1. Human life is not particularly precious, just unusual.



I’d like to mention in advance that the lullaby “Nen-nen-kororo-yo” that appears in the text is from the Edo period and the copyright of the lyrics has expired.




“Nen-nen, korori-yo!”


I grabbed the collar of the holy knight, who is still breathing after losing all four limbs and both eyes, and dragged her along.



 She was struggling on her way and she said, “Father! Mother! Help me!” This reminded me of my mother.






 Maybe that’s why I’ve been humming lullabies that my mother used to sing to me when I was little.


 The quality of my singing is not so good that it can’t be called singing at all, just moving the mouth somehow, but the echo in the hallway makes it sound okay, which is a little subtle.




“Good girl, good girl. Go to sleep.” These were the lyrics.




 My mother always sang with a peculiar and unusual accent, and this habit has been transferred to me, so I can’t sing this song with a regular melody,……, but, strangely, it sounds so good.


 Well, that doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with it, but it’s a little sad that I can’t feel my mother in my songs.


 My mother used to sing this song for me, and I would sing it a little poorly, and it made me feel like she was singing right beside me.


“Nee-nee-nee’s mommy…”



It seems that the Holy Knight is going to die of blood loss soon. …… Well, it’s not surprising since she hasn’t received any medical treatment, with her limbs torn off and her eyeballs popped out.



I’m getting tired of this piece of meat mumbling the names of her parents forever, so I guess I’ll feed her to Tarou just beyond the door that appeared in front of me.


If it is so decided, let’s open it quickly.




“…… good song.”




“Oh, there you are.” I exclaimed.



To my surprise, Sage Ron was waiting for me at the door which I opened.


I don’t feel like I have explored the dungeon much, but I can probably play with the internal structure to some extent, and I should assume that he intentionally changed the route so that I would be the only one to come here.


 I threw the Holy Knight out of sight to Hanako and Takeo-san who were swarming around her flesh and blood. Then I looked at Sage Ron.


“I was invited rather than staying, but it’s correct … you are able to get rid of the two people who were in the way unexpectedly.”


“The two people in the way…… Oh, you mean Maria and Blossom?” I asked.


“Yes,” he said, “and I am only interested in you, and you alone. My purpose is only for you: …… I don’t want you to mess with human life any more.”



Ron is talking while staring at the body of the Holy Knight with an expression of seeing something very tragic.


I know it’s a hassle, but apparently people have to get rid of their inner grief when they fight, to be able to give their all.


“This is the last time I’m going to see you anyway, so if there’s anything on your mind, go ahead.” I said.


After a few seconds of hesitation, he looked up, stared straight at me, and opened his mouth.




“I would like to ask you one last time ….why are you playing with the precious lives of others?”


When he asked this question, I could only nod my head.


Whether it is the life of a human-like myself or an ant, it makes no difference to me.


Then again, it has been pointed out to me before – why I actively target people when it does not make any difference, and if I have a special regard for human life.


I just want to play with what is in front of me.


I tap my fingers casually on the desk, pour water on the ants’ nest, and play with the buttons of my clothes somehow, …… like a school kid kicking a pebble to escape from school,…… I just want to play, there is no deep meaning in what I do.


Ah yes, …… I just want to kick pebbles down to school.


You wouldn’t like it if your friend took the pebble you were kicking, away from you in the middle of the game, would you?


I am sad that society is deprived of its pebbles of what we call ethics and common sense.


 Even in the real world, messing with the lives of dogs, cats, and other small animals don’t attract much attention. If you leave them in a back alley, they will be disposed of on their own.


 But human life doesn’t work like that …… because unlike dogs and cats, human corpses are often conspicuous and once someone spots them, they will definitely be investigated by the authorities.


Yes, I am not actively targeting people’s lives. …… It’s just unusual…so I just play aggressively in the game.


“–That’s all.”


 When I asked Sage Ron if he was pleased with my answer, I could see all hesitation and sweetness disappear from his eyes.


It seems that my answer was enough to satisfy and erase any hesitation.


“I now fully understand …… your mindset and the fact that you took Ronove’s life with such an intention. ……”


“? …… Ah, Mr. Ronove……. …… Oh, I certainly enjoyed ‘playing’ with him very much.”




I don’t know why, but Sage Ron is looking at me with an astonished expression on his face. …… I don’t remember him looking at me like that at all.


Whenever I have a conversation with others, this always happens: …… without my doing ……, the other person suddenly becomes emotional, angry, crying, etc., without any explanation of why.


 I’d at least like to know what’s wrong, or if it’s me then where I’ve gone wrong.


 It’s ……, but when I ask them about it, it makes them even more upset emotionally.



“I guess …… you can’t really be saved by ….the sea anymore……..”



“Save, you say?”….. “……I’m not particularly in trouble right now, am I?”




 When I didn’t know where the undersea dungeon was, I might have indeed been in a bit of trouble, but I’ve already solved it since Maria-san’s explosion guided me.


 The only other thing I’m having trouble with is …… not knowing why Sage Ron is getting so emotional?


Well, I guess he won’t tell me even if I ask him about it..




“No, I’m not going to say anything more, but the only thing I can do for you is to kill you right here, right now!”




Sage Ron, in a karate-like stance with his left fist thrust forward and his right arm folded and attached around his waist, delivers a powerful killing blow to me.


 Okay, that’s the way it has to be. …… I don’t know, but I have no complaints as long as you “play” with me without hesitation









Quest No. Extra


World Quest: The Rebellion of the Old Priest, √Kou


Client: Sage Ron


Description of the assignment: Defeat Old man Ron and his companions who have fulfilled the requirements and are now able to fight as one of the warriors who protect the order without any concern.


→Defeat Sage Ron with all your strength, abandoning all naivety and hesitation.




The sea god Krebskulm is one of the deities under the rule of the seven-colored god. Within this holy sanctuary, the high-priest of Krebskulm can wield a part of the god’s power to achieve his own goal. Therefore, being defeated here will lead to your account data being erased and you’ll be treated as dead in this world.


Reward: 10 levels of experience including skills, 50 million G, ???




Note: World Quests are quests that are deeply related to the scenario and future of the game. You cannot re-take them or accept them more than once, regardless of their success or failure.


Do you want to accept the order? Yes / No








 ─ ─ Of course, there can be no other answer than “Yes” for this quest.









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