Genocide Online

Chapter 226 – Opening of the beachgoing season


I logged in some time before the scheduled time with Maria and Blossom, so as to do some tests. I first went to the beach, then opened my status screen and equipped my swimsuit.

After that, I ordered Azabu to move from my cloak to the swimsuit. It seemed to be embarrassed about it though… Are there genders to tamed monsters?

Well, that’s irrelevant either way. I want to bring my familiars with me, so I forced Azabu to possess the swimsuit anyways.

The other servants seemed to pity Azabu, but I ignored them. Next up, “Jun, become a harpoon.”

Jun seemed to be a bit scared, but quickly changed into a harpoon anyways… Then, let’s try it out!

I attached a thread to Jun, then threw it under the water. The other servants seemed to be pitying Jun a lot, which was a bit bothersome… Nonetheless, I pulled Jun up with the thread and checked the result.

Not only did Harpoon-Jun hit a fish with the throw, but it also didn’t seem to lose HP from being thrown underwater. I guess my weapon won’t be damaged by the sea water if it’s spear-like.

Then next, “Yamada, possess Jun.”

I was a bit unsure if it was possible to possess Jun, but there seems to be no problem… Then, let’s try it out again!

I threw my harpoon underwater one more time, pulled it up with my thread, got another fish, then checked the status of both servants… All good. Yamada didn’t take damage either. While being underwater is still inconvenient, at least I don’t have to worry about being weaponless.

Then, with Kageyama possessing my shadow, and Santa possessing some decorations on the swimsuit, the only one left is Inoue… How to handle this one though? An Armor possession isn’t as simple to work around as the other ones.

Well, maybe… “<Divine Possession: Inoue>”

Oh, it worked. I had never tried using ‘Divine Possession’ with Inoue, but he ended up transforming into multiple floating chunks of armor that I could control with my mind. I guess I can use it like a shield then.

And since possession makes Inoue become a part of me, it shouldn’t count as armor, so the sea shouldn’t really damage it… But just in case, let’s throw a chunk of armor to the sea to check.

And as expected, no HP was lost. This is good enough. Inoue’s possession is still increasing my weight though, so it’s easier to sink like this, but the result is still good, overall.

Now, I guess I only need to wait for Maria and Blossom… Which should arrive any minute now, since it was about time for our meet up.

“Rena!” Maria exclaimed.

“Don’t yell when you’re right next to someone…” Blossom grumbled.

Seems like they just logged in.

“So, how about it? Do I look good?” Maria asked me.

“You both look good.” I replied.

Maria was using a white and blue swimsuit, while Blossom was wearing a black frilly one. Their choices suited them.

“You look good too, Rena!” Maria told me.

“I guess I can agree with that.” Blosom said.

“Glad to hear it.” I replied.

I don’t care that much about my appearance, but mom did say it was important to look presentable, so I’m glad my current looks are passable.

“By the way, what’s up with the floating armor pieces?” Blossom asked me.

“My tool for offensive and defensive underwater measures. Did you two prepare yourselves appropriately as well?” I asked them.

“Scythes count as Spear-type weapons in KSO, and I mostly specialize in Ice Magic, so I should have no issues.” Blossom replied.

“And I… Can use my wand?” Maria said.

Guess me and Blossom will be responsible for attack and defense, while Maria will be our support.

“I-I-I can also try making an explosion on an emergency! We probably won’t be underwater the whole time inside the dungeon!” Maria exclaimed.

“That will probably end up hitting us too. Or maybe even cause a cave collapse.” Blossom told her.

“Ah… You’re right…” Maria seemed to be disappointed, but it can’t be helped that her main offensive capabilities aren’t ideal for an underwater dungeon.

“In any case, the number of bystanders is a bit too big right now, so we should get going.” Blossom commented.

“Oh? Now where did all those people come from?” I mused. They weren’t here when I got to this beach. Was someone holding a festival?

“Three female top players are gathering together in swimsuits… It’s not strange for word to spread fast, and for players to come see what we’re up to.” Blossom explained.

“Yeah! Let’s go before Rena’s skin ends up being stared at by a large number of guys!” Maria suddenly exclaimed.

“Isn’t it too late for that?” Blossom asked her.

“Damage control!” Maria replied, then started pushing me towards the sea… I suppose that’s fine, since we were planning on going there anyways, “By the way, Yuu told me that we can only hold our breath for one minute while underwater. After that, we’ll start drowning.”

“That’s a pretty harsh limitation…” I commented.

“Yeah. People are still testing out ways to increase the amount of time we can stay underwater, so… For now, I guess we have no choice but to deal with it.” Maria replied.

“Oh well. Shall we start looking for the underwater dungeon?” I asked them.

“It’s exciting to search for unexplored regions, isn’t it?” Maria commented.

“Well, there is a charm in being the first players on a new location.” Blossom replied.

Then, the three of us jumped into the sea. Into Krebskulm’s Inner Sea.

I’m looking forward to it. I wonder what kind of surprise the old man prepared for us.

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