Valentine’s Day Bonus Chapter

Genocide Online

Chapter 192 – The Second Event – Collapsing Kingdom – part twenty-nine


Seeing the spells coming our way, Hannes used earth magic to raise a wall to block them, then proceeded to create a different way out of the hole for us with his magic.

Blossom and Maria quickly broke through the wall that Hannes had raised, and then realized that we were leaving from a different direction. However, by then we were already about to get out of the hole.

They did find us as we were leaving and threw spells towards our current position, but… Too late! “Hannes!” I exclaimed.

“<Earth Pillar>!” As he created large pillars nearby, I quickly set up a bunch of threads between us and our attackers, blocking their incoming spells.

And then, making use of the pillars that he kept on making, I could start setting up more threads to start moving through the air.

“I’ll burn all your threads!” Maria exclaimed as I jumped on my threads.

Blossom also tried aiming some ice spells towards me as I moved, but… Are you two sure this is a good idea? You have more than just one opponent here.

“Don’t ignore me just for that woman! <Condensed Earthquake>!” Hannes casted.

“Ah!” Maria exclaimed.

“Damn that guy!” Blossom yelled.

As Hannes slammed his axe against the ground, he created a strong earthquake with a gravitational field around Maria and Blossom, which made them lose their balance and miss the attacks aimed at me.

“<Dust Blast>!” Hannes exclaimed, creating a smoke cloud between me, him, Maria and Blossom.

“<Stealth>” Making use of the opportunity, I hid myself from them.

“Blossom!” Maria exclaimed.

“I know! <Blizzard>!” Blossom then used her strong chilly winds to blow the dust away, but by now I was already hidden.

I also attached a thread to Hannes so that I could give him signals on what to do next. Even if his body was numbed right now, he could still feel that if I put enough strength on the pull of the thread.

“<Earth’s Crust>!” Reacting to my signal, Hannes used this next, creating an earth dome surrounding the general location that Blossom and Maria should be at. As Blossom’s ‘Blizzard’ was still going on, the cold winds will now hit the cage that locked them, damaging them both.

However, a concentrated fire blast broke through the cage and went directly towards Hannes. It was a good way of solving their problem, but… If you use such a concentrated blast, I’ll easily be able to pinpoint your location even with a blizzard going on, you know?

“<Ichijouji Meteor>” As I used this skill, I threw one of my biggest explosives towards Maria and Blossom. It also had acid, poison and the like inside it, and because I am currently under the effect of ‘Stealth’, they won’t have much time to react to this attack because they’ll only realize it when it’s pretty close to them… Like about now.

“Whoa!” Maria exclaimed.

“We gotta avoid that!” Blossom shouted.

“<Earth Shake>!” Hannes used his skill to make an earthquake. Their lost balance made them unable to dodge the skill in time, so they had no choice but to use defensive skills instead.

Then, as a mushroom rose high up in the skies from the explosion, I drank an antidote, then activated ‘Stealth’ again.

“We somehow stopped it on time…” Maria commented.

“I’ll definitely kill that guy for this.” Blossom said.

It was a bit surprising that they were still on their feet even after that, but I suppose that, with overlapping defensives skills, as well as Maria’s buffs and heals it’s understandable that they could withstand the explosion.

However, even if Maria can cleanse status aliments with her support spells, that is not of much use when they’re in the middle of a poisonous cloud, is it?

“We gotta leave this area!” Maria exclaimed.

Too late though, “<Fatal Blow>” I got behind her and pierced her throat with my shortsword… She smiled and gave me a troubled laugh when she realized it was over.

I then threw a dagger to Blossom’s forehead, and killed her too just as she was turning around to see what had happened to Maria.

“Damn it…!” Blossom said as she started disappearing. She had an annoyed expression on her face.

“So lovely…” Were Maria last words as she too disappeared.

And that’s a wrap. I must have earned quite a few points from killing two people that were targets for the event, which is pretty nice. It would be better if I was able to capture them, but I don’t think it was a real possibility, so killing was for the best in those circumstances.

“And done, Hannes… Wait, what are you doing?” As I left the area filled with poisonous gas, I saw that Hannes was lying on the ground… He didn’t seem to be well.

And instead of replying, Hannes moved his finger a bit… I think he was checking his status with this.

“The medicine you gave me… Why was it a slow-acting poison!?” Hannes exclaimed.

<The second official event is over!>

And just as those words echoed in our heads, Hannes HP seemed to be depleted, so his body started disappearing.

… Did I accidentally mix up some normal poisons on top of the numbing poison? This was supposed to be used on enemies, so I kinda did it out of habit… That was my bad.

Then, just before Hannes finished disappearing, I received a message, “I really do hate you.”

… I started giggling after reading Hannes’ message. He truly is quite the entertaining person.

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