Genocide Online

Chapter 232 – The leader of the holy knights


(PoV of the leader of the Holy Knights)

“Die!” I exclaimed as I swung my sword towards that hateful girl… She killed Eric, Gaston, Eugeo and Oscar… As the captain, I have to kill her, to protect the Order of this world!

It’s the only thing I can do to my deceased subordinates, “<I Fight Alone>” As I strengthened myself with this, I cut through the threads that tried to entangle me, and rushed through the armor pieces that tried to block my way.

“You wicked thing that stirs the Chaos of this world… Today, you die by my hands!” I exclaimed.

“Your subordinates were the ones that died though?” The girl replied.

“You little…!” I got angrier and angrier with each word this girl spouted.

The central temple was right in being wary of her since our bishop had been killed… This girl’s strength is way too abnormal. We should have gone after her before she became this strong.

Even now, after I strengthened myself, this monster is still handling my attacks easily… And it doesn’t seem to just be because she has familiars helping her out.

With all the turmoil that has been caused on the Western portion of the continent… This girl really needs to die today! “For all the people that are crying due to your Chaos!” I exclaimed as I attacked her.

And yet, she easily blocked my attack again with her harpoon…

“Though I wonder why is there a holy knight here of all places?” The girl asked, “Could you perhaps have been hired by the Fastrias?

“Well, the Fastria family has already fallen, so they cannot pay you. And I doubt the old man has the funds to pay your fees.”

It is true that the request of the Fastrias was what made the central temple finally make a move, but… “I don’t need a payment to kill you!” I exclaimed, then tried striking her once more.

“Is that so? <Shadow Clone>” However, the moment she said that, a humongous amount of threads came to me at once, tying me up, completely stopping me from moving any further.

… I suppose it cannot be helped that I lost… There’s no way my strengthening could be enough to make me win, when even the five of us fighting together weren’t enough to defeat her.

I wanted to do something for them at least, but… It seems like I cannot, “I’m sorry everyone… For being such an unfit commander for you all.” I muttered.

The woman approached me… Seems like this is my end, “Kill me.” I told her. At least I’ll die with honor. I refuse to surrender.

Then, I closed my eyes, and waited for the inevitable harpoon blow that would end my life.

And yet… The pain did not come. I opened my eyes, and saw that the girl was just standing there, in front of me, “What’s wrong? Hurry up and kill me!” I exclaimed.

“Why is the loser trying to give me orders?” She replied.

I couldn’t understand what she meant… What else is there to be done?

“The loser can’t choose how they die.” She said, “Regardless of surrendering or not, the one who decides the fate of the loser is the winner.” Then, she used her threads to pull the corpses of my subordinates near us, “<Death Magic: Revival>”

She’s even defiling the dead… How far has she fallen onto chaos? “So you mean… You’ll play with my corpse once I die? Is that the fate awaiting me?” I asked her.

“No. I’ll use them to play with you.” That disgusting girl said.

… She can’t be serious.

“Oh, here you are, Tarou.” An insect arrived at her hand. I have no clue how it reached this underwater sanctuary, but there was something abnormal about that insect… “You see, this is a very sacred place, and the old man is probably empowered by being in such holy lands.

“So, if a certain holy knight was violated by her ex-subordinates, then eaten up from the inside by an insect… Don’t you think that would be enough to defile the place? This kind of blasphemy might be good at weakening its holy powers.”

… Absurd.

And yet, the four undead ex-holy knights rose, and approached me… There was no light in their eyes… No will to disobey her commands.

I couldn’t speak. To their very commander, they did those unspeakable things… And I could not resist either, for the threads kept me in place.

“Well, I hope you don’t mind being the breeding ground for my insects while they play with you.

“Tarou, you can go in from the ear.” As the woman said that, the insect started flying towards me… So this… This is the end of the 17th holy knights squad.

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