangerous! This is no time to bicker with Blossom!

I looked towards her and we both nodded… Temporary truce! No bickering until we beat Rena! Mankind can only unite when faced with a greater threat!

“Take that! <Heat Absorption> <Heat Absorption> <Heat Absorption> <Heat Absorption> <Heat Absorption>!” I spammed those spells.

“<Dark Hail>!” Blossom casted.

“Ah… I’m taking frostbite damage now… How troublesome.” Rena commented.

It’s finally showing results! She’s finally taking damage and losing physical prowess because of the frostbite and the hypothermia!

It’s also helpful that the darkness damage of Blossom for some reason increases the frostbite damage. It’s weird, but I’m not complaining!

The ‘Dark Hail’ also got her stuck inside a solid dark ice prison, which is a relief, since she was about to get into melee range again.

Sorry, Rena! I may have lost last time when I fought you with Yuu, but I have no intentions of losing again!

“<Meteor Shower>” Rena used.

“<Starlight Wall>!” I hurriedly casted.

“<New Moon Curtain>!” Blossom hurriedly protected herself too.

That was way too dangerous! Even Rena was damaged by this! I’d definitely die if she got a direct hit! What’s up with this self-destructive attack!?

“Don’t go throwing those things at other people, Rena!” I exclaimed.

“Why wouldn’t I?” She asked me.

“She gave a serious reply…” I commented with only a bit of disbelief.

“How is that girl this stupid?” Blossom said.

I mean, she isn’t stupid… And it’s fun to play around like this in VR too, you know? Even if Rena’s murderous intent is a bit too realistic…

I think both Rena and Blossom should enjoy the game without messing as much with other people, but… Well, let’s not worry about this for now.

“Rena, check.” I told her.

“What do you-?” Rena, who had just broken free of her dark ice prison, started saying that… Before she fell down into the hole that Blossom secretly made with her ice while Rena was imprisoned.

You thought I was using ‘Heat Absorption’ just for the debuff!? Think again! “<The Sun’s Flower Smiles From Above>!” Now, with this divine skill that doubles my damage, critical rate and critical damage multiplier for fire and light attacks, take on the ultimate skill, Rena!

“<Garves, Sun God whose power comes from the great seven-colored god. My faith in you asks to be rewarded, please destroy your enemies and protect this humble lamb of yours, Maria. Your blessing…” With limited physical capabilities, locked inside a small tight hole, and chilled by my ‘Heat Absorption’ and Blossom’s ice… How will you dodge this, Rena!? “Please give it to me!>” Suffer the full might of both Fire Damage and Thermal Shock! “<Sun God’s Wrath>!”

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