Genocide Online

Chapter 234 – Charging Forward with Glass Slippers


(Blossom’s PoV)

As I walked through the corridor, I ended up finding two people standing on my way, “Could she be the woman that Ron talked about.” The woman asked the man that was standing right next to her.

“I’m unsure, but… I don’t think so?” The man replied.

It’s rude to talk about her while being right in front of me, you know? Who are those two people anyways?


Important NPC

Name: Laura Spelldia – Lv 115

Karma: 215 <Extremely Good>

Class: Warrior of the Tempestuous Sea; Second Class: Warrior Priest; Third Class: Battle Master

Status: Normal


Firstborn of the Spelldia family

Warrior Priest of Krebskulm

Twin Sister


Important NPC

Name: Romulus Spelldia – Lv 115

Karma: 215 <Extremely Good>

Class: Wizard of the Tempestuous Sea; Second Class: Warrior Priest; Third Class: Exorcist

Status: Normal


Eldest Son of the Spelldia family

Warrior Priest of Krebskulm

Twin Brother


Two strong important NPCs are protecting this underground path… Now isn’t this quite the find? I guess I won’t have to send any complaints to the devs about the design of this dungeon then.

Rather than that, let’s just deal with those two people in front of me, “Hey, I’m curious. Just what lies beyond you two?” I asked them.

“It’s not for you to know. Even if you are not the woman that Ron talked about, you emanate a strong chaotic signature.” The woman replied.

“Oh well, guess I’ll have to push through then.” As soon as I said that, I swung my scythe towards the woman’s neck, but she blocked it with her gauntlet… Well, that’s fine, I didn’t expect to down her with just one hit.

I then rotated my scythe for a horizontal attack, but the woman parried it. She tried to punch my face then, but I made us of my longer range to swing my scythe at her neck before she reached me, forcing her to retreat.

“I don’t know who you are, but you will not harm my older sister! <Ex Enchantment: Physical Might>!” The man then buffed his sister.

So he supports her while she fights on melee? How troublesome…

“<Ex Enchantment: Physical Barrier>” I had attempted to cut woman’s arm off next, by swinging the scythe at a part that wasn’t protected by her gauntlet, but this guy’s buff didn’t let me deal much damage, even if I used offensive skills on my attack.

It’s certainly a bit hard to handle someone with strengthened physical powers and defense… Unless I become too fast for them to handle that is, “<Ex Enchantment: Accelerate>!” I exclaimed.

Then, I knocked away the approaching fist of the woman by using the tail end of my scythe, “Get lost, you annoyances!”

The woman still reacted to this much in time though, so she was able to divert the trajectory of her attack to minimize the damage taken. Not too bad.

However, without giving her any time to recover, I quickly attack with the blade of my scythe next, making a huge cut on her fist, essentially making it useless.

“<Ex Heal>!” … Unless the younger brother goes and heals her that is. Now she can use that fist again.

“Hey, you, the younger brother over there.” I called him.

“… What is it?” He asked.

“Why don’t you come a bit closer?” I asked.

“What!?” The older sister replied… Why is she, the one who is unrelated to the conversation, the one with the biggest reaction to my invitation?

“I don’t get what you’re getting at…” The younger brother said.

“Ain’t I beautiful? Don’t you want to come closer to take a look?” I asked him.

… You’re being annoying. Please stop it. Don’t go talking on my head about how embarrassed you are about this.

“You can’t touch, but I’ll forgive you if you just look at me from up close.” I told him.

“You little!” The unrelated woman exclaimed.

She kept on trying to punch me with her fists, but I dodged her attacks with dance-like steps, and countered them with scythe attacks.

“I’m inviting your brother, you know? Can’t an unrelated woman like you stay quiet?” I told her.

“Irrelevant! I won’t stay silent while a Chaotic person sends winks to my younger brother during battle!” She exclaimed.

I then attacked her neck with a rotating swing of my scythe. She dodged the initial blow, but without losing the momentum, I changed direction of my attack to aim at her neck from the other side.

This hit blew her away, so I rushed to her side and held her chin with my hand, “Come on, it wasn’t that bad. I only hit you with the blunt part.”

Her face was bright red at my taunt, which just made it feel even funnier.

“So, younger brother, what’s your reply?” I asked him.

“Of course, I refuse! <Ex Enchantment: Storm Ocean>!” He exclaimed.

“What a pity. <Ex Enchantment: Physical Might>.” I replied.

Truly, to waste the opportunity when such a beautiful woman invites him. It is a shame.

“Don’t hold a grudge against him just because you weren’t charming enough.” The annoying older sister commented.

However, “Openly showing your jealousy is unsightly.” I told her. I’m not going to let such petty mockery make me lose sight of myself. I’m proud of who I am, and it is him who gave up on the wonderful opportunity I presented him.

“You what!?” The older sister exclaimed.

I don’t get what you’re so scared of. You don’t need to put a bunch of clothes on to hide yourself. It’s fine to show some skin.

But well, I can talk more to myself later. For now, I froze the ground and slid away, as the older sister tried to kick me, so she not only missed her attack, but also slipped and fell down on her butt.

“Who’d be jealous of someone who looks like that!?” The still red older sister exclaimed.

“What do you mean? I look great, don’t I?” I replied.

I’m sure I chose a very good swimsuit. Black, not too flashy, not too plain, it truly complements my beauty.

“You only try flirting with men by excessively exposing your skin and being overly flashy!” The older sister exclaimed.

“Don’t get me wrong. I’m not flirting. I’m just giving an opportunity to a man whose eyes are begging for me.” I replied.

It is not fair for a man to assume a woman is flirting with him just by exposing her skin. A woman who exposes her skin should not be violated… And she should not be blamed for the crimes of the perpetrator just ‘’because she is dressed like that’, it is just insane to think those things.

To flirt, you need to clearly show your feelings to the other party and create the right mood, “I’m simply exposing my skin because I’m confident in my own body.” I told the older sister.

It’s ridiculous to dress up like that girl. What’s wrong with showing such beautiful skin? All that will happen is that we’ll fascinate the men, and get jealousy from the women. Stop worrying about this kind of silly thing!

“I dress up nicely, to further enhance my own assets, for I’m the most beautiful woman in the world!” I exclaimed, not to that older sister, but to the me who refuses to believe herself.

I won’t try hiding my face like that woman and spoil my own beauty. A rough diamond has no meaning nor value if it remains hidden. Polish is needed to truly show its beauty and charm, and its value will only be recognized when it’s exposed to the world.

“This is how I affirm myself. I expose my skin and dress up… This is how I assert my femininity.” I said. For I will not be like that hateful woman who denies herself.

I can confidently say that I’m the best, and I’ll say it out loud, without worrying about what anyone else will think. After all, “They’re all just jealous women and men who misunderstand the boundaries.”

I will not accept the opinion of that disgusting old man, that women should not show their legs. Nor will I listen to that stupid woman who throws away the treasures she was born with. I’ll show my legs as much as I want, and let anyone glare at it as they see fit. I’m not flirting, I’m being myself. My own independent self.

Like this, I’ll keep on improving myself and become a wonderful ideal woman that everyone will envy. So that neither that disgusting old man, nor that stupid woman can say what is an okay image to have.

I’ll shine more femininely than any woman. I’ll shine… “While charging forward with glass slippers!” I will not hesitate to take advantage of my charm!

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