Genocide Online

Chapter 235 – The Saintess and the Red Crow


(Maria’s PoV)

Now where is everyone…? I ended up getting washed onto a rocky surface after a sudden violent water current happened inside the cave… I guess the three of us were separated with this?

No choice but to move on, I suppose… Since Blossom might also be lost, and it’s unlikely that Rena will come look for me if I just wait here. It’s worrisome, but it’s probably for the best to try exploring the dungeon by myself.

Though in an underwater cave, my fire skills will be quite limited in usefulness… Guess I’ll just try using light skills instead? They’re not the ones I invested the most on, but they’re better than nothing.

… Why do I have to walk alone!? It feels pointless to be all by myself in an underwater cave in a swimsuit… I wish Yuu was here.

I-I’m not lonely! I just like laughing at his stupid jokes!

… Though these days, it seems like he’s been avoiding me a lot. Just what caused it? Did I end up hitting him too strongly?

… I guess kicking the back of his knee because he was watching a video of me with some boys in class might have been too much. I should apologize later.

It is that, right? It’s not that he got tired of me and decided that he didn’t want anything to do with me anymore, right?

Ah… I’m lonely after all… Why did you let a girl alone in such a dim space!? Stupid Yuu! I’ll send you a long complaint later, you can bet on it!

I slapped my cheeks. Alright! Let’s do this! So that I can reunite with Rena and Blossom! Worst comes to worst, I’ll just blow up whoever comes my way!

I then held my wand tightly and slowly walked forward. I was still trembling a bit, but I had a spell prepared in case anything happened.

… Wait, do I see light ahead? It doesn’t seem like a boss room though, so what is it?

Slowly and carefully, I moved forward, ready for whatever tried to ambush me.

But what I found was… A beach? Is this the type of dungeon that has multiple biomes inside it?

No, wait, that’s not it… This is… The beach near Belzenstock? Was I thrown back to the beginning!? Did I somehow leave the dungeon?!

Yeah, this was the place that me, Rena and Blossom met up at, which was surrounded by a bunch of annoying bystanders… Wait, where are they? Not that much time passed, so they shouldn’t have all left.

Did I somehow end up in a place that was similar to the beach, but was actually still within the dungeon?

Although… Those colorful flames around here are familiar… Wait a minute, aren’t those the soul remains that stay in place after a player is killed? Did I perchance kill a bunch of players with my explosion!? What do I do!? I’ll take some heavy penalties for such a massacre!

… Ah, wait, my Karma would surely drop a lot if it was my fault, wouldn’t it? Let me just check it first before making any assumptions… Huh? Never mind decreasing, my karma actually rose? How come?

Well, at the very least, it means I didn’t kill all those players… What next? Should I start searching for the dungeon again? I vaguely remember the coordinates of it, so it shouldn’t be that hard.

Although… What killed all those players? Was it a brawl or something?

Well, I could try reviving some of them and ask? I’d get more information on what happened, and with some luck, I could also get some helping hands in searching for the dungeon.

Yeah, be grateful to me. I’ll revive you before you get the death penalty. The kind and lovely me will help you out, so…

“Are you Yuu?” Suddenly, a voice came from behind me just before I finished preparing the revival magic.

I quickly turned around and saw some guy in a blood-red outfit, with crow wings covering his left arm. His face was hidden by a hood and a plague mask, and he was using a voice changer too, so… This guy ended up being really creepy, “Who are you?” I asked.

“Those guys were all misses. I hope you’re the right one.” He said.

“… I’m not Yuu though?” I decided to answer his first question.

“I have no way of being sure of that.” He replied.

You have… Yuu is a famous player. You can find images of his character with a simple search… How am I even supposed to handle someone that says such absurdity?

Maybe just… Try talking a bit more? Perhaps this person will come to his senses if I do.

“What would you do if I was Yuu?” I asked.

“Kill.” He replied.

“And if not…?” I asked.

“Kill to be sure of it.” He stated.

Ah, this is hopeless.

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