1. Even the red crow wants to eat bread


(Red Crow’s POV)


If you might have forgotten, you might want to go back and read “193. End of the Second Official Event” and “197. Reina Ichijou’s Daily Life, Part 9” before reading this.









I rattled and collapsed, but I managed to get enough stamina to catch my breath while playing with the basket of my left arm against the ice chunks falling on my head.


 I was a little nervous when I was frozen by those disgusting people. Still, I was finally able to shatter them by using the small gap created by the “vibration impulse” around the thin sword and continuing to launch the “Double thrust,” “4-stroke thrust,” and “8-consecutive thrust”.


 The small gap was not enough to swing the sword. It was almost like a small back and forth swing rather than a full thrust. …… However, I was glad that I had activated the “joint arrow,” which increases the damage if I keep hitting at the same spot multiple times in a row.




“Hah …… hah …….”




I want fame at any cost …… so much so that it will catch the attention of this game’s Management and the politicians behind it.


At first, I joined this “Save the Low-Class Project” because I was paid the same amount of real money in real life as I have earned in the game.


 The first thing that came to my mind was that I had been in the same class as the others. Still, gradually through a selection process that took place without my knowledge – a few people from the same low class as me, caught the attention of the Management and were granted permission to move to the upper class and obtain official family registration.


I realized that if my karma was negative by a certain deadline, I would not be eliminated from the program, but if I have a negative value without doing anything special, I will be sent back to the lower level as “just a criminal reserve army”.


Once I realized this, I changed my steps and actions to obtain a higher class.


“Yuu …!”


Once I was discussing with my childhood friend, five years younger than me, about ‘someday I want to live in the upper levels where there is no radiation. …… Well, it seems that my friend became an important NPC after playing an unfamiliar game of necromancy under the name of Philia.


 That’s why I have to win this right…… and that my friend is almost certain to live in the upper levels now.


Although by nature I am unable to recognize, see or remember other people’s faces, be they family members or close associates by nature. I should be able to draw the attention of Management by killing the people who are called top players or important NPCs.


I cannot recognize faces, if I accept requests as an assassin then I receive assassination requests from the unknown ……Mostly celebrities. And in the process of accepting the requests, my existence will be acknowledged by the majority…. …Besides, any celebrity, no matter who he or she is, they are bound to have some resentment or envy from someone, so there’s no need to worry about the numbers I kill.




“I will gain even more fame by killing you!”




“…… that’s Maria over there.”








He shifted his raised sword a little and pointed it at the person next to him. …… This one is a flame user, the one I was fighting before…………


 I can’t even recognize colors other than red and black, so it’s hard for me to tell them apart from their clothes or faces. …… The only thing I can barely tell is that one of them might be a little more exposed than the other.


 Well, whatever it is, it doesn’t change the fact that I’m going to kill both of them.




“… Kill me if you don’t want to be killed”




“Really chaotic players are extreme!”



 Yuu summons additional disgusting people with full-body suits: …… These guys are really annoying.




“─ ─ shhhh!”




First of all, I decapitate the neck of a person/creature who seems to be imitating a fur seal. The black sword flash illuminated by the sunset and the fine red-light drizzle stains this frozen beach.


Even though their friends were killed in front of me, the disgusting people in full-body suits seemed to charge at me without a shred of concern …… very, very annoying.




“Nice to meet you!”




“Don’t you feel ashamed of making mistakes so many times?”




“I’m not a PKer.”




“I’m not sure if they’re kids or not.”




 He swings his sword while completely ignoring the cursing that makes no sense even if he listens to it seriously.


I avoided a hand that was swinging down to grab me from above by bending my knees and doing a half-turn. As soon as the full-body tights in front of me reached down, I stretched out my bent knees and pulled out my sword from under my armpits and twisted the neck with the thin sword.


 By slamming his body into the headless corpse, I used it as a shield against those who jumped at me from further back, and grabbed the arms of the tights that had stopped moving due to the weight of one person hitting them.


“Harmful play, stop it!”


The bad status of “Frostbite” and “Hypothermia” made me lose control of my hands, and I could only slit their throats with the tip of my thin swords, but that’s okay. …… My eyes were blinded by the blood spurting from the neck of their writhing, full-body tights.


After wiping my eyes, I threw an explosive into the center of the field and flipped it as it was. It was blasted as a tailwind. They ran toward Yuu, the magician.


“Spiral Thrust!”


“Wall to the world!”


I think the most annoying part is that I can’t guess the effect from the …… name, which uses another strange skill. Still, more than that, I can’t stand the situation where my skills are being prevented by such skills with strange names.


 And if you want to call it a “Wall to the world”, I have a thicker one than you do, as I have no family register and voting rights.


“”Baikin Touch”…… Tanaka fungus has transferred to the red crow!”


“What about..?”


“Well, if you don’t catch/touch me within enough time, you’ll die from the poison of Tanaka bacteria … Well, I explained that and now the countdown has started!”


“I don’t know how to feel about this ……it makes me a little mad.”


I’m thrilled because I don’t know what will happen when I’m fighting this Yuu, and I feel like I can fight with my pure feelings.










“Touch ……”






…… correction, I’m still very annoyed.


 Yuu moves around a bit and escapes and behaves in a way that I don’t understand with skills that I don’t understand, so I really can’t keep up.


 Even when I finally manage to touch him, I’m blocked by another unfamiliar skill.


“This time ── touch!”



“”Fucking kid “!”




When Yuu activates a skill with a strange name again, a child with a runny nose appears with a grin and a dazzling light.




“Yes, now!”



“… lie,…I touch before it was properly prevented.”




“What time, what minute, what second, how many times the earth moved?”


“What about ……?”




“……, if you can’t answer, they’ll forget it ever happened.”


“Is there a ……?”




“…… yes.”




I’m a little pissed off, but I still enjoy fighting,…… and it seems that fighting with Yuu gives me more emotions than I could ever imagine.


 I can’t say which of them are accurate, which are correct, and which are fake……, but if there is one thing I can say for sure, it’s that—

“If you can’t answer the question, the elementary school kids will get upset with you.”






─ ─ I mean, I hate the guy Yuu in front of me.




By the way, Hymn Guru was all pissed off while fighting Yu-Kun (see below).




Also, a few of the readers noticed that the red crow is constitutionally incapable of identifying human faces.

[TL: This is why he cannot recognize the speeches and conversations.]









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