Genocide Online

Chapter 193 – The end of the Second Event


“Hi, everyone! Thanks for participating! It’s the management team speaking!” The usual boss appeared on the screen.

“Boss, please take it seriously.” And the secretary, as usual, admonished him.

“Come on, Shii! It’s an event, I have to entertain the players!” The boss exclaimed.

… Shii? Is that the name of the secretary? I don’t think he should be leaking her personal details like that.

Then, the screen above had its image change to some peaceful plains for a small while… Until it changed back to the usual boss, “Then, time to announce the rankings, everyone!”

The boss had a sign hanging from his neck that read, ‘I have a loose mouth and no brain inside my head’… The secretary behind him also seemed to be quite angry.

Oh well, let’s just look at the rankings and leave this at that.


From: KSO Management Team.

Subject: Results of the Second Event.

The event results will be divided both on overall amount of points obtained by your country, as well as the points obtained by your pair. The top 5 contributors for each category will also be publicly shown.


Country ranking:


#1: Wallace Kingdom – 5,008,450 points.

#2: Grand Duchy of Carmelia – 5,002,000 points.

#3: Bourfoin Empire – 3,805,450 points.

#4: Kingdom of Hermagne – 3,155,000 points.

#5: Elrond Republic – 2,258,550 points.


Pair ranking:


#1: Absolutely Inviolable Area and Philia – 3,155,800 points.

#2: Rena and Hannes – 3,104,500 points.

#3: Dark Priest and Leader of the Swimsuits-Stockings Alliance – 728,000 points.

#4: Perverted Gentleman and Blossom – 687,000 points.

#5: Yuu and Maria – 654,000 points.


Just like in the last event, you’ll be able to exchange the points you earned for special rewards. The points expire in one week though, so make sure to spend them before the deadline.

-KSO management


Jeru beat me again? I did win on the country ranking at least, but it’s frustrating to lose twice in a row on the individual rankings… I’ll get him on the next time.

“And just like last time, there are some really strange numbers on the top two places, aren’t there!?” The boss suddenly exclaimed.

“The same two people as before…” The secretary sighed.

“You two really made your own countries and dominated the rankings, didn’t you!? It’s hilarious!” The boss said.

“Don’t laugh at the pain that they caused to the story development team…” The secretary admonished him.

“Come on! They made their own countries and used their entire armies to kidnap people for the sake of gathering as many points as possible! You gotta praise them for that!” The boss said while still laughing.

Well, seems like both me and Jeru had roughly the same idea then? Borrowing Eren’s soldiers was for the best, but it’s a pity that it didn’t lead to my victory.

Also… I believe the Grand Duchy of Carmelia was a small country that claimed independence from the Empire? Yuu told me that the Empire tried taking them back, but a disaster kept them from succeeding… Could this disaster be Jeru? It would explain the current circumstances, I suppose.

“In any case, remember to spend your points, everyone!” The boss said.

“Points earned by the pair will be split evenly between both members. Points earned by the country will be split evenly across all players that joined said country.” The secretary explained.

“And that’s all! See you laters!” The boss waved.

“Thank you for participating.” As the secretary said that, the transmission ended.

Now what to do with all these points…? I guess I’ll use it to improve my equipment? Been a while since I changed my gear, after all… Also, a new region should be opened up soon, and it wouldn’t be hurt to be as strong as possible at the time of its release.

Okay, so… I guess I should see if Eren is fine now? Though he might get angry about my visit.


(Philia’s PoV (Jeru’s partner for the event))

“Hey, wait!” I exclaimed as Jeru walked away from me… Why is he walking so fast!? We’re not in a battle against anyone, so he doesn’t need to make use of his higher AGI! “Wait up already!” He kept on walking… Why is he ignoring me!? “Hey, can’t you hear me!?” … “Wait up already…”

Seriously, stop it! I’m desperately calling out to you, so stop ignoring me! I’ll kill you if you keep acting like that!

… Never mind, I’ll be beaten up in seconds.

“Wait up, Jeru!” I exclaimed.

He stopped moving, sighed, then said, “What is it?”

“What do you mean with what!? I’ve been calling you for a while!” Why is he having this annoyed face!? I’m the wronged one here!

“You remember that you gave sweets to a crying child, don’t you?” He suddenly asked me.

“Uhn… Yeah?” I replied.

“So I’m ignoring you to adjust the karma value.” He explained.

“For real!?” Come on! We’re just playing a game! Don’t start ignoring me just for this damn karma! Being ignored already hurts by default, but considering some digital numbers as enough of a reason to ignore me is just sad…

Though even if I tell him that, he’ll probably just tell me something along the lines of ‘then don’t go making my karma go up.’

I sighed, then asked him, “Got it… But where are you going in such a hurry anyways?”

“You lonely or something?” He asked back.

“A bit…” Why do I have to be lonely for him to not run away from me…? “And uhn… Thank you. We wouldn’t have been able to protect the country without you.”

“Oh my, you’re worried about that, young lady?” He snickered.

“Don’t call me that…” I replied.

“My deepest apologies, lady Philia.” He said while giving me a mocking bow.

“You’re horrible.” I replied.

Seriously, ‘lady Philia’? I can’t believe that I, a player, ended up somehow getting the title of important NPC. ‘The deceased daughter of the Grand Duke of Carmelia has come back to life!’ I couldn’t even believe my ears when I heard that and ended up becoming a young lady… Well, it’s helpful to me since I didn’t get any fighting-related skills at all though, politics just suit me better.

“In any case, don’t worry too much about it. If the country needs help with its defense again, just send me a message and I’ll come to help.” Jeru told me.

“… Will you really come? Won’t you abandon me with a message saying something like ‘my karma will raise too much if I help, so you’re on your own’!?” I asked him.

He didn’t reply… “Hey, answer me!” I exclaimed.

“Just what do you want…?” He asked.

What else!? I need some way of trusting your word! I’m in a pitiful position as I can’t even defend my own country without relying on you, so I need to be sure you’ll come!

“Look, it would be bad if I lost my base, alright? So I’ll come to help if you need me.” Jeru told me.

“But how can I be sure…?” I asked.

“Well… How about this?” He then put a badge on my hand.

“What’s this?” I asked as I inspected it… It seems to have some family crest in it? Why did he give me that?

“It’s the crest of my family outside the game. The Kujo family.” He explained.

“The what!?” I exclaimed.

“Giving this to you is a promise swore on the name of my family. So hold on to it as proof of our agreement, alright?

“… Ah, don’t try to abuse it though.” Jeru said some unbelievable things just now…

I sighed, “Guess you must be quite rich, huh?”

So, while I suffer on my day-to-day life, this guy just enjoys the easy life as a noble, huh? Good to know that this is the kind of ‘friend’ that I have…

“It’s not like all nobles are rich, but I don’t really have any trouble with living expenses… Do you despise rich people perchance?” He asked me. I guess my tone made it a bit too obvious.

“… I hate them.

“But I do need you, so I’ll keep this.” I said as I held his family crest tightly.

“Then that’s good enough. I’m going.” As he said that, he turned his back on me and started moving away at his stupidly high speed.

“Fine, just go!” I shouted at him.

Now how will I explain everything to that annoying grand duke…? I need to reassure him that the Empire won’t attack us somehow…

Maybe I should try contacting Hermagne to make an alliance of sorts? It could be a way of getting a safety net besides Jeru.

… Though why does it look like I’m the only player actively trying to participate in politics? I mean, there should be other people that didn’t invest too much on the battle-related skills…

Well, not all of them were acquaintances of someone like Jeru, I guess. That definitely makes a difference… I mean, if we name our territory as something belonging to Absolutely Inviolable Area, then we probably won’t be attacked by any country due to the fear of retaliation after all, that’s how crazy this guy’s power is.

… Though the Genocider might attack us if we make this kind of claim… Did I just raise a flag?

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