Genocide Online

Chapter 230 – The Sea God’s Shrine


<World Announcement: Players Blossom, Maria and Rena were the first to reach the ‘Sea God’s Shrine’ underwater dungeon>

The announcement appeared as soon as we reached the dungeon. I guess other people might be able to find this location now, since it’s quite unlikely that players would even try finding underwater dungeons without a method of breathing underwater for longer than a minute… But with an announcement guaranteeing its existence, people might actually try searching properly.

“Will we need to dive again?” Blossom asked.

In front of us, there was a deteriorated altar of Krebskulm. And behind it, a hole filled with water.

“And we probably won’t be able to move together this time…” As Maria said that, she pointed to an inscription in the altar.

“Do not waste the holy water. Do not disturb the sacred altar.” I muttered as I read it.

Then, I looked at the water-filled hole, and noticed there was a small leeway there… Enough to let one person dive into the hole without letting the water overflow.

So, if two or more of us go inside the hole at once, the water will overflow, which would waste the holy water and disturb the altar… I guess it’s better to go one at a time then.

“I think the chances of us being separate once we get underwater are high…” Blossom commented.

“It wouldn’t be strange if there are multiple paths underwater.” I agreed.

“I thought we’d be able to play with all three of us… Seriously, don’t ruin it, KSO devs.” Maria grumbled.

It is a pity that we can’t act together, but at least we took a commemorative photo, so I suppose it’s fine.

Besides, this was probably Ron’s doing. He most likely doesn’t want to fight Blossom and Maria.

“Then… Who goes first?” I asked.

“How about rock-paper-scissors to decide?” Maria suggested.

“I’m fine with the brat’s suggestion.” Blossom said.

“Who’s a brat!?” Maria exclaimed.

Well, nobody seemed to be against it, so we played rock-paper-scissors… And I lost right away.

“A child like you should respect your elders!” Maria exclaimed.

“A shortie like you is no elder!” Blossom replied.

It’s a pity that I lost, but I suppose the order doesn’t matter much… Though I’m unsure to why those two are so enthusiastic about this.

“Size doesn’t matter!” Maria exclaimed.

“Says the three-years-old shortie!” Blossom replied.

… When will they start? We can’t decide on an order until one of them wins.

“Stupid Queen!” Maria exclaimed.

“Disgusting Saintess!” Blossom exclaimed.

I decided to check on my throwing weapons in the meantime. There wasn’t anything wrong with them when I came here, but… As soon as I took them out of the storage, they were displayed as unusable. I guess the sea damaged them too much.

Then, Maria and Blossom finally started playing. They got a draw a handful of times, and kept on exclaiming weird things as they played, but eventually…

“I can’t believe I lost…” Maria grumbled.

“You can’t win in height nor in rock-paper-scissors.” Blossom snickered.

“You little…” Maria murmured.

“Well, I’ll go first then.” Blossom stated.

“Do your best.” I told her.

“Be careful out there…” Maria murmured.

Then, as Blossom dived into the hole, all the leeway it had disappeared, making it clear nobody else could dive.

About one minute later, the water level went down, “Well, I guess it’s my turn then.” Maria said.

“Do your best.” I told her too.

Then, she dived in, and the water level rose to the limit again… She’s a bit shorter than Blossom though, so it shouldn’t have raised as much… I guess that’s probably just because we’re in a game, so the water level rises by a fixed amount with each person that dives in it.

Then, after about one minute, the water level went down again… I wonder if they both drowned, or if they reached a safe location in-time.

Well, there isn’t much way of knowing, so I guess I’ll go in too.

However, after I dived into the hole, the water level rose much more than before, making it overflow and hit the altar.

… Of course, the old man is Ronove’s father. He was probably aware that I fight with familiars helping me, so he must have taken some precautions, to make sure that the familiars too would count as a ‘person’ when diving into the hole.

So, now that I broke the rules of the dungeon, what will happen? Will I be taken to a different location?

The a nearby crest of Krebskulm started shining… Truly, what an interesting development. I wonder what Maria and Blossom are feeling right now… Well, let’s ask them later.

For now, I just waited for what would happen next, as the Krebskulm crest shone brighter and brighter, until suddenly, my vision was filled with darkness.

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