Genocide Online

Chapter 223 – The three girls’ meeting


After logging into the game and talking a bit to Eren, who seemed to be really tired, I went to the designated meeting spot.

However, I heard two people quarrelling there. After using a hearing-related skill though, I realized that the people in question were Maria and Blossom.

It was quite fun to ‘play’ with them on the last event, so I wonder if they’re doing something entertaining this time around.

Figuring it was better to check it out over speculating over it, I quickly approached them and asked, “What are you two doing?”

“Oh, Rena!” Maria exclaimed.

“You actually came.” Blossom seemed to be a bit surprised.

“My ally is now here!” Maria then exclaimed.

Ally? But they seemed to get along so well during the last event… Could they perchance be incompatible?

“Listen, Rena! This girl is made a male player kneel down in front of her, then kicked his face while she talked to me!” Maria exclaimed.

“My servant just did me a favor, then asked for a reward, so I granted it accordingly.” Blossom replied.

“I see…?” I replied.

“Not only that, but she also used another male player as a chair, and asked a female player to lick her bare feet!” Maria then exclaimed.

“Ah, the Queen has too many servants to please.” The man that was on all fours, and that Blossom was sitting on top of, said.

“Don’t say that while being a chair!” Maria exclaimed.

Well… Blossom was sitting on top of a man, there was a woman licking her feet, and there was a man laying down on the ground with an ecstatic expression… I suppose he was the kicked one?

“To think I can talk not only to the Saintess, but also to the Genocider… Thank you, Queen!” The chair man exclaimed.

“Who said you had the right to speak? Act like a proper chair.” Blossom ordered the man.

“Yes, thank you!” The man exclaimed.

Then, Blossom hit his behind with a whip, and the man wept with joy.

Meanwhile, Maria was screaming in disbelief.

“Well, that’s enough. We already ridiculed the Saintess plenty.” As Blossom said that, she clapped her hands twice and got up from her chair.

Immediately after that, the three people quickly left. Seems like they’ve been trained well, though I thought only monsters were tamable… Could humans be too? Maybe I should borrow one of Eren’s subordinates later and try it out.

“Anyways, I didn’t think you’d actually come here to meet me.” Blossom said.

“I do keep my promises.” I told her.

“… Rather than a promise, I just pushed this onto you, but… Oh well.” Blossom replied.

She hardly felt the same as the girl that gave me the invitation letter, so I can’t help wondering if they’re actually the same person… However, mom did say that I should always keep my promises, especially if I was going to meet up with someone, so it was important to come.

“Eh? Why were you two even going to meet up?” Maria asked.

“We didn’t decide on what exactly we are going to do, but we’ll ‘play’ together.” Blossom told her.

“Uhn… Eh? I… See?” Maria seemed to be troubled.

“My my, just what is making the Saintess so anxious?” Blossom asked her.

“M-m-m-me!? W-why would you th-think that!?” Maria exclaimed.

Seems like they’re truly in good terms, after all. Blossom wouldn’t be mocking Maria like that otherwise.

“Oh, I get it. The Saintess is lonely because she thinks she’ll be the only one left out.” Blossom said.

“Hah!? That’s not it at all! No way!” Maria exclaimed.

“Lying is bad, you know?” Blossom told her.

So Maria is lonely?

I do remember that, when I was small, and often ended up being left alone in the park, mom always seemed to be very sad.

Also, she did say that I should take good care of my friends, so… “If you’re okay with it, you can ‘play’ with us too, Maria.” I told her.

“Eh? Is it alright?” Maria asked me.

“You’re okay with it, aren’t you, Blossom?” I asked.

“Well… I guess it’s fine.” Blossom replied.

Seems like I’ll be able to enjoy the game with a rare combination of people this time. They do seem to have a very good relationship, so we’ll probably have no problems.

“Though don’t stand in front of me, okay?” Blossom told Maria.

“… Why?” Maria asked her.

“Because you’re way too small. What if I end up not seeing you? I might trip on your head and fall.” Blossom replied.

“You what!?” Maria exclaimed.

Well, Maria is a head shorter than me, so I suppose it’s not impossible to lose sight of her in the middle of a large battlefield.

“Aren’t you the one that should be careful though?” Maria asked her.

“About what?” Blossom asked back.

“Because if you fall down and cry, then I might need to start comforting you again, of course.” Maria replied.

“You what!?” Blossom exclaimed.

Well, Blossom is wearing high heels, so it’s not impossible for her to lose her balance and fall.

“Rena, say something!” Both Maria and Blossom exclaimed in unison.

“I think it’s possible to stumble when wearing high heels, so it’s best if Maria avoids standing in front of Blossom. Otherwise, you two might end up falling together.” I told them.

They both went silent at my reply. I can’t imagine why someone would jump in front of someone wearing high heels, but it’s definitely a dangerous action.

And well, if Blossom did end up tripping, I can certainly imagine Maria comforting her afterwards. Their relationship is pretty good, after all.

“In any case, do you mind if I decide where to go?” I asked them.

“I don’t mind it.” Blossom said.

“I’m fine with anything.” Maria said.

“I see… Well, I just received an invitation then.” I told them.

“Invitation?” They asked me in unison.

It was a letter that Eren gave to me. He was quite grumpy at the time and… It had the Krebskulm Crest in it.

“Seems like a rebellion will occur in Belzenstock.” I told them.

“Huh!?” Both Maria and Blossom exclaimed.

Well, I’m looking forward to it.

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