Genocide Online

Chapter 233 – Virtual Dual Personality


(Blossom’s PoV)

“Now what was that…?” I muttered to myself. I was searching for some treasure while taking advantage of the fact I was the first to dive into the hole, but suddenly a strong ocean current threw me to a completely different place…

And somehow, my current location doesn’t seem to be connected to the ritual site, if my map is anything to go by… I guess we were forcefully separated then?

Ah, no, not again… “Why do you always… Stay there, alright?” I said to that hateful person that always shows up whenever I’m alone.

I’m playing together with those people I hate for you, okay? So can you like… Not wallow on your own like that?

“We’re still in the same dungeon anyways, so we should reunite eventually.” I muttered.

I stood up and looked at my new surroundings after this forceful relocation, but… There doesn’t seem to be anything in particular here, aside from one straight road ahead of me, “If I was the only one washed away, I’m gonna write a really long complaint to the devs…” I muttered to myself.

In any case, it’s likely that there are some traps and monsters in this location, so I materialized my scythe. It didn’t exactly match well with my swimsuit, but it can’t be helped in this situation.

“What do you mean? Worried about Maria? Just leave that brat alone.” I muttered.

Really now… She’s way too pitiful. Even after deciding to help Seigi and Komari in-game, she decided to just go and take my place halfway through and then… Then she just went and started getting comforted by that small girl.

And now she is keeping Seigi and Komari away because she is afraid of letting them seeing her pain… Seriously…

“Why are you apologizing for taking my place in this world? So what if you failed…?” I said.

Why is she so pessimistic? Always avoiding to look people in the eye, being anxious about anything she decides on doing, hardly being able to actually put her thoughts into actions…

Sometimes she does get a bit of courage and tries acting though… But then, she starts panicking and makes mistakes all the time… This is so stupid. You shouldn’t worry about me making your mistakes just because I’m you.

“I’m the ideal you. I’m not going to fail.” I told myself.

You think that even your ideal self won’t do it properly? That something will go wrong? “Last time’s breakdown only happened because you came out, alright?”

… And now she is crying and apologizing… That’s not it. Don’t apologize.

I only exist in this virtual space, so I just want you to be a bit more mindful of that. Let me be myself on the only time I can be… For I cannot interfere with our physical body, or what happens in the real world… It’s basically as if I’m an AI living inside my own body.

“Anyways, don’t worry about it, and just look at it. Stare at the best version of yourself as long as you want.” I said.

Don’t start getting embarrassed over our own actions! “Are you seriously complaining just about a bit of leg licking? Come on, it’s fine. It only happened because you’re beautiful. She admired you so much that she was willing to lick your legs.”

And now you’re self-depreciating yourself, saying that there is no way I’m saying the truth…? As if I have any reason to lie to ourselves! I’m the best version of you, got that!? I’m not going to harm you!

“People only mock you because of your character and because of how you present yourself, you hear?” Like, just cut those excessively long bags away and you’ll already do wonders to your image.

… Don’t say it’s scary. You can do it. And also get rid of those big round glasses too. Get some contacts, or even colored contacts if you want extra style points.

But more importantly than that. Straighten your back and start looking straight ahead.

… Worried about your breasts standing out? So what if they’re bigger than average for our age? You don’t need to hide the good qualities of your body! You’ll just get more popular with boys once they see how beautiful you are anyways! I bet they’ll regret looking down on you once they realize how much of a beauty you are.

“What? Pitiable…? I’m not a good girl so I can’t be your idea self? Then help yourself mend what your ideal should be. I can’t help you otherwise.” Besides… You’re the one who thinks of yourself as the most pitiable person possible.

Don’t deny it, you know I’m saying the truth.

Because of your mom who kept on bringing a new man home each night… Because of the times mom was hurt by those men… Because of the fear of those men attacking you when they were done with mom… And because of the time that the homeroom teacher of our elementary school sexually harassed us.

Then there is also the fact that you never had anything to eat at home after you arrived from the school, as all the reparation money that mom received ended up being spent at the red light district.

And of course, you feel sorry about yourself due to all the ridiculing you receive from your classmates…

“I’m cooperating because you want to give something back to them, right? They saved you once, so the minimum we can do is to put an effort to help them, right?” Because if it was not for the help of Seigi and Komari, we would still be openly bullied.

And because they visited our home, mom cooked again for the first time in a long while…

And not only that, she finally stopped bringing men in… We can finally go to the toilet, bath, and sleep at home with a peace of mind… Sure, maybe that is because she wants to paint a good impression on Seigi and Komari. Maybe she is just after the money of their house.

But so what? Doesn’t it feel great to have found two wonderful friends that respect you as a person? That look at you as an individual? “You want to pay them back for all their help, don’t you?”

Then, take a step forward. A small one. You don’t need to clear the hurdle of becoming as great as me, your ideal self. It’s fine to move slowly, “Just… Get rid of that ugly braid and make it into a ponytail. Or raise your bangs with a hairpin.”

At the very minimum… Try widening your field of view a bit, alright? I’m sure you’ll see something you couldn’t see before if you do.

“And as always, feel free to be fascinated by the great model that is me.” I said while giving a bewitching smile to no one in particular.

So that she no longer holds her fists quietly in the entrance of a mall… So that instead, we can proudly wield this scythe… So that this hatred for that girl might be lessened just a little.

Take this special seat and watch, as I take the center stage of this play.

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