Genocide Online

Chapter 225 – Choosing a Swimsuit


After I explained the situation to Maria and Blossom, the three of us decided to go back to the Beginners’ City and ask Eren to get some useful swimsuits for us, since he’d be able to get better gear than what we’d get at stores. He grumbled a bit about it, but he did provide a wide selection of swimsuits for us to choose from anyways… Of course, in a private place, with only the three of us in it.

However, as we were looking over the selection of swimsuits, Blossom was showing a troubled expression.

As I wondered what could have gotten her in a bad mood, she pointed towards the swimsuit I had chosen and asked, “You aren’t seriously going to use that, are you?”

“Rena, Rena! Why don’t you try this one instead?” Maria pointed towards a different swimsuit.

“Is something the matter?” I asked them.

The swimsuit I chose covered the whole body and was suited for diving. It was the ideal type that prioritized mobility underwater.

“Well, this is a game, not reality, so you don’t need to think too much about the utility of your clothes. Just being a swimsuit is enough, as it will buff your stats regardless.” Blossom said.

“I can understand that, but I still think it would be easier to move on this one?” I replied.

“Rena… I think it’s important to prioritize fashion in this case.” Maria told me.

It’s two-to-one here… Could it be that it’s ‘normal’ to prioritize fashion with swimsuits? I suppose it doesn’t make a big difference in the end, so it’s fine to choose something else.

“How about this bikini with this pareo, Rena? I think it will go well with you, especially with your now grown hair.” Maria suggested.

“You’d look good on a school swimsuit.” Blossom snickered as she said that to Maria.

“You what?!” Maria exclaimed.

I guess the ones that Maria suggested could work?

Though now that she mentioned it, I forgot to shorten my hair again, now that I came back from Meffy… Well, maybe it’s fine either way? Shorter hair would be more convenient when fighting, but in a game, I suppose it won’t make much of a difference. Perhaps I should just change my hair length according to my mood.

“I bet you aren’t even old enough to wear a school swimsuit, so you’d need to order a custom-made one just to pretend you’re a middle schooler!” Maria exclaimed.

“You what!?” Blossom replied.

I haven’t been to the sea much, so I’m unsure of what hair length is ideal for it… I guess I can just go with whatever then. The performance is not an issue, so it should be no problem.

Then for the swimsuit… “I guess I’ll go with this one.” I chose a red pareo with a bikini underneath. It showed a bit too much skin, but it was still within permissible range, “I chose mine, what about you two?”

“Eh?!” They both exclaimed in unison. They once again were pulling each other’s cheeks… Is this kind of play popular? “Please show it.”

“Ah, sure.” I replied.

Then, as they both let go of each other’s cheeks and extended their hands, I put the swimsuit that I chose on their hands.

“Oh, big… Wait, it shrank!?” Maria exclaimed.

As soon as they touched it, the size changed to make it equippable by them… It’s the first time I saw such a drastic and visible change happen on the size of equipment. I guess it’s easier to notice those changes on clothes than in armors?

“Well, I guess this one works.” Blossom said.

“Yeah… I guess this kind of clothes do suit Rena…” Maria said.

They both seemed to be troubled about something as they said that, but I don’t think they’re lying, so this choice of clothes should be good.

Then, I transferred Azabu to my newly-acquired swimsuit. It complained that it was embarrassing to possess a swimsuit, but I forced it into the swimsuit anyways.

“So, did you two decide?” I asked them.

“Eh?! Ah, yes! I chose one!” Maria exclaimed.

“Of course.” Blossom replied.

Well, since the three of us chose a swimsuit already, then that’s one problem down… Now what to do with my other familiars?

I can put Santa on any accessory, so it shouldn’t be a problem, but the ones that usually possess weapon and armors might be harder to work with, since the durability of what they possess will be lowered quickly.

Well, what if I just use them as familiars without really possessing anything? I can just heal them if they start getting corroded, so it will be easier than if they were possessing equipment… I guess Inoue and Yamada might need to work independently again this time.

Unless I… Well, I can test other alternatives later.

“So, should we try them on to show what it would look like to one another?” I asked them.

“I think we can just show ourselves on the day.” Maria said.

“I think that could work.” Blossom said.

“Alright, then let’s start searching for the underwater dungeon tomorrow.” I told them.

“Got it.” They both said.

It was already late, after all, so it’s better to not start searching for a dungeon right now.

“Then, see you tomorrow.” I told them.

“Don’t be late!” Blossom exclaimed.

“See you tomorrow!” Maria said.

Then, I logged out.

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