Genocide Online

Chapter 231 – The Holy Knights


After my sight returned, I noticed that I had been sent to a solemn and well-maintained place. Differently from the entrance, this one seems to still be in use.

Also… “Who are you?” I asked the 5 knights in front of me. One woman in the center, and four men that were standing by her side, in a semi-circle formation.

“Swords!” The woman exclaimed.

“Yes ma’am!” The four knights replied, then all five unsheathed their swords.

I guess they are the people that the old man prepared in order to subdue me?

“The 17th Holy Knights squad will now hold the trial! Any objections!?” The woman asked.

“None!” All four men exclaimed.

… What is this?

“Defendant Rena! Apostle of the god of chaos! Your crime is none other than your very existence! The sentence is death punishment! Any objections!?” The woman asked next.

“No objections!” The four knights exclaimed.

“I object actually.” Then, I threw a pebble towards the head of one of the knights.

It was a bit too annoying to see them do this back and forth when they already pulled out their swords.

“You! How dare you attack one of my men in the middle of this sacred trial!? This aggression will be added to your charges!” The woman exclaimed.

“No objections!” The knights exclaimed.

They’re really holding a one-sided judgement here? Why do they even need to continue with this farce…?

“The opponent is an enemy of Order. Let us take her head, and make a triumphant return to the Holy City!” The woman exclaimed.

“No objections!” The four knights exclaimed.

And with this, they finally started running my way. It sure took them a while… Was all that formality even needed? They didn’t even ask me to defend myself in this trial anyways… Well, they’re from the orderly side, so I guess they just like this kind of thing.

“Let us punish the root of the evil that scattered chaos in the Western portion of the continent!” As the female knight exclaimed that, she swung down her sword, but I parried her attack with my harpoon.

I then tried to pierce her neck with my harpoon, but, “Support!” as she exclaimed this, a water and a flame sphere were sent towards me by two knights, so I was forced to dodge one spell, block the other with a part of Inoue, and use the harpoon to break an arrow that came from behind the woman as she crouched down.

“Attack!” As the woman exclaimed that, I saw a hole open below me, and one of the knights tried to attack me from the hole. I jumped away from his attack though.

Still, they’re surely coordinating well. Been a while since I faced NPC opponents that weren’t horribly weak and that actually could work together.

Nonetheless, it was a bad idea to attack me from underground… There are too many shadows there, “<Shadow Spear>.” Kageyama quickly pierced through the digging man multiple times, killing him.

“Eric!” The woman exclaimed. I guess this was his name?

“That’s a very literal way of ‘digging one’s grave’ isn’t it?” I commented.

“How dare you…?” The woman muttered.

While she mourned, I tied some threads from my hand to the harpoon. My skill level with spear-like weapons was too low, so using the threads should help increase the overall power of the harpoon… Though the threads themselves were weakened by the environment, but that much was fine. It should still be helpful anyways.

“Be wary of the shadows!” As the woman exclaimed this, she threw some glass shards into areas that were highly illuminated by the cave’s crystals, which ended up reflecting the light on the rest of the battlefield, “Attack!”

The female knight and one of the male knights both started attacking me, each from one of my sides, so I had to use my harpoon to parry their attacks.

Then, as I parried the attack of the male knight, I quickly took out a small axe and some pebbles soaked in poison out of my storage and threw them towards the knight with a bow.

“Support!” The woman exclaimed.

The conspicuous axe was quickly shot down, but the poisoned pebbles went right through the eye of the archer knight.

“Attack!” The woman exclaimed.

Not giving them any chance to recover, I dodged the sword attack of the woman, while ordering Azabu to use the <Gale Magic> skill, <Soaring Dragon>.

“G-guard!” The woman exclaimed.

I kicked her down, then threw my harpoon towards her, but it was intercepted by two arrows.

“Support!” As she exclaimed that, two more arrows were shot, aimed at me this time, “Attack!” I just dodged the arrows though.

A knight with a sword wrapped in water then charged from my left, so I used my threads to throw the body of the person that just died to my poisoned pebbles towards this knight.

“What!?” The knight exclaimed.

“Jun, I’ll shoot.” I muttered, then quickly pulled my harpoon back to me with my threads.

Then, by using a throwing-related to skill to empower my shooting power, I aimed at the head of one of the male knights and shot. Blowing away a part of his head, killing him.

The aim was still a little off as I aimed at the eye, but this was good enough for now.

“How dare you!?” The woman exclaimed.

Meanwhile, I quickly morphed Jun back to Harpoon form, as it was losing a lot of durability from being in gun form.

Then, I used the harpoon to block some incoming arrows and started running towards this annoying archer knight.

“Face me! I am your opponent!” The woman exclaimed, but I ignored her, as I decided to leave her for last.

The archer was quickly running away from me while trying to shoot more arrows, but I parried them all. Also, I threw parts of Inoue towards the woman, in order to delay her advance so that she couldn’t interfere.

Then, I pulled the threads I had prepared in advance to create a corridor between me and the knight, forcing him to face me directly, with no way to escape to the sides.

“Die!” The knight exclaimed as he shot an arrow at me.

But I ducked below it and threw a poisonous needle towards him.

He was able to dodge it, but… “It’s over.” As I said that, I threw my harpoon towards him, piercing his neck.

“Now you’re the only one left.” I turned around and said this to the woman.

“How could you do this…!?” The woman exclaimed.

I wonder how I should deal with this last holy knight…

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