Genocide Online

Chapter 221 – Ichijouji Naoshi’s Daily Life – three


(Naoshi’s PoV (Reina’s father))

“Have you met them yet?” I asked Tadashi, the boy from the branch family that is going to be the future heir of the Ichijoujis, who was currently in my room.

Meanwhile, Yamamoto was brewing some tea for us.

“Of course, they’re going to be my siblings now, after all.” Tadashi replied.

“Well?” I asked him to continue.

“Komari is a good girl, and is also fairly cute.

“Seigi is a bit too serious, but he is also a kind person who follows Komari around.

“However… Their abilities are just about average.” Tadashi told me.

The assessment wasn’t wrong. Just like their mother, they may have empathy, but not particularly outstanding skills.

Not to mention that those two seem to waste time helping out a friend of theirs called Umemiya Kako, which further hinders their growth… They’re stupid, but kind children.

“Marina is also a kind and beautiful woman, but… Not much more about her is remarkable.” Tadashi stated.

That is just how it is. It’s impossible for her to surpass Reiko… She wants to fill the wounds in my heart, but my heart is already taken by Reiko… Marina can’t do anything more than stroke the scars.

“Ah, but well…” Tadashi giggled a bit, “Reina on the other hand is good. She’s the best, actually.”

I noticed that wrinkles were starting to form between my eyebrows…

“She’s a really unusual person, and her actions and ideas are way too interesting. She’s certainly someone that I can’t get tired of.” Tadashi said.

I have no clue how he came into contact with that girl, but to praise that thing that could not become a human being… To praise that disgusting legacy that me and Reiko left…

“And well, she’s also quite beautiful.” Tadashi then said.

“I have no intention of letting it out.” I cut him off with a purposefully lowered tone of voice.

“I can’t take her out…?” Tadashi asked.

“Let me rephrase it. I am not entrusting that thing to anyone.” I told him.

If he wants to marry my daughter, he can marry Komari. She’ll be loved by the people and will surely be a good Duchess, especially with Seigi supporting her… And then Tadashi can take care of the darker negotiations.

As long as that thing doesn’t leave the mosquito net, things will be fine.

“I see… Is it because of Reiko?” Tadashi asked me, then took out a folder filled with documents and said, “I disagree with this bill, though.”

Yamamoto seemed to realize what it was about, and started glaring at Tadashi, but… Let’s not mind it for now.

“Is that so? Let me hear your opinion then.” I told Tadashi.

“To be blunt, this bill is too emotion-driven. It’s not like you at all.” He replied.

“Continue.” I told him.

“Well… I do think it’s nice that the technology that reads brain waves, which are commonly used in VR games, can also be used to store the information within the human brain, allowing a dead person to be kept “alive” in a computer. It’s very helpful for young children who lost their parents, as they’ll still have someone to rely on for a while at the very minimum.

“But permanently storing that stored data? And giving it human rights? Now this is unfeasible. If that were to happen, we’d run out of storage space in no time. Any stored brain waves should be deleted once they no longer serve their purpose, and it will be impossible to do that in case they are granted human rights.

“Not to mention how stored human brain waves are remarkably similar to AIs, so this would also create a heavy push towards AIs being granted human rights, which would be a recipe for disaster when considering all the warfare tactics involving AIs that were used in World War III… And never mind the fact that thousands of AIs can be created for a single VR game… What would happen if the company went bankrupt and could no longer support the servers?

“And to top all that, other countries could feel troubled if Japan approved this kind of law, as it could make their own population start pressuring them for a similar law… They might want to interfere in our internal affairs in order to avoid this kind of future.

“And the benefits that would come from all this trouble would just be… Some emotional well-being for the people that lost their loved ones? No matter how I look at it, this bill is no good.” Tadashi told me.

“I see… Well, it’s good that you disagreed to it with a properly crafted argument. I would crush you if you agreed with it just for the sake of flattering me.” I told him.

After all, I do not need the future Duke of the Ichijoujis to be someone that bows their head down and refuses to say their opinion. Respecting your superior is one thing, mindlessly obeying them is completely different.

However, I’ll push for this bill with my own logical reasoning.

“At the end of the day, even if they have children, an AI is still an AI…” Tadashi said.

“And yet, if human rights were given to the child, shouldn’t the parent receive it too?” I replied.

I’m not giving this up for anyone, even if it ends up involving Reina.

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