Genocide Online

Chapter 229 – Commemorative Photo


(Maria’s PoV)

After I finished recovering everyone from the small damage we took from the explosion, we followed priest Ron. What we arrived at was an underwater cave-like reef, with an opening that allowed us to recover our breath.

“Then, on the next time we meet, we’ll kill one another.” Ron told Rena.

“I’ll look forward to it.” After Rena gave this reply, the surprised Ron disappeared in a poof of smoke. I guess he had sent a projection of sorts towards us, “Well, I guess this is the place.”

“It’s beautiful…” Blossom muttered. I agreed with her, it was quite the breathtaking cave. Filled with shiny crystal-like rocks that created an aurora of sorts that illuminates the place even though it’s deep into the sea.

“Rena! Why don’t we take a photo together with Blossom?” I asked her.

“A photo?” Rena asked.

“How childish.” Blossom said.

Compared to Rena, who doesn’t seem to be particularly moved by this amazing place, Blossom is… Really uncute inside the game.

It’s so strange to compare her in-game personality with what she is like offline. We ended up meeting once, and she was so shy and scared. She often hid behind me, who is smaller than her, whenever a strange passed by too close… And her eyes were almost always teary and she was super clingy too.

Kako apologizes for basically anything, but Blossom snorts when you talk to her… I don’t get this discrepancy.

“Alright, I’ll take a photo with just me and Rena then. Please wait just a bit.” I told Blossom.

“I’m not saying I don’t want to be in it… If you really want to take a photo, I guess we can take it together.” Blossom replied.

“Yes yes, I definitely want to take a commemorative photo with you, Blossom.” I told her.

Well, she does show a bit of a cute side sometimes even in-game, which reminds me of how Kako behaves. I guess she is not 100% different… Even if I did wonder if Blossom wasn’t actually her sister at first, since Kako just behaved so drastically differently from Blossom.

Well, never mind that. It’s rare for the three of us together, so it’s important to take a memento before diving into this new dungeon.

“Then, shooting fairy, please take the photo in 10 seconds.” I told the small familiar I summoned with a premium item that costed 500 yen.

It’s practical that there is a cheap item that allows to take photos and send them to our friends inside the game, though it’s a bit frustrating that it costs money… Oh well, it’s worth it for this occasion.

Then, with Rena in the middle, Blossom in the left, and me on the right, we took the photo.

And the result… Rena was a bit expressionless, Blossom crossed her arms and looked a bit grumpy, while I was smiling and hugging Rena… It was quite the dissonant photo, but perhaps that’s part of the charm of it.

“You should have smiled a bit more, Blossom. Show a bit more charm.” I told her.

“I don’t wanna be told that by a girl that behaves like a child.” Blossom replied.

“It’s the first time I took a photo with someone other than mom.” Rena commented.

Both me and Blossom went silent… This is not the time to quarrel.

“Then… Let’s take more pictures together?” I asked.

“I suppose I wouldn’t mind it…” Blossom said.

“I’d be fine with that.” Rena said.

It was unusual to see Blossom agreeing with me… I was grinning widely right now, especially because I could see that Blossom’s ears were bright red. She truly does have a cute side to her.

Though I wonder why she does this villainess roleplay while in-game… It doesn’t fit Kako’s personality at all. She’s a good girl deep inside, after all.

I really don’t understand how this discrepancy between Kako and Blossom work… They truly feel like different people, yet the same.

Well, I guess it’s fine to think of Kako as Kako and Blossom as Blossom.

“Then, shall we go?” Rena said.

“Oh, sure! Let’s!” I exclaimed.

Ah, right, we’re in the dungeon, so I shouldn’t daydream… Though let me just do this one small prank.

‘Yuu, thanks for being my friend since we were children.

‘Also, I really loved the cake of the other day, so as thanks, here is a photo of me in a swimsuit that I just took!

‘Don’t use it for strange things, alright!?’ Then, I sent this PM to Yuu, with the swimsuit photo added as an attachment.

I bet he is testing some really weird stuff right now… I can only imagine his surprised expression when he suddenly sees this PM. It would surely be priceless.

That’s punishment for not maintaining a good relationship with me during the last event! My childhood friend should be nicer to me!

And well… He shouldn’t really be hiding the things he wants to say either…

“What are you doing? We’ll leave you there.” Blossom said.

“Ah! Wait for me!” I hit my cheeks to regain my composure, then ran after the two. Right now I’m playing with Rena and Blossom, so I should focus on that!

I also won’t have the opportunity to see them in swimsuits again any time soon, so I should enjoy this sight to the fullest.

… It will be too late to envy me about it later… Stupid Yuu. I even invited you to come with us today…

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