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Genocide Online

Chapter 220 – Ichijouji Reina’s Daily Life – eleven


On today’s history class, the teacher talked about the development of defense measures in World War III, about how warfare started revolving primarily on AI-manned ships and planes, and on what measures were developed to confuse the AI’s targeting system in order to minimize casualties.

He also talked about the limitations of AIs and how they can’t properly be made as ruthless military AIs that can’t be easily fooled by the diversion strategies made by the opponents due to the way that they’re coded.

After all, AIs by default end up having some personality and emotions to themselves, so if one is to rely on them, they can’t expect the AIs to act on the same way that a standard computer program would.

It was… As boring as usual. Just saying stuff that I already knew about. I was definitely glad to hear the bell ending the class, as those history classes are just way too pointless.

But well, now this is out of the way, I can now think of more relevant stuff… Like the meeting with Umemiya… I wonder why she scheduled an in-game meet-up this Saturday, is it because of the guns?

“Reina!” While I was thinking of that, Mai suddenly hugged me. It was an unusual act from her, but I don’t exactly dislike being hugged, so I suppose it is alright.

“What is it, Mai?” I asked her.

“Did you understand today’s class? It was quite confusing…” She asked.

… I suppose it can be more complicated if you didn’t study it in-depth at your own home in advance.

“Well, I understand more about AIs than people in all honesty.” I replied.

“Eh? Really?” She seemed to be surprised.

“Well, I often end up getting in contact with the AIs while on KSO… Though I don’t think that there is much connection between that and the lesson.” I told her honestly.

“I see… I wonder if I could get some tips from the AIs then…” Mai wondered out loud.

“Tips?” I didn’t quite get what she meant.

“Ah, well, just romantic tips.” I couldn’t understand what she was getting at at all, “Anyways, Reina! Let’s go home together!”

I don’t think it was necessary to call my name again, but I suppose there is no problem with that… Also, unusually, Yuuki doesn’t seem to be with her today, but I suppose that’s fine too.

“Alright, let’s go.” I replied.

Mai’s face somehow got red after this… Is she angry at something?

“Reina, Reina!” She called my name while lightly pulling my hand.

“Yes?” I asked her.

“Ah, I just wanted to say your name.” She said with a smile… That was a bit surprising. I don’t know how to reply to it.

“Rei, Rei!” She then exclaimed.

“What is it, mom?” I replied automatically.

“Eh? What did you just call me?” Mai was confused.

Now what is this feeling? To have my name called like that without any reason in particular… Is this warmth… Nostalgia?

“Is everything alright, Reina?” Mai asked me.

“Ah, no, it’s nothing.” I replied. Mai seemed to be anxious right now though, so… “Mai, Mai.”

“What is it, Reina?” She seemed to be a bit confused.

“I just wanted to say your name.” I said, in the same way that she did a small while ago.

“You’re just way too cute!” Mai exclaimed.

Is this… A ‘normal’ exchange? Even if I try doing the things that mom told me to, I still don’t quite get what I was supposed to be feeling here.

“I’m going to go wild today!” Mai exclaimed.

“Wild…?” I didn’t quite get what she meant.

But as Mai rushed out while pulling my hand, I was unable to keep on wondering about the things that were on my head… I suppose it can’t be helped, let’s think more on it later.

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