Genocide Online

Chapter 224 – Belzenstock City – four


“To think I’m coming back to Belzenstock… And with you two of all people.” Blossom muttered once we arrived at the city. She seemed to be in a bad mood, though I can’t say why. Does she have bad memories of this place?

“Are you alright? Do you need a lap pillow?” Maria asked her.

“Shut up!” Blossom exclaimed.

Well, since she is playing with Maria, she should be fine.

Then, while they bickered, a person came to greet us, “War Maiden, priest Ron is waiting. This way.” then, he turned around and started walking.

“Who is this guy?” Blossom asked.

“A guide? I dunno…” Maria replied.

War Maiden though…? Oh, right. They did refer to me like that over here.

Let’s not mind that and start following the guide.

“By the way, why are you ‘War Maiden’?” Blossom asked.

“I wonder what you did here…” Maria mused.

Well, I just played around a bit? And am looking forward to the ways I’ll be able to play in the future. I’m always just trying to make myself happy after all… I wish I could say that.

But it’s fine to try enjoying myself while gaming at the very least.

“It’s here.” The guide pointed us to an old hut… Is the old man planning on fighting us here? That would be kinda disappointing. I don’t think he’ll be able to do much in this cramped space.

Nonetheless, we went inside, and were greeted by Ron, who was praying, “You’ve come… With some people at your side.”

He seemed to be a bit surprised by my companions… Especially by Maria, “You… Aren’t you the priestess of the Sun God?” He asked her.

“Ueh!?” Maria exclaimed. I guess she was surprised to have the word directed to her.

“Why is such a good orderly child like you by the side of this incarnation of Chaos…?” The old man asked her.

“Because… We’re friends.” Maria replied.

“I see… So you are accompanying your friend even as she is about to do something bad?” The old man asked her.

“Well… Something like that.” Maria replied.

I wonder… Would Maria heal the NPC if I didn’t do enough damage to one-shot it? It could be a bit troublesome in that case, but… If this is how Maria wants to ‘play’, then I’ll play along.

“Well, let’s get into the main subject then. I’ve decided to rebel against the Chaotic forces that have been ruling over us.” The old man stated.

“You okay with that? Even if a lot of blood end up being shed?” I asked him.

After all, I thought that he had submitted in order to not have many believers end up dying… What could have made him change his mind?

“You seem puzzled.” The old man said.

“Well, I guess I’d like to know the reason behind the rebellion.” I told him honestly.

Besides, if I know his motives, I might also get to know his weaknesses.

“It simply wasn’t the right time to fight back when we submitted ourselves to your rule.” The old man replied. So essentially, he needed time to gather his forces and prepare for battle? “However, while I do have some people who are willing to fight by my side, many of the people in the surroundings are actually innocent bystanders who do not know of our plans.

“Therefore, I’d like to request a change of locations for our battle.”

Oh my? I thought he was just going to do a reckless kamikaze attack, but it seems like there is more to his plan? Let’s see it then, “I have no problems with that. I wouldn’t want to fight in this hut anyways.” I told him.

“Very well. Then please head to this place.” He then gave me a map with a location marked in it, “Assuming you can reach it that is.”

The location is… In the middle of the sea? So we’ll have to fight on a ship?


World Quest: The Old Priest’s Rebellion

Client: Old Man Ron

Task: Defeat Ron and his companions who can now fight without any worries in order to protect the Order.

Rewards: 15 million G + enough experience for 5 levels + ???

Note: World Quests are deeply involved with the game’s future. Regardless of success or failure, it cannot be taken again.

Do you accept? Yes/No


This doesn’t seem like a quest related to fighting on a ship… Oh well, let’s just press ‘Yes’ for now. It’s probably just an underwater dungeon anyways.

“Then, we’ll go ahead and wait.” Old man Ron said, then left the hut.

Immediately after that, Blossom took the map from my hands, glanced over it and said, “Wait a minute, this is in the middle of the ocean?

“Hey, does your boyfriend know anything about this place?” Blossom then asked this to Maria.

“Boyfriend…?” Maria muttered.

“Oh? Maria has a lover?” I asked. It’s the first time I heard about it.

I don’t quite understand romance, but as far as I know, it’s something happy that one may brag about to others. There seems to be a real difference in ‘human power’ between those that have a lover and those who don’t, but… I don’t quite understand it myself.

“Yeah, I mean, Yuu.” Blossom stated.

“What!? He is not my lover! No!” Maria exclaimed.

“If he is not, then that’s fine, I guess. Though why are you panicking so much?” Blossom giggled.

“You… You really do know how to get me into a murderous mood, don’t you?” Maria replied.

Seems like Blossom had a misunderstanding then? I suppose that’s that then.

Nonetheless, Yuu does know a lot of things about the game, so it might be a good idea to ask him about the best way to handle this quest.

“Well, I guess a shortie like you wouldn’t be able to get a boyfriend after all.” Blossom stated.

“Huh? What about you, then!? Do you have any experience!?” Maria asked her.

Let’s send a PM to Yuu with the details of the quest and ask what he thinks of it.

“Well… I’m not a cheap girl, you know?” Blossom replied.

“Oh, so you mean that you’re just a kid with no experience at all then?” Maria asked her.

“You what!?” Blossom exclaimed.

In the meantime, Yuu replied to my PM. That was quick, ‘Avoid metal equipment first and foremost, because the sea will quickly lower their durability. Their weight will also hinder your movement and you’ll get some stat debuffs as well.

‘Use cloth equipment instead, and try focusing on magical attacks instead of relying too much on weapons. Swimsuit-type gear would be ideal.

‘I also don’t know of any dungeon in that location, so if there is one there, it’s undiscovered. You’ll have to dive and search for it yourself.

‘Ah, and do remind Maria that flames are useless underwater, so she should prepare herself appropriately.’

That was a pretty in-depth reply. It was a good idea to ask Yuu, after all.

“Oh, the inexperienced Saintess is trying to preach on me? What’s that? Do you want some candy to play house with your elementary school friends?” Blossom asked Maria.

Metal equipment losing durability fast is a bit troublesome. I’m not sure I’ll be able to bring my familiars with me like this.

“Huh!? This child that cried at my lap is now trying to look mature!? When you’re doing this kind of Villainess pretend play to boot? Who is the childish one here!?” Maria replied.

It might also be hard to use the threads on the dungeon, so… Well, won’t this be quite the interesting quest?

“I think an ice sculpture of a grade schooler would look quite nice!” Blossom exclaimed.

“I think grilling a crybaby out in the open would be much more interesting!” Maria exclaimed.

After exchanging a few more PMs with Yuu, I figured it was about time to get moving.

“Maria, Blossom, I’ll go look for a swimsuit.” I told them.

“Eh!?” The exclaimed in unison.

Were they playing with each other while I exchanged PMs? I didn’t hear what they were saying very well, so I’m unsure… They were pulling each other’s cheeks while tilting their heads though, so I think it must have been fun. I wonder if this specific position has a special meaning to it though.

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