Genocide Online

Chapter 191 – The Second Event – Collapsing Kingdom – part twenty-eight


“That was a dangerous one.” Hannes commented.

“Oh…? You better now?” I asked him.

I was expecting to take some heavy damage from Maria’s attack, but before it reached me, Hannes appeared and created an earth dome surrounding us, which stopped the Oracle skill. That was a nice surprise.

… However, he is still quite pale and has his hand in front of his mouth. I don’t think he is okay…

“Ah, Jun took me here by the way… Slowly. With safe driving.” Hannes suddenly said. So that’s how he arrived even though he was in this state…

“What about this dome?” I asked. Even if Hannes was also an Order player, I don’t think he should have easily been able to stop Maria’s Oracle when it was aimed at a Chaos player like me.

“Ah, it’s the ‘Earth God’s Embrace’ skill. It completely blocks any attacks.” He explained.

“Oh?” Now that’s quite something, “How long is its cooldown?” I asked.

“Why should I teach you the intricacies of my skill when we’re going to become enemies later…?” He asked me, but I just waited for his answer, “One week of cooldown.”

“That’s useless.” I replied.

“Shut up! It’s the only skill that can endure an Oracle unscathed!

“Ah… Ugh…” Hannes’ yells seemed to get his condition worse, so he was now trying really hard to stop himself from puking again.

Well, I guess this skill isn’t entirely useless. It’s quite possible I might have been defeated by that Oracle after all, so Hannes really did save me this time… I guess I’ll have to reward Jun later for bringing Hannes here.

And after a small wait, Hannes seemed to have recovered a bit, so he asked me, “Well, what are you going to do now? There are two of them over there, but the Oracle has a long cooldown, so we could just throw two Oracles at them? They won’t be able to endure it if only Blossom can use hers to counter ours.”

“We could do that, but… It wouldn’t be any fun to simply overpower them with big skills. Drink this instead.” I gave him a bottle as I replied.

“What’s this?” He asked.

“Poison.” I answered.

“You wanna kill your savior!?” He exclaimed.

“Nothing like that. I don’t have any medicine for carsickness, but this poison can numb you to its effects. You’ll also lose some other sensations though.” I explained.

“Ah… Well, I guess that fine. I already went through something similar because of Kellin anyways, so I can handle some numbness.” He replied.

“… Kellin?” I asked.

Hannes sighed, “My party’s spearman.”

“Ah…” So there was a person with this name in his party… I don’t really remember the names of his friends… I guess this was my bad, “O-oh well. For now, we should be safe from Maria’s Oracle, so let’s just beat them up.”

“Don’t just change the topic like that!” Hannes exclaimed.

“So please drink the potion so as to let us get started?” I asked him.

Hannes sighed once more, drank it, then said, “Tastes horrible.”

Is that so? I didn’t pay any attention to its taste when making it, but I guess it’s bad if it’s bitter. Poison should be tasteless and odorless to make it harder to detect after all.

“Then, please remove the dome.” I told him.

“You sure?” He asked me.

“Yes. I want to enjoy fighting together with you, who are usually hostile to me… I’ll be counting on you, alright?” I replied.

“… Fine!” As he exclaimed that, he released the dome… And then, we were immediately bombarded with fire and ice spells.


(Maria’s PoV)

“This can’t be serious…” I muttered as the smoke cleared out, and I saw an earth dome in the place where Rena’s body should be… What kind of ridiculous skill is that!? It stopped my Oracle!?

… My pride is hurt.

“What is this dome…? Maybe… Hannes?” Blossom commented.

“Ah… Yeah, that might be it.” I replied.

The hero that came at the last second to save Rena, who was about to be defeated… Such a cheap main character move! Why is he the one that can save her!? I’m so jealous! I wish I was the one who had this kind of opportunity! “So Yuu isn’t the only enemy blocking my path…” I muttered.

“What nonsense are you spouting? Get ready for when the dome opens!” Blossom exclaimed.

“Understood!” I replied. I’m gonna bombard those two with everything I have as soon as this stupid dome opens up!

And I’ll also be sure to add Hannes to the list of people that I, as Rena’s Guardian, need to be wary of… “It’s nice that she’s getting more friends, but still…” I muttered.

“I dunno what’s going on in your head, but it’s a good thing that you’re eager to kill him.” Then, as soon as Blossom said that, the dome started opening up, “Now!”

With this, both of us started bombarding Rena and Hannes with our spells.

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