Genocide Online

Chapter 227 – Eruption


After we swam to the approximate location of the dungeon, me, Maria and Blossom started diving down the sea to try finding it.

However, the limited underwater visibility paired together with slower movement speed and a bad sense of distance made it hard to find the exact location of the dungeon.

Also… The one minute timer was really bothersome. I had to go up again just now to catch some air, since I was about to drown… I even got some swimming-related skills to see if they’d help out, but at a low level, they don’t help much.

This is troublesome… I don’t think it’s that bad to just explore the sea freely, but I have someone waiting for me, so I’d rather get there quickly, so that I can ‘play’ with the old man already.

Well, in that case… I pulled Maria and Blossom with my threads.

“Whoa!?” Maria exclaimed once she was forcefully pulled up.

“Hey, what are you doing!?” Blossom exclaimed.

They seemed to be confused by me suddenly pulling them, so let’s talk about the new plan, “Maria, can you give me an explosion?” I asked her.

“Now hold on just a second!” Maria exclaimed.

… Strange, did she not understand it? Maybe I didn’t make myself clear? “I wanted you to give me an explosion, as in, creating a big explosion.” I told her.

Both Maria and Blossom went silent… I don’t get what their gaze means, so let’s just continue talking, “You know, it’s pretty hard to find an underwater dungeon with this limitation of only staying underwater for one minute.”

“Well… Yes?” Blossom said.

“I mean, it’s actually kinda fun. There are a lot of pretty sights down there.” Maria said, “What does that have to do with an explosion though?”

“You see, I’d first like Blossom to create a tall ice structure for us to stand on.” I told them.

“Uhn… Okay?” Blossom replied.

“Then Maria would use as much firepower as possible to make a huge explosion deep into the sea.” I told them next.

Maria was silent… It isn’t that strange of a plan though? If we keep on blowing up the sacred sea of Krebskulm, someone will surely come to us, won’t they? It’s much easier to just let them guide us to the dungeon instead of searching by ourselves.

Maria was still silent though… Oh well, “Since you don’t seem to be very willing, maybe I should just spread some poison on the sea instead?” I asked.

“N-n-no need for poison! E-explosion it is!” Maria hurriedly exclaimed.

“Is that so? Thank you for your cooperation.” I told her.

Then, Blossom used some reefs as a basis to make the ice structure that we could stand on. So now, it was Maria’s turn.

“I’ll do it… I… I’m not sure that’s a good idea, but… Well, better than poison, I guess.” Maria muttered.

Then, she held her wand with her hands and casted a spell deep into the sea… It was quite something. Almost like the eruption of an underwater volcano. The shockwave of the explosion was so strong that it completely destroyed the reefs that Blossom used as the basis for her Ice Structure, so we ended up needing to stand on some floating ice debris instead.

“… I didn’t make ice to support this kind of impact.” Blossom muttered.

Both her and Maria seemed to be stupefied by the outcome of the explosion… But it was just about perfect, wasn’t it? “Should we do another one?” I asked them.

After all, the people in the dungeon would have definitely noticed such a destructive spell this close to their location. They’ll surely come out if they see we have no intention of stopping.

“I don’t think that’s the best idea…” Blossom commented.

“Absolutely denied!” Maria exclaimed.

I see… I guess it can’t be helped. Let’s start poisoning the water then.

“Can’t you all just come in normally…?” Suddenly, the old man asked us.

“Oh? He came!” Maria exclaimed.

“The limitation of how long we can stay underwater is too annoying.” I told him.

He seemed to be stunned by my reply, so I figured I’d just ask, “Can you guide us to the underwater dungeon?”

“I’m not showing you the way there.” The old man replied.

“But it’s less fun this way, isn’t it?” I said.

“… Can’t you enjoy just diving into this beautiful and calm sea?” The old man asked. Both Maria and Blossom nodded to his words, “And you’re even in a swimsuit… Why don’t you do an action that suites your attire?”

“I am doing an action that suits my attire though?” I replied.

“I see…” The old man sighed, “Very well, then. Just come.”

The old man then moved for a bit, and after reaching a certain location, he dove straight down.

“Then, let’s go too.” I told Maria and Blossom.

“I just can’t keep up with the way you act…” Blossom sighed.

“Well, that’s Rena alright.” Maria commented.

Now let’s see what this dungeon looks like. I’m looking forward to it.

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