1. Free from evil thoughts, Joyful with the intent to kill


Postscript to the previous story, “I find Rena sexy when the barrette of her hair clip comes off and flies off due to the impact, leaving her hair spread haphazardly.”




Reader: “Don’t look for sexiness in Rena.”




Bullish reply: “I’m not looking for it; I’m just feeling it.”



(Sage Ron’s POV)


“Body Enhancement, Storm Sea Dragon”


 Here, in this place, I have to stop a girl named Rena ….. .. But I also feel responsible for letting a genuinely cruel young girl take advantage of me.


 No, that was undoubtedly the best thing that could have happened at that time,……. The moment I let the power pass to Ronove was targeted at me, who was just a little strong old man. I had no choice but to be conquered by the “Kingdom of Hermagne”.


 To break free from its rule, neither order nor neutrality, but the power of chaos was necessary…… because both coups d’etat and rebellion are acts of disrupting order.


“The Doomsday, Slaughter Machine.”


 When I was approached by a girl named Lily about taking her down, I honestly wasn’t sure if I wanted to …… pluck the life of a young girl in the cause of protecting this holy faith.


 I was worried …… that I might be contributing to further confusion in the world.


“Body Breaking, Divine Beast”


And I don’t want her to take any more lives. …… I still regret not giving permission to the Holy Knights. They helped lead the effort to increase the influence of the …… Central Temple.


I wonder if the town that sheltered the families of those who helped us in this matter is safe. …… We have kept them as far away from this girl as possible and have placed guards around them, but I am still worried.


I will not let any more unnecessary sacrifices be made, ending it all here.


“Spiritual Resonance: Magic Dominion.”




 I would have felt more secure if Ronove were to take my place as a successor.


I am here now, with all my might, to stop her from causing any more chaos.





(Rena’s POV)


“The Sea God’s Faith, Krebskulm.”

“Naive Goddess, Fanny.”


Sage Ron seemed to have decided that he is ready to die. He and I exchanged fists again.

 Neither of us can keep being strengthened with class skills for a long time, even though we have recovery measures.

 It is safe to assume that we are now moving to a short-term strategy without any more room for delay.


“Do you remember …… Mea and Nia? Or have you ever forgotten those two?”


“What’s…… all of a sudden?”


Mea and Nia, is it? …… I think I’ve heard that somewhere.


 And the fact that Sage Ron is going to bring it up here means that they are someone involved with me before.


I think that they were the people involved when I played in “Belsenstock City”.


“Uh, I think they’re… oh, you mean the sisters?”


 I remember those minor, skinny sisters.


From the first time they entered “Belsenstock City,” the eyes of some of the slaves were not dead but rather full of motivation, so I guessed that there must be an insurgent organization, and I saved them as bait to attract the members of that organization.


 The result was a brilliant catch to Ronove.


“Those girls were worried about you.”


“? …… Huh?”


“I wish I could spare you the way those girls wanted me to ……, but I decided that was impossible.”


“……What were you trying to tell me earlier?”


 I’m just baffled when people talk about NPCs that I was involved with a long time ago. I have no use for them anymore.


 I don’t know what on earth those sisters Mea and Nia have feelings for me, but I’m not interested in them at all.


“In other words, it was my sole decision to aim for your life, and if you win, you have to let them go.”




Ah, that’s right … It’s true that Sage Ron attempted a rebellion with their support, but it doesn’t matter because it was his own decision.


 Now you’re worrying about your own mortality, aren’t you, old man?


“Then here’s what I’ll do… if I survive, I’ll make sure I kill those sisters.”



“…… I see.”


“And this way, any remaining affection you have for me will completely disappear, right?”


“It’s been amazingly effective!”


 Hmm, yes, that’s fine. …… Don’t think about wasting your time, just focus on killing me, Old Man.

 You’ve already had too many evil thoughts from the beginning. …… Don’t worry about things that you don’t understand, such as blaming your conscience or caring for me.


 I never think about anything else. I only think about how I can have the most fun.


“Let’s have some more fun with each other, shall we? Older men usually like to play with younger girls, don’t they?”


“……I think that is a little different meaning from what you mean.”


“Oh, really? I beg your pardon.”


I shouldn’t have done that, but I gave him a subtle look even though his motive to play had just been turned to full throttle.


 It seems that there are many different types of ‘play,’ so it probably wasn’t the proper use for this.


“But, well, you don’t want me to kill those sisters, do you?”


“…… I suppose not.”


“Well, that eye……I like it.”


I love the way your eyes sincerely look at me.


 Fondness and any similar feelings are beyond my comprehension, …..However, it is difficult to deceive bad and evil intentions.


 It is only when I am directed to murderous thoughts – I feel that I can talk honestly with people other than my mother and communicate with them.



“Don’t you think?”


“….. just pathetic, just pitiful.”


“Fufu. That’s too bad.”


It’s a pity that you don’t understand, but yes ──


“It’s just the beginning.”


── Let’s play with fun and murderous intentions without any evil thoughts.




Rena is adorable, isn’t she?


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