1. Battling/Throwing/Finishing


There were a lot of comments in the feedback section and on Twitter that said, “even if Rena-san deletes her account data, she’ll obviously come back and play a strong new game”.



“High Wave!” Sage Ron said.


 As Sage Ron thrusted his folded right fist forward, a part of Inoue, who brought his fist forward just as Sage Ron’s thrust, was blown backward diagonally with a loud sound.


 It seemed like a shockwave from the fist strike, but it’s annoying that I can still see it.







To pass the pressure of the air approaching the front side, a part of the ground under my feet is extended upward to evacuate to the air.



 When I looked down from the sky, I could see the unnatural column of earth that stood where I was just a moment ago. It was snapped and crushed with great force.


 Evidently, he really is serious about killing me.


“Meteor Harpoon.”


 I threw my harpoon from the sky at Sage Ron with great force. And at the same time, I leaped towards him,……, using the threads stretched across the stalactites from the ceiling as a foothold, into Sage Ron’s chest.


 Sage Ron can dodge the harpoon and get entangled with me, or dodge me and let the harpoon pierce him ……. …… I believe that he will choose neither of those options.


“Stamping Grudge,” Sage Ron said.




 The next moment, when I thought he had exposed a side of his body to me, his right fist bounced the harpoon above my head. And that, his left arm pierced my abdomen, which was just a beat later.


 Yamada-san and Jun-san were sent flying. They were impaled on the ceiling while I was blown away, spitting up blood and making dusky black bruises on my unprotected white belly exposed by my swimsuit.


“…… keh, cahhhh …… oww ……” I exclaimed in pain.


 The pain is so sharp in the abdomen that it feels like my organs are being grabbed …… and it doesn’t go away. That is why I have little trouble breathing.


 I guess the carelessness of not using the armor is starting to take its toll on me.


 It can’t be helped, so as a first-aid measure, I equipped Inoue-san’s just parts of arms and boots.


 When I equip it, it changes the status from “me” to “Inoue,” and Inoue-san’s HP will decrease a little and I could recover. …… Because it’s just the arms and legs, the damage is slight, and recovery is possible in time.


“Oh, you want to challenge me to a physical contest?”


“Even if my weapon has been blown away, …… I think I have more muscle and strength than you, old man?” I said.


“Hmm, well, that’s good.”


 I see that Sage Ron seemed to have a blood connection with Mr. Ronove. …… I remember Mr. Ronove was very strong, even with just one fist.

 And if I were to make a true statement, it is obvious that Sage Ron is stronger than Mr. Ronove. He also has been alive longer than Mr. Ronove has. And he probably has been supported by the management step by step through the players’ main storylines.


 He fights similar to Ronove yet certainly has a different level of strength.


“Magic Strike!”


“Deep Sea Pressure!”


 We both moved in close and unleashed our skills…… My palm collided with Sage Ron’s clenched fist that looked like a dragon’s claw.


I could not escape the impact, and it was directly transmitted to my arm. The blood vessels from our right arm spurted out the blood.

“…… Well, so what?”






 Without considering the injury to each other’s usable arm, we begin to exchange blows at very close range.


I was hit by a backhanded blow to the eye with his arm, which I had once pulled back. And he attacked with a sharp toe strike, aimed at my stance, slightly leaning to the right. I raised my left leg to prevent the blow.


 I frown at the pain of Sage Ron’s toe digging into my left kneecap but calmly analyze that I’m glad this didn’t strike in my chin.






 Taking advantage of the blow from his leg, I spun around while leaping with only one leg, and with the momentum of my leap, I threw a spinning kick with my right leg ……But I was then grabbed by the ankle and knocked to the groundbreaking my grip.


 However, it seems that I was able to distract Sage Ron with my recognizable loud movements. I was able to stick poison needles in his back, elbows, and at the base of his legs.


“I was going to tell you that you’re terrible with your equipment …… and you’re not feeling the same way with your unusual equipment.”


 Perhaps from the impact of being struck from behind, the barrette holding my hair made a sound and flew off into the distance.

 My hair was spread irregularly, but Sage Ron’s body was still intact. I opened my mouth to Sage Ron, who seemed to have a pained look on his face.


“Do you know the saying, “A good writer never chooses his brush…”?” (Kobo wa hiraku wo yasenzu)


[TLN: Here, the writer is trying to say that ‘A good fighter does not need a weapon to put up a good fight’. This is a famous proverb in Japan.]


“I don’t know anything about that!”



He broke my grip, so I tried to get up. With the momentum of getting up, I rotated in the air using my right ankle as a fulcrum and kicked Sage Ron in his face with my left foot.


 Oddly enough, he blocked me from doing so by lifting his arm, but it was a good thing because I had inserted poison needles deeply, and his right arm was released.


 While healing my right ankle, shall I also recover Inoue-san’s HP and damage?






To respond to Sage Ron, who immediately launched a follow-up attack, I took a step forward while throwing a poison needle for backup purposes.

I caught his right fist thrust with the bottom of my palm to the side of my face. And also another left fist, which was raised to my chin, by crossing my arms with the palm of another hand.


 I threw his fist near his face, clenched my palm, and punched him in the jaw…


“That’s sweet!”




His fist, which attacked me, departed in the process of pulling it back to myself, and he was able to grab my neck from behind and lift me.


 This is not good. …… I had no idea that such a technique existed. I would be surrendering a vital point to the enemy.



“Gosh, guh ……!”


“You’re gonna die…” Sage Ron said.


  I grabbed Sage Ron’s wrist with both hands and tried to lift myself. I pretended as if I was trying to break free from the restraints. And when he tightened his grip, I shifted my center of gravity from my hands to his right wrist, lifting both of my legs into the air like a pendulum.


I held his elbow between the knees with this momentum, placing my right ankle on Sage Ron’s left shoulder and hooking toward the neck. I pulled my right ankle through the right armpit to form a body-wide hug around his arm and neck.


In this position, I kicked Sage Ron in the back of his head with my right ankle, which is placed as if it were hooked around his neck. I spun him around with my total weight as if I were twisting and breaking his right arm. Then I knocked his head to the ground.


“Gah, gg ……let go, gg …… gg …….”


Even though the earth cracked from the impact of the blow to his head, he still refused to remove his hand from my neck.


What kind of grip does he have? It does not suit an old man at all.


But I guess it is only a matter of time before the poison needle in his elbow will start to work, and he will have to let go of my hand.


“Ugh! I’ll let you go as you wish!”


Sage Ron probably knows that too … Immediately after returning from slamming, he pulled me in, and when he finally let his hand off my neck, he just threw me on my back.


  I have no way to prevent this series of quick moves, but I’m not going to take it either.




I pulled in the thread I had put in his right arm when I hooked him. And by using the impact of being thrown away, I also took Ron with me.

I was slammed against the wall by a skillful back throw, and he was also slammed against the wall, pulled by centrifugal force by the thread.


“Huh, huh. ……”




“Gosh, gosh, gosh. ……”



 I moved away from the rock on top of me, wiped the blood from my mouth, and caught my breath. It seems that we have not been decisive against each other so far.


 I can’t believe that he has the upper hand over me, given that I am a demon and uses weapons such as poison needles and thread.




“…… what’s so funny?”


 I shouldn’t have, but I couldn’t help but smile.

 Sage Ron, my opponent, was looking very bitter.


“I’m sorry …… I’ve just been having so much fun ‘playing’ with you …….” I said.




 I put my hand over my mouth and said sorry, as if ashamed for being an innocent, young child who gets excited playing with a new toy.


  However, Sage Ron looked at me and frowned, saying, “I don’t understand you anymore”.


……When he made a face like that, it made me feel a little hurt – no, it made me feel a little bit angry.


I felt a little offended and as if someone was judging me like I was a stranger.


When someone does that, I want to put them in the same place as me, where they are misunderstood or judged.


 I wouldn’t say I like those who would die if I strangled them, but I see myself as a stranger living in a world with nothing to do with me.


 …… Yeah, I don’t like it.


“I’m sorry about that ……, but I won’t apologize now.”




“I’m not looking for one either, so no thanks.”




We’re going to finish each other off. …… We’re going to take up our positions, and we’re going to use our eyes and turn our toes to keep our opponents insight…


“You’re a dead man… you’re going down.”



─ ─ Again, I ran out to take my opponent’s life.




It’s been a while since I’ve been able to write a profound battle scene, so I’m satisfied. ……I wrote it with a fever of 37.8℃ and a nosebleed, so I’m sorry if some parts are a little hard to understand ☆.




Also, I love the part where Rena’s hair clip barrette comes off and flies off with the impact of being knocked to the ground, and she falls with her hair spread irregularly.


It’s a little ragged, and there’s something sexy about it, including the black bruise on her belly. …… isn’t there?


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